Of Birthdays and Siblings
~Rooms and Things~

The feeling of cloth under his hands caused Toshiro to move his fingers so that he could grip the cloth. His mouth opened and air came out tickling his lips before he began to cough, his lungs stinging as he lay on the bed. His body felt feverish and his chest felt heavy. The sound of the door opening and his uncle saying asking the person to leave so he could rest came to his ears followed by something causing his chest to feel even heavier.

Letting out another cough, he opened his eyes to see Bambietta looking down at him, a smile spread across her face. "Say..."

"Your brother is sick as I've already told you. You need to let him rest up."

The female turned her head to look at the man, frowning as she did so. "Come on. I haven't gotten much of a chance to spend time with him."

"You're hurting me." Toshiro's eyelids kept trying to lower to the half-way point.

The female looked back at him, the frown still on her face. Carefully she moved from his chest and knelt down next to the bed, her head touching his shoulder. The man let out a deep sigh before coming closer to the two in order to grab the girl by the scruff of her neck. "You need to leave."

"You're here with him."

The man shook his head at her. "Someone needs to keep him from leaving the room as well as making sure he stays in bed."

"I can do that." The girl spoke up, suddenly moving to a standing position as she dodged the sudden grab that the man was trying to make. "You have other things you need to do?"

Toshiro turned his head to look a the man, frowning as he did so. "She's right you know. If I have a problem sleeping, so she and I could possibly talk or something."

The man looked at the boy for a few minutes before glancing away. "She'll likely do most of the talking but I guess I can leave the two of you alone. Just... behave."

The man slipped out of the room, shutting the door behind him. Bambietta hopped up onto the bed next to her brother again. "So, what do you want to do?"

"I honestly don't feel up to anything except going home.."

"This is your home now."

"I've been told that before." Toshiro closed his eyes. "I wonder how the others are doing."

"We could go and see." The girl leaned over.

"To tired." It was then that the boy fell asleep and the girl frowned, letting out a sigh as she did so. "This whole thing is boring." The small female stood up and walked to the room. "Seriously... what was uncle talking about when he said that Toto-chan would wander off. I wonder what the other kids are doing."

The girl walked through the halls, a rather bored look on her face. She stopped short when she saw Niklous speaking with a few others. The boy didn't notice her at first but when he did see her there was a sudden flinch. "Lady Bambietta..."

"I'm not speaking to you and you should know why."

"That's not fair!"

"It's completely fair considering how you treated Toto-chan."

"How..." The boy's breath caught in his throat as he became frustrated. "Nobody bothered telling any of us who he was and yet he was getting special treatment!"

"You really shouldn't talk back to me." The girl waved her hand. "I didn't say anything because he requested for you guys not to know, though I honestly can't for the life of me remember the reason. I do know I ended up saying something because you were going to attack a member of the royal family. You should know better."

"Know better about what? You're..." The boy's mouth snapped shut. "No. I'm the one in the wrong. Would it be possible for me to apologize to him?"

"The only reason you're wanting to apologize to him is because you want me to talk to you."

Niklous opened his mouth to say that she was speaking to him but snapped his mouth shut, his eyes narrowing. He then looked away. "Understood."

"You're lucky that I'm not telling my grandfather, though I think I might go ahead and tell him. He's kind of busy right now with other things. So you had better hope I don't go and tell him because you know he will be far, far more angry. And you know what he does when he is angry."

Niklous swallowed, not at all pleased with the situation and looked away from her only to see some of the other kids inching away from him. Bambietta didn't stick around to see what would happen and simply headed back to her father's old room, a smile on her face as she had found some way to alleviate her boredom. She stopped short when she arrived in the room, noticing that her brother was not in his bed.

Swallowing, her body tensed up. She spun around on her heals and hurried out of the room and tried to follow his reiatsu, only to find that it blended way to well with the reiatsu of the building. Letting out a deep breath she tore through the hallways, her mind fixated on breaking something or someone.

"You know... this would have happened if you had kept your promise with your uncle you know."

"Shut up. It isn't as if he can get far."

"He got quite far when he ran off after his zampaktuo. You're brother isn't right in the head you know. But then neither are you."

"We're both perfectly sane. I honestly don't know why you would think that, because if I was insane then you would have to be insane too. No... seriously... I can't see how you can't see that."

"I never said I wasn't insane though, did I?"

Note: I haven't updated this one since this summer and I've already completed NaNo for another year. When I wrote this I didn't imagine how dark Vandenreich is. Actually, make that "Silbern". And interestingly enough Du also means Black. Things are still unfolding as well.