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Chapter 35: Piccolo VS Freeza

(Z-Fighters and Vegeta VS Freeza)

Gohan moved in to attack Freeza head-on when a new figure surrounded by light appeared between them. Vegeta, Sakura, Kuririn, and he were in shocked. Freeza was only merely frowning staring at the light. The light finally cleared, and the figure was revealed to be Piccolo, who had finally arrived.

Gohan smiled widely, "Piccolo-san!"

Piccolo folded his arms and glared at Freeza. He said, "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Thank goodness! We've been waiting for you, Piccolo-san!" said Gohan happily.

"So that's Freeza, is it?" asked Piccolo.

"Yes!" replied Gohan.

"Indeed. He really is an incredible beast," admitted Piccolo.

Vegeta hovered behind Piccolo and sighed, "Well, if it isn't the guy we slaughtered back on Earth. So, I need not wonder what you wished for with the Dragon Balls. I see you brought this good-for-nothing scum back to life with them."

"That 'scum' line was uncalled-for," said Piccolo. "And I want you to remember something. I want you to remember that after I put Freeza away, your turn comes next."

"After you put Freeza away, you're coming for me?" confused Vegeta. He chuckled, "I didn't think you Namekians were capable of telling jokes."

'It's no use!' thought Kuririn. 'No matter how much Piccolo may have gained from training at Kaio-sama's place, Freeza's on a completely different dimension from the rest of us!'

Piccolo stared down at deceased Sasuke, and asked, "Sakura, what happened to him?"

Sakura frowned sadly, "Freeza impaled with his horn, then threw him, and blasted him to death .That's what happened."

Piccolo sighed, "What a useless brat! He should be careful next time!"

"What did you say?! He tried his best to fight against this monster, but he died easily!" said Sakura angrily, but Piccolo did not answer and still glared at Freeza.

Freeza sighed, "There's still a surviving Namekian, is there? But there's something different about you from the other Namekians. There seems to be something special about you. And even so, you are still utterly no match for me.

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

While Goku was still recovering in the healing capsule, he got lost in thought and confused, 'Who is it? Who has arrived? Is it Naruto? No, it's not Naruto. Who is it? I don't know. I can't tell whose Ki that is. Piccolo? No, can't be. It couldn't be. The Ki's too great to be Piccolo's or Naruto's. Gohan's Ki has recovered as well. I don't get anything that's going on!"

(Piccolo VS Freeza)

Piccolo unfolded his arms and stared at Freeza. He sighed, "Now, to clean up the dregs of the universe. I'll do this by myself. You guys stay out of it."

From the ground, Dende looked up at Piccolo and shocked, "That person they call Piccolo, he looks just like Nail-san!" Then he ran forward.

Suddenly, Piccolo descended and landed on the ground. He knew that Dende was behind him in shocked. "Take shelter somewhere, Dende! You'll get caught in our crossfire. Do it quickly!" ordered Piccolo.

So Dende did obey Piccolo's order and ran away. He confused, "How does he know my name?" He went to take a shelter behind the boulder while watching Piccolo and Freeza.

Freeza appeared and landed on the small boulder staring at Piccolo.

"Piccolo-san!" cried Gohan.

Kuririn gulped and shocked, "It's senseless! Not even Piccolo has a chance of winning against that guy!"

Sakura nodded, "You're right! He's crazy!"

'Piccolo-san…' thought Gohan worriedly.

Vegeta chuckled, "He may have a glib tongue, but so long as he doesn't realize his opponet's battle power, I wouldn't count on him."

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

'Everyone has stopped moving. Now what's going on?! Who is it that just showed up with the enormous Ki?' wondered Goku.

(Kaio's Planet)

Kaio watched between Piccolo and Freeza on Planet Namek. "Piccolo's Ki has increased considerably since he left his training here. What's going on?" wondered Kaio.

"In that case, Kaio-sama, are you saying Piccolo has the potential to win against Freeza?" asked Tenshinhan.

"No…" replied Kaio. "They have touched that which should have remained untouched. Freeza's power is unmatched."

"If Piccolo is beaten, Kami-sama will also die," reminded Yamucha. "if that happens, our chance at resurrection will probably be forever lost."

Tenshinhan looked up at the sky and sighed, "Piccolo, you have to stick it out until Goku has recovered!"

Kaio frowned, "That is the issue, isn't it?"

(Check-In Station- With Bardock, Minato, and Kushina- Television Room)

Bardock, Minato, and Kushina watched Piccolo staring at Freeza on the television. Minato smiled, "Looks like Piccolo broke his promise with Kaio-sama. I knew he would come here to fight Freeza. Well, take a look at him. He just got a lot stronger than we would expect him to be."

Kushina nodded, "Yeah, with his current power, he can beat Freeza like that!"

Bardock shocked, "W- What?! This Namekian can take on Freeza alone?! No way!"

