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Prompt: Lost


Cobra Commander was not happy.

Another failed mission, another power stone lost to the Joes. Zartan was before his throne, his right arm hastily bandaged and only the slightest sway to his stance as he waited for the Commander's judgment.

His rage only given away by the slightest tightening on his staff, Cobra Commander dismissed Zartan with a sharp motion of his hand. The Dreadnok leader didn't question it, instead just giving him the necessary bow and leaving the throne room in a manner that wasn't quite running but not walking either.

The Commander let out a controlled breath, trying to think of his next action. The Joes were regaining their old strength and Cobra was suffering for it, especially with Storm Shadow's escape. He paused for a second, went over what he'd just thought and smiled beneath his cloth mask.

Regaining old strength. Well, Cobra could do that as well. The Commander rose from his throne and left to his private quarters. It was time to call back the rest of his High Command.