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Prompt: Blood


Hi-Tech mumbled to himself, writing out calculations on a notepad. Even if it was old-fashioned, it was another guarantee against losing his work in case of another mistake during a black-out. After another few minutes of trying to recover his lost progress, the blond sat up and stretched, feeling his back pop in at least three places as he did so.

His stomach chose that moment to snarl at him, finally reminding Hi-Tech that he hadn't had anything since his brief lunch several hours ago. His mood also brightened at the fact that tonight was Thanksgiving with a turkey dinner and several traditional side dishes.

Saving his current progress carefully and locking his work-station, Hi-Tech got out of his chair to leave his lab. Of course, it couldn't be just that easy as his foot caught something that made the computer expert stumble and fall flat on his face.

Groaning, Hi-Tech slowly got back up, gingerly feeling his now sore nose. Checking to see if there was blood, and thankfully finding none, he glanced over his shoulder to see what had tripped him. One of his spare screwdrivers laid innocently on the floor next to his chair. Since he couldn't think of why it would be there, it had to have fallen off of his desk at some earlier time, unless one of the ninja were feeling mean for some reason.

Grumbling, Hi-Tech put it away and finally left his lab, mood once again soured when he also realized what time it was. There had better still be some food left or there would be consequences.