"You should not underestimate the power of Namekians! Not all Namekians are that weak. To be honest, Piccolo is strongest Namekian in the universe," remarked Minato.

"He indeed has a gift, huh?" surprised Bardock.

"Hey, hey. At least he saved your grandson, ya know! Cheer up!" said Kushina.

(Planet Namek- Piccolo VS Freeza)

Freeza and Piccolo were staring at each other as the wind blew over Piccolo's cape. However, Kuririn hovered on mid-air next to Vegeta, Gohan, and Sakura. He frowned, "Leave this to me, he says."

Sakura nodded, "He doesn't understand how terrifying Freeza is!"

Vegeta chuckled, "He'll realize it soon enough."

"Piccolo-san isn't the kind of person who doesn't know his opponent's strength," said Gohan.

Kuririn sighed, "But Gohan, Piccolo hasn't-"

"I'm sure of it! Piccolo-san has a chance of winning!" interrupted Gohan.

"A chance of winning?" puzzled Sakura.

Vegeta scoffed, "There's no way he can win! Even though he may have shown up, our situation hasn't changed a bit."

Gohan frowned, "But Piccolo-san is…" Piccolo and Freeza were still staring at each other for a long time.

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

'This Ki is Piccolo's. Piccolo has been resurrected!' realized Goku. 'But this time his Ki is different, more incredible than ever! Never mind him, I've been wondered where's Naruto?! I thought he was with them. What happened to him?!'

(Piccolo VS Freeza)

Dende watched Piccolo and Freeza staring at each other from behind the boulder and shocked, "H- He looks just like Nail-san, but is this Piccolo fellow also a Fighter-type Namekian?"

Freeza finally spoke up and chuckled, "You appear to be quite sure of yourself. But soon enough, that surety will shatter, give way and turn to your begging for your life from me."

Piccolo sighed, "Enough from you." Freeza began to smirk, but suddenly, Piccolo finally charged towards him and punched right at his face, but Freeza blocked his attack. They began fighting furiously and appeared to be roughly equal in power. Freeza jumped into the sky before Piccolo could land a blow on him.

Then Piccolo jumped faster and higher above Freeza. Out of rage, Freeza ascended higher above Piccolo once again. Then they began to exchange their blows on mid-air at tremendous speed, creating rapidly huge shockwave. They disappeared and exchange their blows once again at each different direction.

They appeared next to each other and connected their knees to each other, causing another shockwave. Freeza punched! Piccolo elbow smashed! Then again, they reappeared in different directions every time they exchanged their blows. Every time they exchanged their blows, the water would erupt up. The soil would kick up the dust. They continued to exchange their blows to create more unbelievable shockwave! Not just the landscapes or lakes, Sakura, Gohan, Kuririn, and Vegeta got pushed away and were forced to block their eyes from the light.

Finally, Piccolo knocked Freeza away from him and shouted, "Take this!" He charged forward him and tried to hit him with his both fist, but Freeza caught it just in time. They locked up in struggle mode. Suddenly, Piccolo fired an eye laser at Freeza, who ducked his head to dodge the eye laser.

Then Piccolo kneed Freeza in the gut, and uppercut punched him square in the jaw, knocking him away from him a little bit.

Gohan smiled cheerfully, "He did it!"

"Way to go, Piccolo!" cheered Kuririn.

"Hell yeah!" cheered Sakura.

Vegeta bared his teeth in anger and shocked, 'Struggle though he might, there's no way he can win. I hate to admit it, but all I can do is escape and wait for another chance.' Then he glanced over his shoulder at surprised Kuririn and Sakura. 'I'm not stupid enough to just wait around to be killed by Freeza.' Then he diverted his attention on between Freeza and Piccolo again.

Piccolo flew towards Freeza, and attempted to punch his opponent, but Freeza blocked them with his both arms. Piccolo kicked, but Freeza blocked again. Freeza blocked Piccolo's several attacks. Finally, Piccolo vertical kicked Freeza square in the jaws, knocking him away from him. He was about to charge towards Freeza, but suddenly, Freeza appeared in front of him and delivered a powerful haymaker to his face, shocking Piccolo.

Then Freeza tried to give him a sucker punch, but Piccolo raised his arms to block the punch. He finally had an upper hand on Piccolo. The Namekian had a hard time to block most of Freeza's attacks. He pushed Piccolo forward and rammed Piccolo into a cliff and bombarded him with energy blasts.


Gohan, Sakura, Kuririn, and Vegeta were in shocked as the cliff crumbled down. Freeza hovered above the cliff and folded his arms while the dust kicked up.

Freeza chuckled, "Well, come on out! You've got greater power than that, haven't you?"

However, Piccolo emerged from the rubble unharmed and stared up at Freeza while standing on the ground as the dust finally cleared.

Gohan smiled happily, "Piccolo-san!"

