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Prompt: Superstition


"Hey, did you know that there's a double for every person in the world?"

Jinx glanced up from her magazine at Tunnel Rat, more than a little annoyed. The redhead had that smile on his face that said he was up to something and she didn't feel like humoring him. Unfortunately Hi-Tech did, replying back, "Yeah yeah and if you meet your double then you die or something right?"

She felt one of her eyebrows go up at the amount of sarcasm in his voice. Either Hi-Tech was in a bad mood or, like her, he wanted to stop Tunnel Rat before something happened. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be working as the redhead's smile just got wider, "Yep! Though some claim you'll just get bad luck or that it's an omen of change in your life."

Jinx sighed and gave in, "That's just a stupid superstition, like how a person sneezing for no reason means someone's talking about them."

Kamakura looked up at her from the card game he and Hi-Tech were playing, "Isn't that when your ears are burning?"

Hi-Tech shrugged, "I think the ear thing is when someone's just gossiping in general and sneezing is when they're specifically badmouthing you."

Jinx rolled her eyes, "Does it really matter? It's basically the same thing either way."

The other apprentice slumped in his seat, "Why are we doing this again?"

Tunnel Rat piped in, "Because everyone was bored. Anyway, later guys, I'm going into town for a while."

With that, he left the room, a little quickly compared to how he normally did. Jinx glanced at the other two, "So who else thinks he's planning something?"

They answered almost in unison, "Yeah."

Her boyfriend sighed, "Do we follow him or just wait it out?"

There was a brief silence before Jinx gave a groan of defeat and put her magazine down. The guys put their cards down, Hi-Tech sparing a few seconds to neaten the cards back into a single stack as they left. The team was actually on a rare vacation, though most of them hadn't gone very far from base.

After quickly changing into civilian clothes, the trio headed out to find out just what new trick their teammate was planning. As it was, following Tunnel Rat around was almost insultingly easy, something both Jinx and Kamakura grumbled about. Hi-Tech refrained from quipping that it was 'almost too easy'.

The redhead just seemed to wander around for a while, with no apparent destination in mind. He stopped at a cafe for a few minutes once, coming back out with a coffee and a couple of donuts in hand. Not long after though, he finally sat down on a bench in a small park and it looked like he was going to be there for a while.

At that point, the other three were even more bored and rapidly losing interest in foiling plans that didn't seem to even exist. As she turned to leave, Jinx saw something that made her do a double-take. She glanced over her shoulder to make sure that Tunnel Rat was still on the bench. Quickly looking back at the other person, Jinx blinked twice before carefully reaching to the side to grab Kamakura's hand.

He looked at her, followed her line of sight, paled, looked at both people twice himself and then lightly elbowed Hi-Tech to get him to look as well. The blond made a choked noise, hissing, "That shouldn't be possible!"

Because, the thing that had caught their attention, or rather the person that did, was apparently Tunnel Rat himself, walking into the small park. He also had a cup of coffee and was nibbling on a donut as well, just like their teammate was doing. They were dressed differently though, which helped differentiate them.

They looked at each other, wondering what the hell they could do to stop the two from seeing each other. There were too many civilians around to use weapons and there was the risk Tunnel Rat would see them if they weren't careful. Thinking fast, Jinx pushed Hi-Tech at the newcomer, hissing at him, "Stall for time! It doesn't matter how, just do it!"

She and Kamakura moved off to do something else. Mentally flailing for something to stall with, Hi-Tech had to go with an old standby. Quickly moving to get the other TR's attention, Tech nervously asked, "Hey, excuse me, uh, would you happen to have the time? I left my watch at home ya see, and I -"

The redhead cut him off with a string of Chinese, shaking his head slowly and tried to push pass him. Surprised at how similar the voices were, though this one's was a little lower and softer than Rat's voice, Hi-Tech moved to a second tactic. Moving again to stop the doppelganger, Tech made a motion with his hand like he was making a phone call, asking "Do you have your phone? I could look at that and get the time!"

The other guy's eyes opened up from their almost closed state, allowing brown eyes to glare at Hi-Tech, a fresh string of Chinese coming from the redhead and this time it sounded pretty angry. Then, a more familiar voice cut in, making Hi-Tech freeze, "No way..."

Twisting around, he saw Tunnel Rat staring at him and the other TR, with Kamakura and Jinx both now trying to actually drag their teammate away. They all froze, at least three of them expecting some random disaster to happen.

What happened instead was that the other TR blinked in surprise and said, "Nicky? You were in town? Why didn't you call?"

Tunnel Rat frowned at his double, grumbling, "I didn't know you were in town! I didn't even know you guys were in the area!"

The double frowned himself, seeming to be confused, "I sent you an e-mail..."

Rat twitched a little, "The new one right? Cause I checked my stuff this morning and I didn't see anything from you yet."

There was a stretch of embarrassed silence that explained itself. Tunnel Rat sighed and scratched the back of his neck, "So what'cha doing out and about? Isn't anyone else with ya?"

Instead of answering that, the other guy was glancing at the trio, "So, uh, do you know these people by the way?"

Rat seemed to remember them finally and made introduction, "Sorry about that. Ricky, that's David next to you and the couple behind me are Sean and Kimi. They're my teammates. Guys, this is my twin brother, Ricky."

Ricky visibly relaxed and gave them a small wave, "Hi."

He seemed to think of something and gave Tunnel Rat a look, "Let me guess, you told them about doppelgangers, didn't you?"

Their teammate just smiled in a way that said it all. Ricky sighed and shook his head, looking at the other three, "I'd apologize for him, but I think you all know him well enough by now."

They nodded, each one trying to mentally cope with the fact that there wasn't one but TWO Tunnel Rats. Ricky shrugged and looked around, "So, wanna go get a late lunch or something? I bet Kyo's gonna be out soon to track me down anyway."

"We'd love to! Why don't you go ahead and invite Kyo too? It'll save time for him, at least." Tunnel Rat answered for them all. He then moved to force the other three to walk ahead of him and his brother, not giving any of them a chance to run. Ricky just pulled out his phone to send a text to someone, mumbling something about overprotective friends.