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Prompt: Writer's Choice – Aftermath


At that moment, Scott Abernathy felt like the most miserable teenager in the universe.

Spudd whined quietly at him, bumping against Scott's hand for a pet and to make sure he was okay. The red-haired teen groaned and rolled over on his bed, not feeling like playing with the robotic dog right now.

The girl he'd had a crush on for the last month had publicly turned him down in what had to be the most humiliating way earlier that day in school. During lunch, he'd finally worked up the courage and asked her to prom, firmly set in his mind to respect her decision and accept whatever she chose. He'd been expecting to be rejected but had still been hopeful that she might say yes.

But instead...she'd freaked out and actually yelled at him, calling him a creep and saying that there was no way on Earth she'd go anywhere with him. She hadn't even stopped there, but kept on going until it felt like the entire cafeteria had been staring at them.

Scott could still feel the embarrassment and shame eating him away inside even hours later and he wasn't sure if he could handle going to school tomorrow, with the resulting aftermath from today. Spudd suddenly jumped onto the bed and pawed at Scott until the boy turned over to see what the dog wanted.

Spudd had a game controller in his mouth and was glancing between Scott and the bedroom's tv in a clearly hopeful manner. Sighing, Scott finally relented and sat up. They didn't spend as much time together as they used to and it wasn't fair to neglect Spudd just because he felt bad.

"Alright boy, you win. Just let me get some snacks."

Spudd dropped the controller onto Scott's lap and barked happily, jumping off the bed to do what Scott thought of as the happy dance. Smiling a little, the teen gave his robotic dog a quick pet before moving the controller aside to leave his room.

He returned quickly with a couple cans of soda and a bag of chips in hand, "Alright Spudd, let's do this."

Spudd barked happily again before quickly laying down next to Scott's game system, waiting for the teen to set it up. Dragging his beanbag chair over, Scott sat in it after turning the system on. Leaning over to go through his stack of games, Scott held up a couple, "So what do you feel like today?"

Spudd nipped at the fighting simulator, indicating his choice. Smirking, Scott opened the case and popped the game disk into the player, "You're going to regret that Spudd! Best two out of three like usual?"

Spudd dipped his head in agreement, gaze focused on the screen as the game started up. Scott relaxed into his seat, perfectly happy to let some hours of video games numb his mind for a while.