Freeza stared down at Piccolo and impressed, "You're not that bad. I mean, you were able to dodge that from close range by a hair's breadth." Piccolo bared his teeth in anger glaring up at Freeza.

Suddenly, Vegeta flew in attempt to flee out of the battlefield. Kuririn shocked, "Vegeta!"

Sakura sighed and thought, 'He reminds me of Sasuke when he first fought Orochimaru in Forest of Death.' She watched Vegeta fled in fear away from Freeza.

However, Freeza noticed him, and disappeared, surprising Piccolo. Vegeta glanced over his shoulder and then glanced forward, but he widened his eyes and shocked. Freeza appeared in front of him! Vegeta was so trembled to see Freeza hovering in front of him.

Freeza chuckled, "Where are you going? Don't tell me you need to go pee, now."

Vegeta snarled angrily, "Dammit!" He then went to flew away to escape Freeza. However, unfortunately, Freeza appeared in front of him again. Vegeta trembled as he flew back from him in shock.

Freeza chuckled, "Vegeta… It won't do to have the prince of the warrior race Saiyans… sneaking away with his tail tucked between his legs. However…" He began to move forward while Vegeta move backward. "No matter what you may try, your destiny is to be killed by me. You just sit still and wait for it. Once I kill the Namekian, your turn comes next."

Suddenly, Freeza punched Vegeta in the gut harder, and smashed him back into the rocks below, rendering him temporarily incapacitated. Freeza finally came back to face Piccolo and chuckled, "Sorry for the delay. Now, show me the power of that confidence you hold. You are a fool not to feel my terror!"

Freeza charged down towards Piccolo, but the Namekian managed to block and jumped into the sky. Freeza followed up and attacked Piccolo, who managed to evade every attack Freeza threw at him.

Kuririn watched Piccolo fighting Freeza and smiled happily, "Gohan! Sakura-san! Piccolo has greater power than we can imagine!"

Sakura nodded cheerfully, "We may be able to hope for something here."

"Right!" agreed Gohan. "Piccolo-san will do it!"

Kuririn smiled proudly, "He's your sensei, after all, right?"

"And he's an excellent sensei!" complimented Sakura.

"Right!" agreed Gohan.

Piccolo and Freeza gave their exchange blows against each other again, causing another shockwaves. They connected their knees, and continued to exchange their blows in each direction. Every time they exchanged their blows, they caused a shockwave while the ground quaked! The dust kicked up every time they appeared and connected their blows.

Dende had to cover his eyes to block the dust from blinding him. Piccolo and Freeza gripped on the ground and continued to fight furiously equal in power. However, Dende took a good look at Piccolo.

Piccolo actually looked like Nail!

Dende shocked, "N- Nail-san! Could it be?"

Outrageously, Piccolo fired a barrage of Ki blast at Freeza, who managed to block as his feet pushed back on the ground. Suddenly, Piccolo charged towards Freeza and delivered a powerful attack at Freeza, who managed to block it. They jumped up into the sky and connected their knees once again, created another shockwave. They continued to exchange their blows down toward the inches of lake.

Finally, Freeza hit Piccolo with his tail, slapping him down toward the lake. Piccolo managed to stop on mid-air before he could fall into the water, and extended his arms toward the opponent. He grabbed Freeza's tail, much to his amazement.

Unfortunately, Freeza managed to choke Piccolo into the water as the lake erupted up. He pushed Piccolo even further underwater.

Gohan, Sakura, and Kuririn began to worry that Freeza might have drowned Piccolo to death. "Piccolo-san…" concerned Gohan.

Piccolo started to drop some of air as Freeza sustained to gag him inside the water. While Gohan and others observed the lake, Freeza soared out of water and floated mid-air. He was satisfied with the succession over positioning Piccolo to drown.

Gohan shocked, "Piccolo-san!" as he still inspecting the lake. The lake was growing silent by the every second.

"Do not be upset. It will take more than that to kill him," prompted Freeza. "But I will show you how I'll take him apart!" He began to charge up the Ki in his right hand before Piccolo shot up into the air. He tossed it at Piccolo, bashing him to the cliff. "You fought well, for a Namekian. I'll give you credit for that. But it's over. The fun stops now," snorted Freeza.

Vegeta finally recovered his consciousness, and bared his teeth in thought, 'Damn.'

Once again, Freeza fired a finger beam at Piccolo, blowing the cliff up.

Gohan cried, "Piccolo-san!"

Entire mountains had been blown up to piece of bits by Freeza, shocking rest of fighters. "We are now completely out of Namekians," stated Freeza. Suddenly, Piccolo pushed the rock on him out of his way as he emerged from it and hovered mid-air, glaring at Freeza. "What?!" amazed Freeza.

Gohan smiled happily, "Piccolo-san!"

As the rock fragments floated around Piccolo, he growled, "Don't take me so lightly."

"G- Gohan-kun! Kuririn-san! We might be able to win!" remarked Sakura.

