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Chapter 67: Sasuke's Cursed Seal

(Sakura vs Daisuke- Spinach Wastes)

Sakura widened her eyes and shocked, "Daisuke?! N-No… It can't be… I thought Piccolo finished you off?!"

Suddenly, Daisuke erupted up with sinister laughter, "Fool! Do you think I would be killed that easily?!" Then he stopped an insane laughter, and sighed, "I thought the same thing. I thought I am going to die. But…"

(Flashback Began)

Piccolo screamed before powering his energy wave up, pushing Daisuke's energy wave forward. The ground suddenly broke up into the fragments of rocks. He refused to give up until he gave all-out for the final time! He continued to push Daisuke's energy wave towards Daisuke.

Daisuke shocked, "W-What?! Impossible! How could I be beaten?"

Piccolo released his powerful Ki into his energy wave, and pushed his own energy wave towards Daisuke and shouted, "DIE!" Finally, Piccolo's energy wave dominated Daisuke's energy wave in beam struggle, and impacted him dead-on.

Daisuke shocked, "Nooo! I-Impossible! I'm strongest de—" He continued to knock away through the air until he was out at the outer space. He went into unconscious and slowly floated away from the Earth. A few moments later, he slowly opened his eyes and muttered, "Dammit… Am I dead already? If so, then where am I?" Then, he just realized that he's in the outer space.

He looked down at the large bright blue sphere known as Earth! He shocked, "What?! Am I still alive?" He suddenly pumped his fists up and cheered, "Yes, I'm still alive!" Until then, he sensed a faint Ki that fled that place. 'It's Orochimaru-sama? Dammit! What happened to him?! I better go check!' He began to smirk.

(Flashback Ended)

Daisuke smirked, "Here I am… and alive well." He continued to laugh which that chilled down into Sakura's spine. He spotted a familiar backpack, and pointed his thumb at it. "Are that Dragon Balls inside?"

Sakura immediately got up and growled, "No! I won't hand it over to the bastard like you!" It was almost as if she prepared to fight him.

"I don't care what you say to me! Just give them to me already!" demanded Daisuke.

"Don't make me repeat this again! I said I won't hand it over to the bastard like you! Do you hear me?! Leave this place!" refused Sakura.

Daisuke closed his eyes and scoffed, "Do you really think you can take me on?"

"Sure! I will take you on even if it costs my life to protect the Dragon Balls!" stated Sakura. Suddenly, she heard the small snicker. "What's so funny? Hey! Why are you laughing?!"

It seemed like Daisuke could not contain his laughter any longer. Daisuke erupted up with the demonic laughter like everyone never saw before. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! AS YOU WISH! I, Daisuke-sama, will take you on!"

Sakura widened her eyes and gulped, 'What's his big deal? He's really freak me out!'

"Blood!" cried Daisuke.

"Blood?!" confused Sakura.

"That's right!" Daisuke stared down at his own hands and explained, "All I want is a blood! I want to turn this world into lawless where you don't have to follow the laws! Demons will rule this world! Therefore, you can do whatever you want to! Kill each other every day! A blood spills everywhere every day! No matter what age would be, you have every right to kill them! That's why I want to turn this world into lawless. I want to see slaughter and blood every day! Now… it's time for me to see your blood! I want to rip your every limb off so badly! Let's fight!"

Sakura could not stand Daisuke, and every single word Daisuke said actually scared her. She knew that she would be in danger without any assistance of her friends for a while. She hoped that one of them would wake up and help her! "Dammit!"

"Be prepared!" shouted Daisuke. He charged towards Sakura, and made an attempt to throw a first punch, but Sakura blocked it. "Good, but not good enough!"

He immediately brought a surprise knee to Sakura's stomach, doubled her over. Next, he punched her in the face, drawing blood from her forehead.

Before he could deliver another attack, Sakura immediately soared up into the sky. She glared down at him and snarled, "I won't die easily!" Then, she flew down towards Daisuke.

Daisuke immediately noticed that Sakura made a few series of hand seal. He chuckled, "What can you do with that ninja hand seal? It won't do any good, you know! Die!" He fired an energy wave at Sakura, but she turned into a log. He shocked, 'What?! Is that Kawarimi no Jutsu Orochimaru mentioned to me?!' He scanned the area thoroughly, but could not find Sakura anywhere. 'Where did she go?! That's it!' Then he looked up and spotted Sakura in the same spot from before. 'She's up!'

