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Prompt: Test


Scott was not freaking out. He was NOT. He was just...moving very quickly with a single purpose in mind as worries clouded his brain. Yeah, that was it...

Moving one textbook aside, he flipped open another one to the needed page and began to skim the contents. Taking the occasional note, Scott tried to keep from fidgeting impatiently in his seat. If he finished studying this in the next hour, then he could take off to go see that new action movie he'd been invited to.

It was just his luck that the science test the following day counted for a large part of his grade as the teacher hadn't given them many assignments besides the labs. So it'd been easy for Scott to slack on studying, right up until the night before the test.

Then his old friends had gotten in touch with him and wanted him to go to the movies with them and Scott had just agreed to go, not thinking about all the studying he'd have to do until he saw the study guide for the test.

Okay, so maybe he was freaking out a little, but he couldn't be blamed for that, right? Finally feeling satisfied that he knew enough to not fail the test, Scott closed his textbook with a little more force than might have been necessary.

Grabbing his things to go, Scott found that Spud was waiting for him by the front door, eager to go as well, mechanical tail wagging happily. The teen just opened the door and let Spud out first, locking the door behind them as they hurried off to meet up with his friends.