"You could be right," agreed Gohan.

"With Piccolo and the four of us, this could turn out all right after all!" said Kuririn. Gohan and Sakura nodded in agreement. "Okay, then, it's decided!" Then they prepared to fight against Freeza once again.

"Stay out of this!" demanded Piccolo. They looked over their shoulder as Piccolo rising while the rocks were around him. "I thought I told you I'd do this by myself."

Gohan frowned, "But…"

"We can contribute at least something," said Kuririn.

"Yeah! If all of us were to defeat him, we will win for sure!" noted Sakura.

"Leave this to me," denied Piccolo.

Vegeta was still laying on the ground next to the rock and frowned, "That fool! This is our one chance to defeat Freeza! He's no match for Freeza's power just by himself!"

Gohan, Sakura, and Kuririn decided to let Piccolo what he wanted, but that made Freeza so angry. "You filthy maggot!" hissed Freeza.

Piccolo disappeared before Freeza could throw a punch at him. Lord tyrant disappeared, and appeared in front of Piccolo as he attempted to attack him a several hits, who managed to evade every attack Freeza threw at him.

"Haven't you realized it yet?" taunted Piccolo. "We can see through your every move!"

While Freeza was still following Piccolo, he confused, "What?! What do you mean 'we?'" Then he went to grab Piccolo's white collars as Piccolo began to smirk.

(Kaio's Planet)

Kaio saw and heard the entire what Piccolo and Freeza did on Planet Namek. He shocked, "What does this mean?"

Yamucha's hand was already placed on Kaio's shoulder and shocked, "Piccolo!"

Tienshinhan's hand was already placed on Kaio's shoulder as well, and looked up at the sky. He sighed, "Piccolo…"

(Check-In Station- With Bardock, Minato, and Kushina- Television Room)

Bardock, Minato, and Kushina watched Freeza grabbing Piccolo's collar in anger. Bardock chuckled, "Wow! I never had seen that anyone embarrassed Freeza before! Way to go, Namekian!"

"Yeah, now we watch that Piccolo kicks Freeza's ass!" said Minato.

"There's no way this Freeza guy is going to win!" agreed Kushina.

(Planet Namek- Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

Goku was still recovering inside the healing machine and thought, 'Piccolo's Ki has surged yet again. What's happening?!'

(Piccolo vs Freeza)

Just as Freeza grabbed Piccolo's collars, the Namekian chuckled, "You've become a giant, and you're using both hands, yet this is the best you've got?"

Freeza widened his eyes and shocked, "That voice…"

(Flashback Began)

Freeza was in his first form, and stared at Nail. He lifted his left hand and chuckled, "I know! What if I were to fight using only my left hand for you?'

Suddenly, Nail charged towards Freeza, and chopped to the neck, which had no effect. Freeza was merely laughing at him.

Later on, Freeza was really infuriating because Nail refused to tell him how to have Dragon Balls granted a wish. He reappeared in front of Nail and punched left at Nail in the gut, double him over. Then he uppercut punched him in the jaw, and began to frown upon Nail.

Other time when Nail was breathing hardily while Freeza was behind him, suddenly, Nail turned around and blasted Freeza with a massive yellow energy wave, kicking up a lot of dust surrounded by them. However when the dust began to clear, Freeza still stood intact in front of him! Nail was in shocked.

Freeza scoffed, "Something like that cannot possibly work against me, can it?" He ascended higher and suddenly, he disappeared so much shock to Nail. He teleported in front to backhand punch Nail in the face, knocking him down to the ground. He glanced over his shoulder at Nail and chuckled, "Surely you see there is no way you can win."

(Flashback Ended)

While Freeza was still holding his opponent's collars, Nail's voice chuckled, "I have merged with Piccolo."

"What?!" shocked Freeza.

Dende looked up at Piccolo and muttered, "I- I knew it!"

"By doing so," Piccolo now changed back to his voice again and explained, 'my power has increased several times over."

(Flashback Began)

While battered and bruise Nail was on the ground, he sighed and suggested, "Unite with me. I am the… last Warrior-Type Namekian left on my world."

"What? Unite with you?" confused Piccolo.

"That's right," replied Nail. "If you do, your current power will be increased several times over." By doing so, Piccolo reluctantly placed his hands on Nail's chest.

Nail smirked before suddenly glowing blue aura with his body surprising Piccolo. It was too bright as he continued to glow his body in order to fuse with Piccolo. Finally, Nail's aura was blazing up with Piccolo.

Piccolo had to close his eyes, but when he opened his eyes, he could notice that Nail disappeared! He breathed hyperventilation. Suddenly, he rejoiced, "What incredible power! What an unbelievably fearsome power this is! Is this what uniting with someone is like?!"

(Flashback Ended)

True to Piccolo's word, he powered up to his maximum, forcing Freeza to remove hand from him.

As Piccolo continued to power up, Gohan shocked, "Awesome!"