Once again, Sakura continued to fly down towards Daisuke and thought, 'I hope this works!'

Daisuke laughed, "I guess you decided to resign yourself from life! Just die already!" He threw another energy wave at Sakura, yet she turned into a log. 'What?! That again?! Now where did she go this time?!' He began to look around him to find Sakura.

Suddenly, he heard the voice cried, "Above you!"

He widened his eyes and shocked, "What?!" Then he looked up and found Sakura in the same spot again! He began to smirk and thought, 'I'm sure she is going to use that thing again and stall until one of her friends wake up! But it won't work on me! That trick won't work on me ever again! Once she used that thing again, I will throw it away twice!' Satisfied, he threw another energy wave at her, causing a small smoke. 'Good! For sure, she's turned into a log!' However, Sakura emerged from the smoke and continued to fly down towards him. "What?!"

Sakura chuckled, "Gotcha!" She stabbed her kunai into Daisuke's neck, drawing some blood, as they fell onto the ground. She still locked Daisuke down with her kunai into his neck. She could hear that Daisuke screamed in the pain.

Daisuke screamed angrily, "OW! You bitch human! Removed your filthy hand from me! Get off!"

Sakura stabbed Daisuke's neck deeply, wounding him further, and chuckled, "I won't! You're going to die!" Once again, she stabbed Daisuke's neck even further just to make him screaming in the pain.

Daisuke glared at Sakura and growled, "Damn you, filthy human! I told you to get off from me!" He was irritated even more when Sakura refused to obey him! He screamed angrily, "GET OFF!" He delivered a hard punch, knocking Sakura down onto the ground. He slowly got up, and removed the kunai from his neck. He wiped off the blood and licked it away.

However, Sakura noticed that Daisuke licked his own blood, and shocked, 'What?! What kind of freaky he is?! That should kill him, but he still has strength left?! Not to mention he licked the blood!'

Daisuke slowly walked to her, and made a demonic laughter, "Yes! That will do! A blood I need! I thirst for blood! When there's blood, it even makes me to want more blood! I need your blood! After that, I will gather blood over the world! Gimme blood!"

'Has he gone insane? If this keeps up, it will only make worse!' thought Sakura. She could not even move for some reason, because she wore up all of her strength after fighting Yusuke, and Orochimaru. She still lied on the ground and began to think what she should do.

Daisuke slowly walked to Sakura and laughed, "Yes, I can see that terror of your face! You're afraid! You're scared of me! You're scared to have your limbs taken from me! Don't worry. Your pain will be only for a while before you drew your death!" He stood next to Sakura, and smirked, "You won't see your limbs being taken away. I will gouge your eyes out so you won't be able to see!" He pulled his kunai up and was about to stab her, but someone knocked him away with the boot to the face. It was Gohan who kicked him away!

Sakura shocked, "Gohan-kun!"

Gohan glared at Daisuke and growled, "Leave her alone! You will be my opponent!"

Daisuke lifted his head up and spotted angry Gohan in front of him. He chuckled, "Heh, a Saiyan brat who killed Hideo!" He stood up and rubbed his cheek. "I thank you for that. If it was not for you, that bastard would have been problem for me."

Gohan widened his eyes and shocked, "Wait! You're… Daisuke!"

"Of course, there's only one Daisuke-sama here! That's me!" introduced Daisuke.

Gohan snarled, "So, you're the guy who killed Hideo's little brother?! He told me everything about you. If it was not for you, he would not have died! But… you're going to pay!"

Daisuke pointed down at Gohan and laughed, "You will be next! Which limbs should I rip off first?"

Sakura managed to get on her knees, and groaned, "G-Gohan-kun… Be careful! He's insane right now! So watch out!"

Gohan nodded, "I know…" Suddenly, he charged towards Daisuke.

Daisuke smirked, "Do you really want to die so badly?! Fine! I will give you a present, brat!" He raised his arm up, and blocked Gohan's attack. However, Gohan unleashed his barrage of punches and kicks on Daisuke, who continued to block them. "Is that all you got?!"

