A/N: Yes, this is my newest 'Munto' story. I won't do much of an intro to this, aside the fact that this idea has been playing in my mind for around a month, and I finally decided to get off my rear and write the prologue. Updates are not going to be frequent, but I shall try my best to write to the best of my ability. Anyway, please enjoy.

~Martyr before Maiden~


Many stories, both hand-me-downs and written in books, have long preserved different facets of royal advantages of life. How the princess shall always be rescued from her hellish fate, be it with a chaste kiss that tastes of fire and ice – or the wielding of a blade, sharper than the usual, well-crafted weaponry of modernistic times. How the prince shall always be in clad armour made from the finest refined metals, and the accents of said article of clothing shall hold a 'regal air', even when it doesn't breathe.

Not to mention, the unadulterated evil of the tales. How they are as dark as night, linger in the eerily shadowed-out forests for the purest victim to naïvely fall into their clutches (or claws, depending on how one wishes to personify the said evil), and do with what they bid. Of course, they are always the one to have defeat fall upon them, to be killed or locked away, the key thrown into a foggy abyss.

But, like a wise person once said – nothing is what it first appears.

In a distant and distinct world - much different from our own - the advantages of royalty looked highly appealing to the public eye, especially to the common (vulgar) folk. The exquisite cuisine, the softness of the cotton-woven clothing, the majestic domineer of the fine buildings. Yes, it was something to be (envied) admired by all.

But through a pair of jade orbs, it was nothing but a hellish night terror. The dresses, whilst their beauty of adorned lace, frilly ends and trailing over-coats were nothing to be compared to, the tightness of the metal-encased corset proved that it was nothing but pure agony. It felt like it was crushing her insides, like the pressures of society around her.

Society. Society. Just the mere mention of the word left a bitter taste in her mouth. In order to fit in with such a polite, formal groups, her corn locks hair often coloured to an ugly brown. This process was to avoid arousing suspicion, that her honourable mother may have committed one of the highest sins – adultery.

Being the daughter of a proud member of politics, it was her job to be the 'pretty, beautiful' little doll that never said a word, but appealed to men with a bat of her thick eyelashes and the move of her cherry lips. She was often in front of that mirror for hours, only patiently sitting and watching as the maids moved their hands all over her face, perfecting every nook and cranny of impurity.

A beauty of such a young age, is something the green-eyed girl could not agree with. Nor could she be a being of perfection. Since her youth, she was plagued with an ability that not only rendered her an outcast, but something of a mockery. Never, had she been allowed to go anywhere without an escort, for fear that this ability may be exploited to the public.

The 'general public' applied to not only her world, but the other world as well. That other planet had been a neighbour to her own for generations, as long as she, or any of her ancestors, could even hope to remember. Those other beings had integrated with her society, but none lived within her world. And for that, she often felt like her world was missing out on exploring their cultures, their way of life.

But of course, being a fragile woman in this day-and-age, her opinion was unnecessary.

"Miss Yumemi! You're Father is awaiting your company at the dinner table!" With a deep breath, she readied herself. It was time for her to be thrust into a façade of lies and spiteful glares once again.

A/N:The inspiration for this series actually comes from an anime I have been watching, called 'Guin Saga'. Paticularly, a character called Amanelis. No spoilers, but if anyone has seen the anime, I am basing Yumemi off of her journey. Hopefully, you shall enjoy the rest of this story. :)