"Incredible!" amazed Sakura.

Vegeta stood up and held his left arms with his right hand in pain. He shocked, "Impossible! I don't believe it!"

While Piccolo continued to power up, he declared, "I have obtained the ultimate power!" Suddenly, he appeared in front of Freeza, and punched to his face, knocking him away. Then Piccolo powered up and rocketed towards Freeza. He headbutted Freeza in the gut, and uppercut punched him square in the jaw, sending him higher into the air.

Piccolo rocketed up above Freeza and attempted to hit him with double-axe handle, but Freeza flew up just in time to dodge. However, unfortunately for Freeza, he could not even see Piccolo's speed with his own eyes.

Suddenly, Piccolo appeared in front of him and chopped him to the neck, injuring him further. He delivered a powerful kick to Freeza's neck again. He gave Freeza a powerful headbutt to his jaws again.

Enraged, Freeza countered and vertically kicked Piccolo in the jaws, sending him down to the ground. Just as Piccolo gripped on the ground safety and looked up at his opponent, Freeza gathered massive pink energy in his hand.

Sakura widened her eyes and shocked, "That technique…! That technique he just used against Sasuke in order to kill him!"

At last, Freeza launched a massive energy beam at Piccolo, who still watched. Kuririn and Gohan cried, "Piccolo/-san!"

"Get out of way, Piccolo!" cried Sakura.

Vegeta shocked, "Impossible!"

However, Piccolo deflected Freeza's massive energy beam back at Freeza, much to his chagrin. Freeza shocked, "What?!"

Then, Piccolo fired a powerful beam at his opponent, hitting Freeza square.


Vegeta stared up at the large dust and shocked, "He did it!" as he ascended to the sky behind Kuririn, Gohan, and Sakura. They were astonished, believing Freeza was finished.

However, the dust cleared and showed that Freeza blocked at the last minute. Gohan, Kuririn, Sakura, and Vegeta were in shocked, but Piccolo was not surprised at all.

Freeza glared down at Piccolo and growled, "Why, you!"

"Incredible! He's holding his own against Freeza!" shocked Kuririn.

"C- Can Piccolo beat him like that?" wondered Sakura.

"No, he's doing better!" said Vegeta.

"You really are incredible, Piccolo-san!" cheered Gohan.

'Just what the hell has happened?' thought Vegeta angrily. 'It hasn't been that long since he was defeated on Earth!'

"We might actually be able to get out of this without dying, Gohan, Sakura-san!" gloated Kuririn.

"Hell yeah!" agreed Sakura.

Gohan nodded, "Right!"

Dende watched from the ground and thought happily, 'Beat that Freeza, who killed so many of us, using the power of Nail-san!'

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

While Goku was still restoring back to his full strength and injures, he was in shocked and thought, 'What kind of training has Piccolo undergone? That's the way, stick with him until I get better!'

(Kaio's Planet)

While Tenshinhan and Yamucha watched by using Kaio, Tenshinhan sighed, "Kaio-sama, with Piccolo powered-up as much as he is, can he defeat Freeza?"

"If he doesn't beat him for us, we're screwed!" said Yamucha. Kaio began to frown and worried about Piccolo.

(Check-In Station- With Bardock, Minato, and Kushina- Television Room)

"Now, Freeza is in trouble!" said Bardock happily.

"Hey, hold on a minute!" said Minato. Bardock and Kushina looked at him in confusion. "Bardock, you say that Goku will defeat Freeza on that Planet Namek right? Then what happened to Piccolo anyways?"

"Oh, yeah. You just mentioned that, Minato," involved Kushina.

Bardock sighed, "I don't know, but we need to see what happened to Piccolo. But I know that Goku is the one who will avenge us and defeat Freeza for us!"

"Well, then hurry up, Naruto, Goku-san!" pleaded Minato.

(Planet Namek- Piccolo VS Freeza)

Freeza landed on the ground next to Piccolo as he glared at his opponent while Piccolo stared back. Freeza began to smirk, confusing Piccolo. Suddenly, Freeza punched to his face. Then, he flew back and elbowed the opponent in the face. Finally, he punched him down into the ground, injuring him further.

Vegeta, Gohan, Kuririn and Sakura were in shocked. "That's the same attack Freeza just used on Sasuke!" remarked Sakura.

Then Freeza flew down to Piccolo and attempted to punch, but the Namekian zoomed into the sky just in time to dodge. However, Freeza was not done with him. He took off towards Piccolo at high-speed! He raised his hand and clasped his hand together.

Piccolo widened his eyes and shocked, "So fast! And I should have the advantage of speed!"

Finally, Freeza smashed Piccolo down with the double-axe handle, knocking him onto the ground. He began to laugh upon Piccolo.

Gohan stared at Kuririn and Sakura, and frowned, "Kuririn-san… Sakura-san…"

"T- This can't be!" shocked Sakura.