Gohan growled, "Darn it!" Suddenly, he slipped out past Daisuke, and landed a punch on his face, much to the shock of Daisuke.

Daisuke scowled, "That's uncalled for, brat!" He immediately uppercut punched Gohan square in the jaws, sending him sprawling into the sky.

Daisuke laughed, "Yes! I think I know what limbs I should rip off next!" He flew up towards Gohan, and punched him in the guts. Gohan spewed the blood out of his mouth. Daisuke backflip kicked him down onto the ground.

Sakura cried, "Gohan-kun!"

Daisuke slowly landed on the ground next to Gohan and chuckled, "To think a brat like you would challenge me, Daisuke-sama, right here! Then again, you're no match for me!" He stepped on Gohan's head, and began to crush him. "Die!" Gohan groaned in the pain, but he could not free himself from Daisuke.

"Hey! Stop it! He's just a kid!" cried Sakura.

Daisuke glanced over his shoulder at Sakura and laughed, "There's nothing you can stop me! You're injured. Therefore, you cannot help him at your condition!" Then he looked down at Gohan and smirked, "I know! I've decided. I'm going to crush your head like a bug! Die, you brat!" He began to crush Gohan's head even more, making Gohan screamed in the pain. "Yes! Die! Feel the pain!"

Sakura could not believe what he just saw. That demon bastard was going to kill that brat! She was seriously damaged, so she did not know what she should do in her current condition. She poured the tear from her eyes and cried, "Gohan-kun! Someone! Please save him!"

"There's no way you guys can save him!" declared Daisuke proudly. "Die now, already!" The more he crushed Gohan's head, the more pain Gohan was in right now.

(Bulma's Airhship)

While Bulma piloted her airship on way to the battlefield, Chichi was really worried for some reason. Bulma noticed this, and asked, "What's wrong, Chichi?"

"Chichi?" asked Oolong. Roshi said nothing but listened on. Maron, and Puar simply stared at Chichi.

"My Gohan-chan!" cried Chichi. She glared at Bulma and demanded, "Hurry up! Are we there yet?!"

Bulma sighed, "Patience. We're almost there. We should be there in five minutes."

Chichi sniffed, "My Gohan-chan! Please stay safe!" He gawked up at the sky and began to think about his son.

(Gohan vs Daisuke- Spinach Wastes)

Daisuke still stepped on Gohan's head, and continued to crush him while laughing at him. He could hear Gohan's screaming. He chuckled, "Yes, that's it! Go cry to your mommy! Apparently, your Mom is not here. That's too bad! You're going to die right now and here! DIE!"

Sakura shut her eyes down, and pleaded, "Please… Save him… Everyone! Please save him!" Suddenly, a purple aura erupted up behind Sakura. She glanced over her shoulder and shocked, "What?!"

Daisuke immediately noticed the weird aura, and removed his foot off from Gohan. He got distracted by that, and confused, "What the?" He sensed something that he never felt before.

Just when Sakura finally took a notice on someone who had a purple aura, she widened her eyes and shocked, "Sasuke?!"

Gohan slowly opened his eyes and surprised, "What…?"

The cursed seal had covered Sasuke's body, as he slowly got up on his feet. The purple aura continued to swirl around his body. It was almost as if he's different person. Daisuke, Sakura, and Gohan were in shocked.

"Sakura… Who did that to you…?" asked Sasuke.

Daisuke widened his eyes and thought, 'The cursed seal has covered his body…'

Sakura puzzled, "Sasuke… Your body…"

Sasuke looked at his own hands for a while, but he was not sure what's going on. He sighed, "Don't worry. More importantly, I can feel power surging inside me." He clenched his fists and chuckled, "I'm feeling good right now. He gave it to me…"

"What?" confused Sakura.

"I finally understand now. I'm an avenger. I must obtain power no matter what, even if I must let the devil take hold of my body," explained Sasuke.

'I see… Just as I thought. He got that cursed seal. Did Orochimaru-sama finally mark him?' thought Daisuke.

"Sakura, say it! Who the hell hurt you?!" asked Sasuke angrily.

