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Prompt: Evidence


Hi-Tech grumbled to himself as he cleaned paint off of HOUND. The sentient machine beeped at him softly in apology, managing to transmit embarrassment at the same time. How his pet had gotten covered in enough paint that it looked like a botched tie-dye job was a question for the ages.

No one was claiming responsibility and Hi-Tech himself could find no evidence that pointed to any guilty party. Though he knew plenty of people that would do this as a prank, everything was otherwise saying that this had been an honest accident.

But why was no one coming forward about it? The closest thing had been an irritated e-mail to Duke from the Maintenance crew about some missing cans of paint, various colors. Colors that HOUND was covered in, which was why Hi-Tech and some of the others were convinced it had been a prank.

Unfortunately the main suspects all had solid alibis. Tunnel Rat was on a mission with Heavy Duty and Long Range, with Kamakura and Spirit providing back up. Jinx had been with Snake Eyes during the time of the paint theft and Hi-Tech himself had been talking to her when he realized HOUND was missing. So either it was someone else or this had been one elaborate accident, which the geek was having a hard time believing.

Finally getting the last of the paint off, he sighed and gently petted HOUND on the head, "There ya go buddy. Hopefully this won't happen again."

The robot beeped happily at him, the screen reflecting that with a smiling emoticon. Returning the smile, Hi-Tech got up and left to return to his work, thinking HOUND would follow. It didn't, instead watching as its creator left.

Waiting for a few minutes, the medium-sized machine carefully rolled forward to the open door to check that the coast was clear. Once it was certain of that, it closed the door to the lab and went to its work corner. Using its crane hand to pull aside a thick sheet, the missing cans of paint were revealed along with some other supplies.

Laying the sheet out neatly on the floor, HOUND rolled itself onto it, using its crane to pick up a clean paint brush at the same time. It waited for a minute, seemingly considering the open cans before finally dipping the brush into a can of dark green paint. Satisfied with that color, HOUND began to paint one of its legs, a second crane hand coming from its back to grab a stirring stick and prep a can of tan paint.

So the first paint scheme hadn't worked, but the second one surely would.