Of Birthdays and Siblings

~Sight for Eyes~

Things were fine at first as the group headed back to the ice palace. Gin's injuries caused him to be slightly unaware of what was going on and Uryu and Ichigo allowed brackets to be placed upon them. When they got right outside of the ice palace that Gin became more aware of what was going on and attempted to fight back despite his injuries.

Toshiro was about to head through the door when he first heard Gin's protests despite the fact they made no sense. The next thing he heard as he turned to look at the man was the man's arm breaking further as the Stern Ritter attempted to drag him inside. The next thing he knew some of the older ones hurried forward and somehow managed to bring the man in to his grandfather's court.

"Take the Substitute Shinigami and the Quincy down to the jail cells, I will deal with them later." Juhabach crossed his legs. "How are you feeling child?" The small white haired boy glanced around trying to figure out who the man was referring to only to jump when his name was said. "I'm referring to you."

"Oh... I'm not a child though." Toshiro frowned. "I'm fine."

"Despite the fact you feel as far as you did?" Juhabach placed a hand on his chin.

"Shut up you bastard!" Gin's rieatsu suddenly flared out and caused the white haired child to side step.

"I take it the reason Toshiro has so few injuries is because you intervened and got yourself injured instead?" The man spoke to the silver haired man as if he was a child.

"It is none of your business!" Spittle came out of Gin's mouth as he continued to glare at the man.

"None of my..."

"It is his business as he is my grandfather Ichimaru." Toshiro looked down at the man only to have the man give him a venomous look. He could also feel the tension grow.

"I told you that he brainwashed you!"

The boy found himself frowning. "I don't remember him being this insane." He opened his mouth. "I've told you..."

"Toshiro..." Juhabach looked at his grandson in a gentle manner. When Toshiro gave him a startled look. "While I appreciate the fact that you are standing up for me, you don't yet know how things work around here. Nor do you understand what you' re getting yourself into." He raised an eyebrow as the boy puffed out his cheeks. "Is something bothering you?"

"You say that I don't know what I'm getting myself into, but what do you know of Ichimaru Gin? He's dangerous." The boy felt the tension increase and realized that it was for some reason coming from the elder members of the Stern Ritter.

"And why is that?" The man shifted his position so that his hands were folded. "I know that Ichimaru Gin is a former captain of the Gotei Thirteen. I know that he turned traitor against Soul Society and you've had to fight to protect those you care about from him. I don't fault you for worrying about us due to your past experience with this man."

The boy felt the tension grow again and felt the eyes of the elders on him. "I've done something wrong, but I don't know what."

"Step aside for now child." Toshiro let out a deep sigh as he complied to the man's words. He then watched the court as it progressed.

Gabrielli stepped next to him. "If its any consolation I seem to know less then you do about why the elders are reacting in such a negative manner to your words."

"Let him go." Juhabach suddenly stood up.

"But your majesty..." One of the elders holding onto Gin suddenly spoke up. "He's likely to attack you with the mood he's in."

"Let him."

Toshiro frowned and swallowed. He turned to Gabrielli. "Obviously they know Ichimaru is a danger."

"I don't think that's it though." The female grabbed his shoulder. "I'm hoping I don't have to get you out of here."

Rather reluctantly the elders let go of Gin and backed away rather quickly. There came another fluctuation rieatsu and the silver haired man suddenly launched himself at Juhabach only to have the man grab the silver head of hair and slam it to the ground. "All you are is an insolent pup."

Gin's hand went to his blade and he brought it up. "Kamishini no Yari." Another increase in spiritual pressure was heard as the man brought it up to his chest area using the one hand. Juhabach startled for a bit and began to move away as the silver haired man said something. The next thing everyone knew the blade was piercing the leader of the Vandenreich in the shoulder and shooting up through the roof before retracting.

Juhabach moved away and looked at him with disgust. "I am guess that is your Bankai? It doesn't seem to do much more then what your shikai does boy."

The silver haired man moved away and suddenly held up his hand. "Korose, Kamishini no Yari."

"And what was that supposed to do?" The man suddenly moved forward and slammed Gin into the ground as the same manner before. Juhabach narrowed his eyes at Gin. "Apparently it was supposed to do something more and you're surprised that it didn't?"

Toshiro watched as Gin suddenly turned to look at him. He could see the fear in the man's eyes, something he had never seen before. This was quickly replaced with a look of determination and the silver haired man went nuts again and began to use his energy to push himself away and begin to use his legs in an offensive manner. The cracking of more bones could be heard.

It was then that his uncle came hurrying into the room. "Father! If you don't stop you'll kill him!"

Juhabach paused in his movement as he held Gin up. "You are a stubborn brat aren't you?" He then dropped Gin and dealt a blow that caused the silver haired man to crumple to the ground unconscious while Toshiro's uncle hurried forward to grab him along with the infirmary nurse. "I trust that you'll patch him up and place him under appropriate restraint so the fool won't be able to hurt himself anymore?"

"Understood your majesty." A few of the elders hurried to take Gin from the two and the woman then came over to Toshiro. "If you don't mind your highness, I would like to see you as well to make sure that there aren't any serious injuries."

"I'm..." The answer the white haired child wished to give was suddenly interrupted by a fit of coughing.

Gabrielli spoke up. "Apologies if I hurt your pride by saying this your highness, but you are not fine like you say you are. You've been coughing since we dug you out."

"Go Toshiro." Juhabach stated. Toshiro found himself glancing up, only to find himself unable to look the man in the eye.

"That seemed harsh even for Ichimaru Gin. I don't want to get on the bad side of grandfather. Actually, I don't want to know what my punishment for taking off will be."