Daisuke chuckled, "I did!" Suddenly, Sasuke glared around at him. Even worse, Sasuke's mark turned into a black instead of red. "Bring it on, Sasuke! It's not matter who you are! I will finish you in a flash!" He thrust his hand forward at Sasuke, and suddenly shot out the large purple wave at Sasuke.


Sakura was forced to block her eyes, and cried, "Sasuke!"

Daisuke chuckled, "I blew him up!"

Suddenly, the voice chuckled, "Who did?"

Daisuke widened his eyes and shocked, "What?!" As soon as he looked around, Sasuke knocked him away onto the ground with his elbow smash. He struggled to get up, but he managed to get on his feet for a while. He glared at Sasuke and thought, 'He's fast!'

Then, Sasuke made a series of hand seals, and shouted, "Katon: Hosenka no Jutsu!" He expelled out the barrage of flame at Daisuke.

Daisuke snarled, "Don't get so cocky! I'll stop it!" He tried to stop them with Kiai Shout. However, once the flames were gone, a shuriken emerged from them! He shocked, "What?! There are shurikens in the fire!"

He managed to dodge them. But he just realized that he was too distracted by them. Sasuke appeared in front of him, and pierced his hand through Daisuke's chest. Daisuke coughed up the blood from his mouth.

Sasuke made an evil smirk, and sneered, "You seem to be proud of your demonic forms." He moved his hand inside the chest even further.

Daisuke screamed in the pain, and continued to cough up the blood. He growled, "Damn you…!"

Sakura began to tremble and widened her eyes in shocked. She could not believe what she saw with her eyes! This was not like Sasuke used to be. She suddenly remembered what Orochimaru told him.

"Sasuke-kun will seek me," said Orochimaru.

Finally, Sasuke opened his palm, and shot out the blue energy wave to blast through Daisuke's chest, dropping lifeless body onto the ground. Sakura and Gohan were really shocked that Sasuke would kill Daisuke ruthlessly like that. He glanced over his shoulder at unconscious Yusuke, and smirked, "That leaves just you." He turned around, and walked towards Yusuke.

Yusuke seemed to wake up from unconscious and confused, "W-What…?" He weakly got up, and asked, "What did you say?!"

Sasuke still walked towards Yusuke, and chuckled, "You better entertain me better than him."

Sakura began to panic that something went wrong with Sasuke, and thought, 'That isn't… That isn't…' She remembered who Sasuke was before he even became that! 'That isn't… the Sasuke I know!' She immediately got up and ran off to Sasuke. She cried, "Stop!" She immediately hugged him from the behind. She sniffed, "Stop!" Which got Sasuke's attention in shocked. "Please… Stop…" Finally, Sasuke's mark began to revert back to his neck.

'The cursed seals are disappearing… That's good. I'm still alive. Damn Orochimaru!' thought Yusuke.

Sasuke fell back on his butt, and breathed hyperventilation. Sakura frowned, "Sasuke…"

'I have to leave, and consider my future. Looks like they don't need me anymore,' thought Yusuke.

However, Sakura stopped him before he could leave. "Hey! What did Orochimaru do to Sasuke?! Can you tell me why he chose Sasuke?!"

Yusuke glanced over his shoulder and sighed, "Hmph! Why do you need to concern about that that whim brat?"

Sasuke growled, "What did you say?!"

"Well, in that case, I will tell you. He gave Sasuke a cursed seal," said Yusuke.

Sasuke and Sakura shocked, "W-What?!"

Yusuke turned around, and asked, "Do you remember that I had a cursed seal?" Sakura simply nodded in response to him. "That's all I got to say. If you remember, then there's no need for me to explain further. I have to go."

Sakura cried, "Wait, Yusuke!"

Yusuke smiled, "Thank you… I finally understand about women. Right now, I will have to find my future, and what I should to make up my mistake. If we happen to see each other, we will fight again, but for fun." He immediately soared up into the sky to somewhere.

'Yeah… I hope you will find the right path, Yusuke,' thought Sakura. Then she noticed that Sasuke groaned in the pain. "Hey, are you okay?"

Gohan finally managed to get up on his feet, and walked to Sakura while rubbing his head. He groaned, "Ouch! That's really hurt!"

Sakura smiled cheerfully, "Gohan-kun! You're okay!"

