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A few feet away from an abandoned park, there was a very deep lake. It was a pond children were warned not to get too close to. If you fell in the pond you were bound not to make it out. A rumor was sent around town that several grown people drown and their bodies were never recovered. Children say it was a monster living in it. More sensible grown ups just say it was bad luck and recklessness. You tell me.
Beside it was a tree.

It was a tall tree. With branches that zigzagged in many different directions. The tree was perfect to hang out in, just hard to climb. No one bothered identifying the tree, but it was the only one in town like it. It had an odd shaped leaf cross between a maple and oak and had a white sandy tinge to the tree. The oddest thing? This tree seemed like it had no bark. So children and adults alike couldn't even make it to the lowest branch.

Two nine year olds managed though.

Every day since two weeks before, Lily Evans came home from school, did her homework like a good girl, then met her newest, best friend at the tree. Severus Snape.

two weeks before, they met like any other child would. A greasy haired boy dressed in tattered clothes emerging from the bushes and telling you that you are, in fact a witch capable of performing magic, and once you turn eleven go to a magic school called Hogwarts. And thank God to Lily's ability to believe. If this were her sister Petunia, he might have been running away tearfully. Or so Lily thought.

But Severus wasn't like that. Oh no he seen worse. It seemed like everyday since his mother told his non magical father (muggle) she was a witch and Severus was to be a wizard, his father fought with his mother. Tobias Snape tried to "beat" the magic right out of Eileen. And it didn't help with Tobias' drinking problem. Neglected and bruised
, Severus found Lily, a bright green eyed girl with long, flowing dark red hair. Since then he watched her carefully and admiringly. To Severus, not even her mother could love Lily like he did.

But he never told her.

Of course not, he was too embarrassed. She never told him she loved him too, but in a very friendly way. He had an idea.

One particular day when Lily returned home with her sister, got her homework done like a good girl, then was stopped at the door by Petunia.

"Tuney can you move please." She asked politely.
"Why? Going to see that Snape boy again?"Tuney HATED Severus.
"Yes, but can you move, I'm going to the tree."
Petunia glared at her sister then reluctantly moved aside. She followed her sister to the tree.
"You show tell Snape to wash his hair," Petunia taunted. "Or get some decent clothes at least."
Lily remained calm even though it felt like a violent slap against her cheek.
"Tuney that's not nice, and call him Severus."
"Lily, he's a freak. You shouldn't be hanging around him."
"Why?" Lily snapped. "Hes not bad we aren't doing anything wrong!"
The sisters remained silent the whole trip. Lily and Severus' tree was not too far away, but when you are a child, it seems like forever.

They reached the tree and Severus was already there. He picked up a peice of grass and closed his eyes. At once it turned into a Lily. Severus gave the flower to Lily.

Petunia's eyes were wide with shock.

Once gone, Severus locked eyes with Lily and said "Pleasant girl, your sister."
Lily giggled."Sev, don't start."
The children squeezed hands then flung themselves onto the tree. They closed their eyes and landed on the top.

They sat in silence for a while, then Severus broke it.
"I wish they'd stop arguing."he mumbled.
Lily looked at him for a while.
"it's alright. It's not like he's going to get better anyway." he looked at her with his black eyes.
"Tell me more, about Hogwarts and magic."
"Well," Severus began as he stood up a bit. "What do you want to know? I really can say Lily, I know as much as you. I told you everything I know. My mom only told me very much. The use of magic is not allowed in my house. Dad doesn't even let Mum talk of it."
Lily looked down at her pile of twigs she was fidgeting with.
"Then tell me about..."
"Lily you know everything."
"I guess I do..."
There was not too many silences between Severus and Lily, but this particular day there was.
"...Tell me about Muggle school."
She giggled. Usually her companion was not too interested in muggle life. He lived with one, but the Snape family were very poor. So they didn't get Lily's privileges.
Lily babbled on about their Art class today and how they made clay sculptures. She had made a doe and got top marks for it.
Severus was barely paying attention. He just half listened to Lily's non stop talking. Her angel voice filling his ears. He just loved it when she did that.

"And then, one time, Mr Miller farted during class!" She laughed.
Severus couldn't help but laugh too.
They both doubled over. It was of course, these times Severus never forgot and Lily wrote in a special secret page of her diary.

"Was it loud?"
Lily had to gain a little sanity before she answered him.

Their laughter by now could be heard from miles away. By now they weren't laughing at poor Mr Miller.'s accident, it was just because they could laugh.

