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Prompt: Taxi


Long Range drove the civilian vehicle smoothly through the city's traffic. It wasn't too bad at the moment, but he knew that it would get worse in the next thirty or so minutes as people began to leave work for the day.

Sighting the area he was supposed to go to, he pulled into the parking lot and circled it once before parking, purposely missing the first available space on a just in case basis. About to turn off the engine, he saw his teammate leaving the building his undercover assignment was in.

Lowering the window, Long Range let out a sharp whistle before he stuck out one arm and waved to get Hi-Tech's attention. The blond saw him and made his way to the car, looking dead tired.

As Hi-Tech came up to the front passenger side door, Long Range asked, with only a light amount of amusement in his voice, "Rough day?"

His teammate visibly shuddered and shook his head, mumbling something as he got into the car and buckled in, nearly forgetting to close the car door. Shrugging, Long Range pulled back out of the space and directed the car out of the parking lot.

Waiting for a break in traffic, he let a taxi go first before pulling into the lane. Sparing a quick glance at Hi-Tech, Long Range wasn't surprised to see him cradling his head and he could just pick up mutters of cursed system updates and idiot users.

Poor guy was a little too spoiled by the nice toys of GI Joe. Still though, Hi-Tech had volunteered for the mission so it wasn't like he had walked in blind.