Gohan nodded, "Yeah… I'm son of Son Goku after all! I won't be killed like that easily!"

Sakura chuckled, "Yeah, you're really strong!"

Sasuke's hand began to tremble, so he had to look at his own hand, and gulped, "What was I…?" That got Sakura and Gohan's attention.

Sakura could notice that Sasuke was really in shocked, and frowned, 'Sasuke…'

Suddenly, they heard the voice cried, "Gohan-chan!" They looked up and spotted Chichi inside Bulma's airship on mid-air.

Gohan shocked, "Mother!"

Chichi immediately jumped off the airship, even though it's pretty higher in the sky. She cried, "Gohan-chan!"

Gohan yelped, "Mother!" He worried that Chichi might have died from just jumping. Sasuke and Sakura were in shocked, and did not know what to do!

Chichi managed to land on the ground safely, and immediately ran off to hug Gohan. She sniffed, "My Gohan-chan! Are you okay?!"

Gohan chuckled, "Mother, you don't have to worry about me. I'm oka—"

Chichi removed him from the hug, and shook her head. She scowled, "No! I have every right to worry about you! You're my son! You don't hang out with them no more! You need to study more! I don't want you to be in danger again!"

Gohan frowned, "B-But…"

"No buts! You might say you need to save the world. But studying is more important than the world, you know!" scolded Chichi. She hugged him and cried on him once again. Gohan groaned in sigh. Sakura felt urged to facepalm, but she knew that Chichi was always like that.

Bulma's airship finally landed, and the door opened, allowing Bulma, Roshi, Maron, Puar, and Oolong emerging from the airship. Sakura greeted happily, "Bulma!"

Kuririn's body finally twitched, forcing him to regain his conscious. Suddenly, he heard the voice cried happily, "Kurin-chan!"

Kuririn immediately woke up, and sat up. He saw that Maron ran and waved at him happily. His face turned into red, and blushed, "Maron-chan!" He diverted his attention to Bulma and others. He could see that Sakura explained the situation to them over there. He rubbed his bald head, and thought, 'What's going on? Did we defeat Orochimaru? What happened when I was unconscious?'

Maron finally reached him and hugged him. She cheered happily, "Maron's so happy to see you again, Kurin-chan!"

Kuririn rubbed his head, and blushed nervously, "Me, too…" He felt good that he got a girlfriend like Maron. Now he did not have to worry if he would die without having a single girlfriend in his lifetime anymore, because he got one!

Bulma nodded, "I see… So you guys fought Orochimaru, and he lost? Naruto finally sealed the Kyubi inside, right?"

Sakura nodded, "Yeah, that's the story."

"So how's going with Naruto?" asked Roshi.

Sakura frowned, "I don't know. If Naruto-kun ever found out that he hit me, he might not be happy, and would start to avoid me. I think it's better not to tell him about that."

Roshi nodded, "Good idea… More importantly, we better go back to our house before Naruto's birthday cake spoiled."

"Oh, no! We better hurry up!" cried Bulma. She immediately ran off to unconscious Yamucha. But she noticed that Tenshinhan just woke up. Tenshinhan was next to Yamucha. She greeted, "Tenshinhan!"

Tenshinhan looked at Bulma and replied, "Bulma?"

Bulma stopped next to Tenshinhan and asked, "Are you okay?"

Tenshinhan nodded, "Yeah, I'm okay. Anyways, I have to go. I need to see Chaozu to ensure that he's okay."

"Wait! You don't want to come to Naruto's party?" asked Bulma.

Tenshinhan shook his head, and denied, "Sorry, but I have to decline. Thank you for inviting me, but I must leave." He flew off, leaving Bulma and others.

She sighed, "Geez, he should accept my invitation, but whatever!" She heard Yamucha's snoring peacefully. She had an enough with Yamucha's fake unconscious. She slapped him in the face, and scowled, "How long are you going to pretend that you're knocked out?!"

Yamucha was forced to wake up, and yelped, "Ye-ow! Why did you slap me?!" He gently rubbed his face to relieve the pain.

Bulma folded her arms, and sighed, "Geez, you're so useless! You decided to pretend that you're unconscious because you won't be much of help to Naruto-kun and others!"

Yamucha frowned, "Bulma… Not really. I was really unconscious for a while."

