Simba's Point of view

The sun is set low on the horizon and I'm still not awake when Zazu and I began addressing the vast array of our subjects. I sat down at the base of Pride Rock and Zazu flew onto my shoulder. I only take a moment to turn when I am suddenly bombarded with questions. It is very overwhelming. I roar loud enough to shatter their eardrums in trying to gain control of the situation.

"You Zebra speak first and I will try to handle everyone else by the end of today. If anyone has a problem with that you can leave now. So What is your business being here?" I say in a calm but intimidating voice. Zazu nudges me showing he is impressed.

The Zebra stallion spoke proudly, "Your majesty, it's an honor to be in your presence. I have waited so long to meet you and have great respect for your father. I only hope you can live up to my expectations. My herds grazing grounds are on the border of these lands and have not enough grazing and must cross into the hippo's territory for water, which is unappealing to say the least."

"I understand that the hippo's do take up much of the water at the majority of the time, but your herds earlier designated area is still not suitable for grazing, but I'm working on cleaning it up as we speak. You will stay there until further notice." That was it too hard I think to myself, but then I see the hundreds of other faces. It could be long day indeed. "Next!"

The next animal is a buffalo that is nearly twice my size who keeps rambling on and on about his herds mighty migration and his wish for many unreasonable accommodations in these times. After 25 minutes of not even getting a word in. Thankfully Zazu's wisdom helps me out, "Simba I know you're new at this, but may I suggest a more efficient way to handle this since almost all these animals are fighting over land and hunting restrictions."

"I think I know where you are headed with this. I remember my dad doing something a few years back. Can you deal with blabber mouth while I address the masses?" I whisper to him.

"Of course, Simba." He flys so he is eye to eye with the buffalo and begins to speak; "Now listen here, you are being very unreasonable. You are by no means the only animal that wants more land, no hunting, and are tired from traveling. Every single one here has made the same trek and you don't see them going on about it for half an hour. Now shut up and listen to the King and what he has to say about this or I will peck your eyes out!"

The other animals are just as stunned as am I. They whisper among themselves after that show. Never in a million years would I have thought as a cub he had so much control over these herds. I turned my head to the left right and saw Nala exiting Pride Rock. I walked up to her and nuzzled her good morning. "Can you help me with something? "I am about to make a law that the predators will not like and having the head huntress of the pride supporting me will help. Besides I think if they threaten to rebel, we can play the baby card."

"Sure will, Simba, but only if you tell my mother about the cub when she wakes up."


I reach the end of Pride Rock and try to gather the animal's attention to no avail. Nala thankfully steps in with her roar that makes them quiver with fear. "Thanks babe." I respond and lick her cheek.

"No problem, but I don't like how they are looking at me. I know I killed some of their family's, but we can't eat grass."

Well we could eat bugs I think to myself, but know she would not approve of that comment this early in the morning. Come on Simba snap out of it, address the crowds. I gulp hard and then casually begin to speak.

"Welcome subjects. We are doing all we can to improve conditions. I understand more of your relatives will be coming soon and calves arrival will be any day. For this year only you may graze wherever you want and next year Zazu and I will assign you gassing. As a consolation for the dangerous migration, every year all offspring until they reach about a year of age from now on forward will be off limits to the carnivores, but no area will be excluded from hunting except in the calving cove from now on." This seems to satisfy most of the subjects. "You are all dismissed." They eventually scatter except for the other 2 big cats.

"Hey your Majesty, how are we supposed to teach our cubs to hunt?" Asks the female cheetah.

"I'll take care of this." Nala says as she rubs her body agents mine. Then her sky blue eyes turn icy cold. "Listen hears you no little house cat. My husband just gave you the ability to hunt anywhere you want and you complain about not being your cubs not being able to be lazy and have to work for a meal. I was a cub traveling miles to find a meal every day and I was not even allowed to eat my own kill so if you think..." She screams at the poor defenseless cheetah.

" I gently pushing her to the side and whispers in her ear "Thank you, but let me get my paws wet and try to handle this now. I then turn to the two cheetahs; "I am so sorry Miss. My wife is expecting her first litter."

"What is that supposed to mean?" Nala asks heatedly

Oh God. What do I do now dad? Then the male cheetah approaches me.

"Congrats your Majesties, and good luck dealing with her. I'll get my mate out of your fur."

"Thank you. You helped me dodge a bullet there. Let me know if you ever need something..."


"Thanks Duma."

As the cheetahs left I saw a a few small cubs come out from hiding and playfully join their family. After that, I managed to get Nala to relax with the help of her mom once I told her and the rest of the pride about the cubs. I wish my mother could have been with the pride when we told them, but I know, just like my father, she's too is watching over us.