"How can this be? You mean, he hasn't been taking this seriously up until now?" amazed Kuririn.

"What's the best step for me to take now?" wondered Vegeta. 'What should I do? Damn you for making us rejoice prematurely!'

Below on the ground, Dende frowned, 'Nail-san…'

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

Goku was still in the Medicine Machine and shocked, 'Piccolo! What kind of guy is this Freeza?!'

(Kaio's Planet)

Yamucha shocked, "Piccolo…"

"Kaio-sama?" asked Tenshinhan worriedly.

"I told you, they have touched that which should not be touched…" replied Kaio.

Yamucha and Tenshinhan worried, "Piccolo…"

(Check-In Station- With Bardock, Minato and Kushina- Television Room)

Bardock, Minato, and Kushina watched the television where Freeza managed to get the upper hand on Piccolo. Minato shocked, "What?! How could this be?"

"I thought Piccolo did him!" shocked Kushina.

Bardock snarled, "Idiot! Piccolo was so overconfident with his power, and allowed Freeza to kick his ass! Damn it!"

(Planet Namek- Piccolo Vs Freeza)

Finally, Piccolo emerged from the crater, and stared up at Freeza who was hovering above him on mid-air. His weighted clothing was now tattered. He clasped his right arms with his left hand in pain due to Freeza's brutally attacks.

Freeza landed on top of crater and stared down at Piccolo. He folded his arms and chuckled, "Sorry about that just now. I didn't give you enough credit. But you are capable of more than I imagined. I decided to show you some true power. Which is to say, my true power."

Vegeta widened his eyes and shocked, 'There's no end to his power! Was I really planning to fight against him?'

Piccolo stood up and spat out of his mouth at the ground. At last, he took his weighted clothing off and threw it on the ground. He titled his head to stretch his neck out to prepare for the second-round fight.

Piccolo chuckled, "So will I. Let's make this genuine."

Freeza confused, "What's that?" Piccolo's face turned into smirk. "You're saying you haven't been serious up until now?" asked Freeza. He laughed, "I didn't realize that Namekians told fish stories."

"You'll find out very soon," replied an overconfident Piccolo.

'You worthless fool!' thought Vegeta angrily. 'To have to resort to bluffing at this stage…'

Gohan widened his eyes and shocked, "I- I get it!"

Kuririn shocked, "Piccolo's been fighting with that heavy turban and mantle on all this time?"

"No wonder why Freeza was able to take on Piccolo on equal of powers!" realized Sakura.

Piccolo glared at Freeza and shouted angrily, "Now realize the fury of all the Namekians who were killed by you!" Suddenly, he began to power up while Freeza was laughing upon him.

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

Goku was still inside the watery healing machine and thought, 'Piccolo's Ki is getting stronger again. This strength is the real thing!'

(Piccolo VS Freeza)

Gohan cheered, "He can win! Piccolo-san can win!"

"Take on him! Kick his ass, Piccolo!" cheered Sakura.

"Piccolo! We're counting on you!" cheered Kuririn.

"The situation has changed again!" said Vegeta.

Freeza stared down at Piccolo who was still powering up and chuckled, "You've removed those heavy garments and made yourself lighter… which is supposed to mean your speed has become even more polished? We'll have to see."

Piccolo floated up into the air staring at Freeza who was still laughing. Suddenly, Piccolo disappeared and swooped past Freeza, knocking him down for some reason. Freeza regained his senses and quickly rocketed up into the sky. However, Piccolo rocketed in front of Freeza and attempted to kick him in the face, but Freeza dodged it. When Freeza looked down, he widened his eyes and saw that Piccolo was gone! He looked around in search for the Namekian.

Suddenly, Piccolo appeared behind Freeza who glanced over his shoulder. Piccolo smirked before smashing Freeza down onto the ground. Then he flew down to follow the fallen Freeza and gave him a bearhug as they continued to fall down toward the ground.

Piccolo stared at Freeza's anger eyes and chuckled, "It will take more than this to satisfy the fury of the Namekians!" Then he powered up the aura to increase the speed in order to fly down toward the ground together with Freeza. The moment they were too closing to the ground, he threw Freeza down into the ground face-first, kicking up the large dust.

Gohan stared down at the large dust and cheered, "He did it!"

"Hell yeah!" cheered Sakura.

Kuririn smiled, "Gohan! Sakura-san!"

Gohan smiled, "Kuririn-san! Sakura-san!"

Sakura cheered happily, "Kuririn-san! Gohan-kun!" They began to dance happily on mid-air.

Watching behind the boulder, Dende watched the large dust and smiled happily, "Nail-san!"

Gohan cheered, "Nice going, Piccolo-san!"

Kuririn nodded, "That's the way!"

"You did it, Piccolo!" cheered Sakura happily.

Vegeta frowned, 'At this rate, Kakarrot may still be in time. Not to mention Naruto, too!' Then he chuckled, 'In which case, I may get out of this alive!"