What seemed like an eternity later, they calmed down. Lily stood up and bravely stepped up onto one of the branches.
"I can't wait until Hogwarts." She said dreamily. She grabbed Severus's hands to stand him up. Lily climbed higher up the branch.
"We're going to rule it you and I. Us against the world! Magic seems wonderful. Oh Sev! If only we turned eleven right now-"
A sudden crack, and the old branch broke.
"SEVERUS!" Lily screamed.
She was only barely hanging on to the remains of the branch, actually attached to the tree.
Severus grabbed Lily's other hand and her wrist.
He tried pulling.
"Sev pull harder!"
He tried again.

A memory flashed through his mind.
"You good for nothing little...!"
Severus was six. His father was once again, really drunk. Severus had forgotten to cook supper so as punishment he threw, like usual, beer bottles at him and made him do push ups.
50 push ups today for Snape Jr.
"Come on try harder!"
"Be a man!"
"Be strong!"
And Severus finished his last push up.

It was now that Severus was still hanging onto Lily.
The forceful words rang through his ears, "Be a man! Be strong!"
Lily was still dangling above the lake.
Severus looked into her deranged green eyes.
"Come on, try harder Sev!"

But it was too late. The branch had broken and she fell into the water.

"LILY!" He dived in after her. Now, Severus wasn't too bad of a swimmer. He took lessons when he was little and the family had enough money to go camping. His dad was sober, and he actually had some of the best moments of his life there.

He finally found Lily sinking to the bottom. He swam as fast as his skinny legs could carry him, faster than he even thought. Down, down, down. And then, he found her hand and pulled her up, now supporting her entire body. he struggled while he swam, but he was trying to be fast before she drowned. At last, the surface stretched out before them. Severus hoisted he body up onto the ledge of the lake. he pulled himself up.

"Come on, Lily breathe!"

And then, a miracle happened. she coughed, took a long deep breath, then

"Sev y-y-you s-s-saved m-m-m-me!" Lily collapsed of Severus' lap, sobbing.
"Shh" He shushed her. Severus sang a lullaby his mother sang to him when he was a baby, when she cared.

Calm my love, my only
And hark the setting sun
None shall worry
On this warm comforting night
Sleep my love, my only

The lullaby Eileen made up didn't rhyme, but it seemed to calm Lily down.
Lily turned over to face Severus.
"Mm?" He was to busy looking at her to make a more understood answer.
Lily cuddled up to him more.
She sighed and answered lazily.
"I love you."
Severus made full eye contact with her.
"Oh and Severus?"
"Yeah?" "I'm c-c-cold." So he put his old jacket over her. "Can y-y-you hold me?"

And so he did.
"One more thing S-s-sev, do you love me?"
He bent down in a motherly way and kissed her forehead.

Meanwhile, Mr Evans was sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper while his wife was preparing supper when they heard the door slam.

"Petunia! You're white as a sheet! come tell mummy what happened." Mrs Evans was concerned.

"It's that Snape boy," Petunia spat. "He gave a flower to Lily out of thin air!"

"Don't be ridiculous Petunia," said he father, nt looking up from the football section. "Even if that had happened I'm sure his intentions were harmless."

"But daddy they're freaks! Lily can do it too! I seen her!"

Her mother laughed. "Stop now Tuney, you're only tiring yourself out. Anyway, it's time to eat now grab your plate. Where's Lily?"

Petunia mumbled something very rude about Severus Snape and her sister.


"Sorry! Fine, she'll be late."

Her dad piped in. "What a strange name, Severus...where does he live?"

"On Spinner's end."

"Oh poor boy!" Mrs Evans said.

'Quite, Jill, pass the pepper, will you?"

Nothing else was said but the noise of the clanking dishes and Petunias little mumbles about how stupid Lily was. Then came the ring of the doorbell. Mr Evans cast a worried glance at his wife. "I'll get it." She followed him.

There was a boy at the step. He wore tattered clothes that an old man might wear and his black locks were long and greasy. His eyes were as black as it was midnight which made his expression even more vacant. This wasn't the only thing that made him very strange. he was holding a red-headed girl that as about his age.

She just happened to be their daughter.

Mr and Mrs Evans gasped. The boy gave the girl to her father.

"Mr and Mrs Evans, i know what you're thinking but I didn't do anything to your daughter. We were sitting in the big tree by the lake and she fell in. Which is mainly the reason why she's so wet, drippy and cold. I gave her my jacket -here take it-, I had to hold her for a while. She wouldn't let me take her home. but when she was fast asleep, I lifted her and carried her all the way here. It might be a while before she wakes up. And when she does sing her a song, give her a hug or some hot soup. and tell her i brought her here and I need no apology or thank-yous"

Jacket-less and hands in pocket, the boy quickly turned around and paced away through the empty streets in the dark blue painted sky.

Leaving all but one of the Evans, totally and irrevocably speechless.

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