The Story so Far: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger have been kidnapped by Abstergo. While in captivity, both young Gryffindors were placed on machines called an Animus. Inside, they began recalling memories of their ancestors. For Hermione, her memories began with a young Russian woman named Anastasia Safronov; while Harry relived the life of Caius Frasbjorn, a young Swedish man. What they didn't know was that these two individuals were members of the Assassin Order. When two Assassins come to rescue them, they are unsure of what to do, and this is where the story picks up.

Italics= Italian

Bold= Russian

Bold Italics= Swedish

Underlined Italics= German

*= Youngsters

Chapter III: Breakouts,Reunions, and an Offer

Abstergo Animus Facility, Undisclosed Location, England, 1994

"We are not here to hurt you, we're here to help you escape."

The minute the phrase left Ezio's mouth, both teenagers relaxed somewhat. Not enough to be oblivious to their surroundings, but relaxed enough to not want to run away from their rescuers. However, questions ran through both teenagers' minds: How did they get here? What did they want? Harry was not as hesitant to ask, and he did.

"How did you get here and what do you want from us?" Harry asked Ezio.

Ezio then explained how he had come to this area, mentioning the rift in his ship as he had been in Constantinople in 1510. Altaïr said the same thing, although he was in Syria in the year 1191. Both teenagers listened intently to the two men, but when Harry asked what they did, neither man would answer. Hermione then changed the subject.

"So, d'you have a plan to get out of here?" Hermione asked, uncertain if either of their rescuers spoke English.

"I thought you'd never ask." replied Altaïr.

He then launched into an explanation of where they would be taking the two teenagers. Then, Ezio asked if they had anyone they could contact or stay with for a time until he and Altaïr could get settled. Harry said he could message Sirius, his godfather, or the Weasleys. Neither Gryffindor knew whether they should tell the two men about the Animus experiences they had. Eventually, they decided to open up about it. However, neither Ezio nor Altaïr knew anything about the people Harry and Hermione talked about. But it did pique their interest in the two teenagers.

I wonder. Ezio thought, now looking at their young charges intently under his hood. The two individuals these giovani* have described sound like Assassins. Perhaps these two can be trained.

The same thoughts ran through Altaïr's head as well. However, he figured that the teenagers would want to avenge the deaths of their families. Altaïr himself had trouble attempting to ensure he didn't make the ordeal of the two teenagers personal. Hell, the Syrian was certain that Ezio would try to make this personal, but he's been wrong before.

Suddenly, Harry doubled over as if he were in pain. None of the group knew what it was, but Harry was actually experiencing the Bleeding Effect. Images of his time as Caius flashed through his mind, but also memories of someone else. Harry couldn't place it, but he suspected the city his ancestor was in was either Berlin or Budapest. That meant that whoever the new ancestor was, he or she was either German or Austrian.

As suddenly as the images and pain had come, it left. Harry, still slightly breathless from the influx of memories, unsteadily stood back up. He silently assured Hermione that he was fine. Ezio too looked concerned, but decided not to say anything.

"Are you two ready?" the Italian asked.

"Yes. Let's go." Harry and Hermione answered at the same time.

With that, Ezio nodded to Altaïr, who wordlessly began retracing the two Assassins' steps out of the facility.

Abstergo Facility, Undisclosed Location, 1994

Ten minutes later, Harry and Hermione were returned to the surface. After re-adjusting to the light, they both took in deep lungfuls of fresh English air. After telling Ezio and Altaïr how to get to the Burrow, the two men "borrowed" one of the cars parked at the facility. Hermione and Harry, having grown up around cars, quickly gave their rescuers a brief lesson on how to operate the automobile. After that, with Ezio at the wheel, they peeled off and sped off to the Burrow.

It was going to be a long drive. Stopping only for petrol, the foursome arrived at the Burrow. It took them about three hours, but they made it.

Harry and Hermione thanked Ezio and Altaïr for rescuing them, and then invited them to come along. Harry reached the door first, and was then tackled to the ground after seeing a flash of red hair. Everyone save the Assassins knew what was going on. Finally, after composing herself, the girl that tackled Harry also gave Hermione a warm hug. Her name: Ginevra "Ginny" Weasley. Ginny then launched into the beginnings of a long-winded rant about the disappearance of her two friends.

"It's good to see the both of you." the youngest Weasley said breathlessly.

"You could have been a little bit gentler with your welcoming." Harry said, rubbing his aching chest from Ginny's tackle/hug.

"Sorry, Harry. It's just that we were all worried about you two after you disappeared." Ginny explained, cheeks flushing in embarrassment.

Harry then said everything was alright, then followed the youngest Weasley inside the house.

Inside the Burrow

Ronald Weasley stared out the window as he watched Harry and Hermione walk up. To keep appearances, Ron had a look of immense relief plastered onto his face. However, his genuine interest was in the two strangely garbed men walking with them. After watching Ginny lead the quartet into the house, Ron decided to let his mysterious contact know of his friends' arrival, along with a very detailed description of their escorts. Eyes shining with greed and smiling maliciously at the thought of his payment, Ron tied the message to the leg of his hyper active owl.

The Burrow, Ottery St. Catchpole, England, 1994

The next two days that passed at the Burrow were rather uneventful. After their Animus experiences, Harry was struck with the idea to go to Gringotts and take heritage tests. Hermione was open to the idea, but strangely, Mrs. Weasley was against it. However, her reasoning was shot down by her husband, who saw nothing wrong with Harry and Hermione going to Gringotts. Arthur reasoned that getting to Gringotts would allow for everyone to replenish their school supplies. Unknown to them, it would also allow Ezio and Altaïr to see and explore Diagon Alley.

Diagon Alley, England, 1994

After the rest of the Weasley clan welcomed Harry and Hermione, they spent most of the night going over plans for the summer. Nobody noticed Ron acting slightly out of the ordinary, but their two adult guests did. Deciding that it was probably nothing, the Assassins shelved the youngest Weasley male's behavior for later.

The next day, Harry led Hermione and their Assassin escorts through Diagon, going over everything to help their escorts get acquainted with the area. With the shopping done, Ezio took the two teenagers aside, giving the young duo an offer to train them in his ways. Altaïr arrived a few minutes later, echoing Ezio's offer for training.

Harry and Hermione asked if they could have a few minutes to talk it over, to which Ezio and Altaïr agreed. When they returned, both teenagers accepted the offer.

Ezio warned that the life of an Assassin was not an easy one, but that did not dissuade his young charges. Altaïr volunteered to train Harry and Hermione in the stealthier aspects of their craft while Ezio said he'd cover martial combat and the history lessons.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic Ocean, in the United States of America, another group of Assassins made preparations to travel.

Okay, Chapter 3 is done! Next chapter will cover the Quidditch World Cup and introduce the American Assassins. Desmond Miles also makes his first appearance.

After that, Hogwarts and the revelation of the Triwizard Tournament. Also, a few surprises that lead to a change in Harry's class schedule.

Later on, the champions unveiled with a twist. Then, some H/Hr fluff thrown into the mix.

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