Piccolo was still hovering above the huge crater, and declared loudly, "And now to finish you off!" Suddenly, he fired a barrage of purple energy wave at Freeza, kicking up the more large dust.


The wind pushed Vegeta, Sakura, Gohan, and Kuririn, so they had to block their eyes in order to prevent the rock from hurting their faces. "Has Freeza-?" wondered Kuririn.

"Dead?" finished Sakura.

"You don't suppose?" asked Gohan.

Vegeta looked up and shocked, "Look there!"

It was Freeza! He was hovering above Piccolo shocking them. He stared at Piccolo who was on mid-air as well.

Piccolo sighed, "As tenacious as I expected."

Freeza chuckled, "You seem to be laboring under some false impression concerning my true power."

"What?!" hissed Piccolo.

Freeza chuckled before going down to the ground, but Piccolo decided to go down to the ground as well. While they were descending, Freeza folded his arms and chuckled, "Did you really think that what I just showed you was serious? You couldn't have known I'd transformed myself, could you?"

Piccolo shocked, "Transformed, you say?"

"I will allow you the same thing I gave to Vegeta and the others- A feeling of absolute terror towards me," explained Freeza. "All right, first I will instill a sense of hopelessness. A hopelessness from knowing that nothing you can possibly do will help!"

Then, he disappeared and landed on the small rock as Piccolo landed. Freeza explained, "Every time I, Freeza, transform myself, my power substantially grows! And I still have two more transformation remaining!" as he pointed two fingers up. "Do you know what that means?"

Piccolo shocked, "What's this?"

Vegeta bared his teeth and shocked, "Impossible!"

"Hey, what did he just say?" confused Kuririn.

"Freeza can transform two more times," repeated Sakura.

Gohan shocked, "I- It can't be!"

Kuririn widened his eyes and shocked, 'Now getting married is completely out.'

"So then, let me show it to you," said Freeza. "You guys should feel honored. You're the first ones I've ever shown this transformation to!" Then he began to power up the red aura around him. Rest of Fighters was in shocked.

Freeza chuckled, "Watch carefully now! Here comes Freeza-sama's second-stage transformation!"

Suddenly, he began his transforming. Freeza's third form was again more brutish, with an extremely elongated skull. His facial features contorted and changed, with his nose melding into his mouth to form a crude beak. His original horns receded and were now white in color, erupting in pairs along the length of his head. Two pairs of spikes grew out of his back and curved upward somewhat, and the armor on his shoulders fling themselves outward like shoulder pads. He had completed his transformation, at last!

He stared at Piccolo and chuckled, "I apologize for the delay. Now then, shall we begin the battle once again?"

Piccolo snarled, "Y- You monster!"

"H- He hasn't changed all that much, has he?" surprised Kuririn.

"W- What now?!" shocked Sakura.

"Idiot!" scowled Vegeta. "Try probing what his latent power is! It's completely different from a moment ago! Yet he's settled down again, and he's regained his presence of mind!"

Gohan's bod was so in trembled and shocked, "He's also lost the damage that Piccolo-san had inflicted on him!"

(Freeza's Spaceship- Rejuvenation Chamber)

Goku was still recovering in the healing capsule and confused, 'Damn it all! What's going on out there? That Ki of Freeza's has gotten stronger again! At this point, even once I completely recover, I might not be able to beat him. Now what?'

(Kaio's Planet)

Kaio was so trembled enough after witnessing Freeza's third form. He shocked, 'Freeza is a super-monster beyond imagination!'

(Check-In Station- With Bardock, Minato, and Kushina- Television Room)

Bardock clenched his fists in anger and growled, "Damn it all! He's still at it! W- What a monster!"

Kushina gulped, "Th- This monster is creepy! He is a freaky one!"

"Yeah… He said he can transform two times, didn't he?" said Minato.

'W- What are they supposed to do?! They are doomed now! Freeza might be able to wipe them out while he's at it!" said Bardock.

"Even I don't think Naruto can beat him when he comes back!" said Minato.

(Planet Namek- Piccolo VS Freeza)

Now with Freeza's new ugly transformation, rest of Fighters was in shocked! Freeza looked down at shocked Piccolo and laughed, "You had such confidence in your speed earlier, did you not? So then, shall we have another look at it?" Suddenly, he jumped up and then flew back down to Piccolo, who managed to soar up into the air. It seemed like that Freeza was too slow enough to beat Piccolo.

However, Freeza rocketed up to follow Piccolo. He almost caught up to Piccolo, however, Piccolo suddenly disappeared and appeared below him. Once again, Piccolo disappeared and flew up into the air faster than Freeza.

Piccolo thought angrily, 'You bastard! If you've got the power, I've got the speed! You won't catch up to me in this lifetime!' Then he looked up and that was Freeza who was hovering in front of him. He widened his eyes and stopped before Freeza. Piccolo shocked, 'I- It can't be!' It seemed that Freeza actually outclassed Piccolo in strength and speed.

