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Lily gave her old best friend a meek smile. "Can we stay here tonight?"
Still surprised he answered with just "OK."
"Thank you." She basically jumped on Severus.
She let go of him and blushed despite of the years they stopped talking and together.
"Ummm." He still didn't know what to say. "W-who's we?"
Lily blushed again. She held up her son.
"Harry and me."
Severus was speechless. The baby gurgled then grabbed his big nose.
"Me and umm... James had Harry here."
Harry marveled at Severus.
Severus turned white.
"S-son?" he said stupidly.
"Yep." Lily sat on his tattered couch, like she was there every day.
Severus looked from the baby to the gorgeous young woman sitting before him. Harry looked too much like James. Except the eyes. He had his mothers beautiful green ones.
Lily took that her old best friend was in deep shock.
His eyes turned into somewhat of a glare. "Why are you here?"
She started to cry.
Sev's black eyes turned soft. He sat down then scooted over closer to Lily on the chesterfield.
"Oh Sev! Me and James got into another fight! It's been months since the war started, I can barely leave the house even. James is getting lazy and carefree while I'm worrying we are going to get killed! I have to stay home and take care of Harry all day while James is out, God knows where!"
Severus held her while she cried.
"And it's not fair! I regret getting married so early. Harry was a bit of a s-su-prise."
Severus hugged her tighter. Harry whimpered more.
"Lily, what can you do now? I can't stop the war," He flinched. If she had known... "The best you can do is tough it out. Don't worry Lily! God, you're stronger than that."
"No Sev you were a-a-lways the s-s-trong one."
He wasn't going to argue.
Just hold onto the moment.

They had forgotten that there was another human being in the house.
Until the peaceful and sweet moment was ruined by a loud,
Harry had enough of being squished in between the two embracing adults.
"Oh sweetums, are you ti-wed?" said Lily with a grin on her tear streaked face holding up her infant son.
"Do you mind?" She asked Severus.
"No, not at all."
She hummed a lulluby while she walked Harry to the bathroom. All Severus could do was try to understand while Lily Evans was doing in his house with her four month old son in the middle of the night. A fight wasn't enough to explain why she had chosen him over that mangy beast or James' duplicate jackass, she could have even have chosen that rat.
Then he couldn't comprehend that Lily Evans was crying in his arms like she was still his best friend. It didn't make sense.
She walked out carrying a sleeping Harry.
"He asleep?"
"I hope."
"Speaking of sleep..."
"Sev, don't worry about that. When I left I brought my enchanted bag with blankets and a playpen for Harry."
He sat there open mouthed. "Oh."
"Well where else was I going to sleep?"
My bed, Severus was going to say, but glad he didn't.
"Anyway, I'll be gone in the morning when you wake up." She giggle blushed. "If I can Ill sneak out to visit you more often. You seem lonely."
He smiled. "Well I'm not complaining. I'm not home that often."
"Oh? Where do you go?"
"Anywhere I can to get out of this dump."
"Why don't you move?"
He looked her with a blank face.
"I can't afford it."
"Sorry. Can I help you?"
"Lily, don't."
"What? We aren't on the streets."
"Well neither am I!"
"Oh I didn't mean it like that."
"I'm sorry I know you didn't."
"Sev, James has too much."
"No, you can't just take his money and give it to someone who doesn't deserve it."
"Who said you never deserved it?"
He sighed. "Me, now stop talking about it."
"Like usual you are undoubtedly stubborn." She smiled slightly.
"And you are at most dangerously too generous." He smiled back.
She laid Harry gently in his pen.
"If a robber tried to take your money you would give it to him instead because you pity him." He joked.
She playfully smacked his shoulder. "I would not!"
"Oh yes you would! He would walk away with a fancy dragon hide jacket. And you would be wishing him well in his new job you recommended him for."
She giggled. "I would treat him out for a fancy meal."
"Is he well groomed?"
"Thanks to me."
"Well in that case... Give me all your money!" Severus pushed Lily onto the couch and started tickling her. It was hard to believe Harry was still sleeping with Lily's loud laughter.
It was the sort of thing Severus done when they were children and Lily felt angry or sad.
He didn't care really. But he stopped suddenly when Lily reached for her wand pocket.
But the odd thing that hasn't happened before was they were still in the same position: Severus on top of Lily.
They stared at each other's eyes.
Was it herself, or... was Lily's heart beating faster this way?
Severus rolled off onto the floor. He couldn't bear what erm... embarrassing "thing" was about to happen if he stayed on top of her longer.
"Well um, Im going to bed." Lily said too sudden.
"Yes... Me also."
Awkward pause.
"Well good night, Lil..."
"You can call me Lils it's fine, I call you Sev."
"Ok, well then, sleep tight."
"Don't let the Basilisk bite!" She added.
"Good night Sev."
More awkward pauses, and they departed .

Lily dreamed. Silly uncomfortable dreams. About her and Sev. She almost felt they were real.
And each time she woke up she had always hoped that they were.

Likewise, Severus dreamed, like he did every night, of her. But it wasn't the usual one about himself kissing every inch of her skin. It was more of a nightmare.
She was forced into a dark shadow, falling deeper and deeper. Away from him. His distressed master laughing.
"Lily is nothing no more, you can't save her! You can't save yourself."
Himself forced between two worlds reality and a dream.
Harry was crying with Lily's screams.
He woke up.
Harry was actually crying.

It really wasn't like Severus to get up and go help a child, but for Lily's sake he did.
Harry was up on his legs when Severus approached him.
He awkwardly picked up Harry and held him against his shoulder.
He was obviously a rookie at handling screaming babies, but by reading books he could tell what to do.
Harry's diaper wasn't full.
Lily had JUST fed him.
So the only reason left he was crying was that he had a nightmare.
So Severus gave Harry his pacifier and sat in the chair and rocked him in a way he did not know he could do.
What he did not know was that Lily was watching him rock her baby, a child he didn't like because it looked like his father.
"So how's my big boy?"
"Oh... umm..."
"No no! Keep at it, he likes it. Besides it gives me a break."
"By the way which big boy are you talking about?"
She smiled. "So uh, where did you learn this."
"I didn't."
"What? Is Harry the first you dealt with?"
"Unbelievable, you look so fatherly."
Severus was flattered. He blushed then shrugged his shoulders.
"I think it's alright now."
"Harry? You can put him back?"
"Do you want me to?"
"No, I can."
He placed the sleeping baby in its bed.
"Well goodnight."