Freeza folded his arms and bragged, "My goodness, it has been too long, my little toddler."

Gohan, Vegeta, Sakura, and Kuririn managed to follow them. Gohan shocked, "Piccolo-san has lost his speed advantage over Freeza!"

"Does that mean Freeza's power has gone up that much?" wondered Kuririn.

"T- This is bad! Piccolo is going to be killed!" remarked Sakura.

Then Vegeta noticed Dende running on the ground. 'Don't lose, Nail-san!' worried Dende.

Vegeta began to smirk and remembered how Dende healed Gohan, increasing his strength. This gave Vegeta an idea. 'That's right! There's still that trick!'

Enraged, Piccolo charged towards Freeza and attacked him, who managed to evade every attack Piccolo threw at him. Piccolo stopped attacking him and glared at him. For a moment later, Piccolo suddenly disappeared and appeared in front of Freeza, only to get blast by Freeza, knocking further away from Freeza.

(Kaio's Planet)

Yamucha shocked, 'It's all over now, isn't it?'

'Piccolo…' worried Tenshinhan.

(Check-In Station- With Bardock, Minato, and Kushina- Television Room)

"This is bad! Piccolo is getting beaten up!" shocked Minato.

"Even if Naruto comes back, there's no way he can beat Freeza, isn't there?!" worried Kushina.

"Either way, Kakarrot needs to hurry up!" said Bardock.

(Planet Namek- Piccolo VS Freeza)

Piccolo gripped on mid-air, and flew back towards Freeza, and tried to punch, however Freeza dodged it. Then, Freeza appeared behind Piccolo and kicked him in the back. Then, he proceeded to beat Piccolo up, as Piccolo had a hard time to defend himself.

Freeza gave a several kicks to Piccolo's face, and kicked Piccolo in the guts. Finally, with final powerful kick to Piccolo's face, knocking him down toward the ground. He chuckled, "Shall we put an end to this play, then?"

Piccolo stopped himself from knocking away and glared at Freeza. He bared his teeth in anger and thought, 'D- Damn…'

Freeza laughed, "You have realized that, unfortunately enough, the speed you took such pride in is of utterly no use against me now, have you not? I would have you give up now!"

Suddenly, he charged toward Piccolo and back kicked him in the face. He then teleported behind the opponent and blasted him away with a purplish- pink energy wave, sending the Namekian into the huge mountain as it collapsed upon him.

Sakura, Kuririn, and Gohan cried, "Piccolo/-san!"

Now, Piccolo was finally knocked out on the ground. Freeza stared down at him and chuckled, "Have you given up, haven't you? I suppose that you wasted your time just to come here, yes? You were a foolish enough to come here after all. You would have chance to remain alive if you were not to come after me. Oh, well. It does not change the fact because you're going to die anyways."

Then Freeza started by charging purple energy sphere in his hand. Then he drew his hand forward and shouted, "See you in Hell!" as he fired the powerful energy sphere in the form of an energy wave at Freeza.

Gohan cried, "Piccolo-san!"

However, for Sakura, she did not wait for Piccolo to be killed. She suddenly powered up and rocketed down towards between the beam and Piccolo. Gohan tried to follow her, but Kuririn grabbed his ankle

"Let me go! S- Sakura-san are going to die!" said Gohan.

"No, don't…" replied Kuririn.

Gohan frowned, "B- But…"

Sakrua was still flying down towards between the beam and Piccolo. 'No! I can't let Piccolo die like this! If he dies, then Sasuke will never be resurrected forever! I must save him even if it costs my life!' Suddenly, she appeared in front of beam. The time was seem like frozen to her because she got lost in thought. 'I'm sorry, Naruto-kun, Gohan-kun, Kuririn-san, and Goku-san… I had to do this!' Suddenly, she noticed that someone appeared in front of her, shocking her.

The shadow figure powered up and screamed, "AHHHH!" as the mysterious guy deflected Freeza's powerful blasts away towards another countryside, causing a massive explosion.


The massive explosion pushed Kuririn, Vegeta, and Gohan, forcing them to block their eyes in order to prevent the bright light from blinding them.

(With Bulma- Elsewhere)

Bulma was knocking away against the rock wall, and fell to the ground. She muttered angrily, "What's up with the weather here?! What's wrong with this planet?! I want to go home!"

(Z-Fighters and Vegeta VS Freeza)

Sakura widened her eyes and looked up at the mysterious figure. She began to smile happily, "Y- You…"

Freeza stared down at the dust where the shadow figure was, and shocked, "What?!"

As soon as the dust cleared, the eyes opened only to reveal toad-like eyes: yellow irides, horizontal bar-like pupils, and reddish-orange pigmentation around the eyes.

To be continued…

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