Bulma rolled her eyes over, and scoffed, "Yeah, right! Whatever!"

Kuririn walked over to unconscious Naruto, and took a look at him. He could swear that he heard Naruto muttering in his sleep. "Sakura-chan… Watch out! You will pay for it, Orochimaru!"

Kuririn confused, "What's he doing? Is he having a dream?" Then he diverted his attention to Puar and Oolong next to Naruto. He chuckled, "Hey, Oolong! Do you mind if you transform into something that can whack his head, so that could wake him up?"

Oolong gulped, "Why me?! What if he wakes up, and gets mad at me?! He might turn into the Kyubi again! You know his temper!" Kuririn sweat-dropped.

"Chicken! Chicken! Chicken!" gloated Puar.

Oolong scowled, "I'm not chicken! I'm pig! Transformation!" He turned into a hammer, and immediately whacked Naruot's head.

Naruto immediately woke up, and jumped up on the ground. He screamed, "OW!" He just realized that he woke up from unconscious. He looked around him, and found Puar, Oolong, Bulma, Maron, and Roshi here.

He confused, "What's going on?" He suddenly widened his eyes, because he remembered that he fought Orochimaru. "Where is he?!" In his panic, he fell down onto the ground, and cried, "Everyone, hide! No, get down!" He crawled on the ground at the same he searched for Orochimaru. "Where is he, damn it…" That got everyone's attention.

Sakura looked around at Naruto, and smiled, "Naruto-kun…"

Oolong poked Naruto's bump, and sighed, "You're pretty dumb, aren't you?" That annoyed Naruto a little bit.

Naruto immediately noticed that Sakura took a heavy damage. He widened his eyes and cried, "Sakura-chan!" He rushed over to her, and asked, "What happened to you?!" He also noticed Sasuke. But Sasuke seemed to be so silent.

Sakura chuckled, "You don't have to worry, Naruto-kun. It's only hurt a little. That's all."

Bulma, and others gathered around them. Naruto glanced over his shoulder at Bulma, and asked, "By the way, why are you guys here?"

Sakura smiled, "Bulma and others must be worried about us, so they came."

"Oh, that's right! Where's Piccolo-san?" asked Gohan. He thought that Piccolo would be still unconscious but he did not see Piccolo anywhere. "He's gone!" He gawked up at the sky and was really happy that Piccolo fought together with them again. It seemed that Piccolo just woke up from unconscious and immediately left the place without saying goodbye to Gohan and others. 'Piccolo-san… Thank you…'

Bulma sighed, "Anyways, we better hurry up and go back to Kame House, so we can have Naruto's birthday party!"

Gohan, and Sakura nodded, "Right!"

"Oh that's right! My birthday party! Yeah! Let's party!" cheered Naruto. With that, Naruto and others went in Bulma's airship and flew away on way back to Kame House. Sakura asked if Naruto still wanted to have his wish, but Naruto replied that he did need to. He told them that he wanted to save the Dragon Balls in case if there's emergency. He would like all Dragon Balls to be kept together in case. Sakura and others agreed with him, because it was not for greed. It was for good reason, and always would be.

(Later- Kame House)

Naruto, and everyone sat on the chair next to the table. But Naruto was in front of large birthday cake with the number "14" on the top of his birthday cake. Bulma, and others sang a song, and shouted, "Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Naruto-san, to you! Happy Birthday!"

"Okay, now you can blow the candle off!" said Bulma.

Naruto took a breath first, and let it out to blow the candle off. Everyone in the house cheered, but Sasuke was only one that did not. At least Sasuke was enjoying the party, and he even smiled! They enjoyed the cake that they ate it. It was really delicious. Of course, Bulma made the cake. After all, her mother taught her how to make most delicious cake.

Naruto asked if Sasuke wanted to spar with him for his birthday. Sasuke immediately accepted because he always wanted to fight Naruto. They're always rivals, even if they were friendly to each other. Right now, they stood on the surface of ocean, while Kuririn, Gohan, and Sakura watched on from the island.

Naruto chuckled, "Are you ready, Sasuke?"

Sasuke smiled, "Even if it's your birthday today, I won't hold back! You better not too!"

Naruto nodded, "Yeah! I won't hold back!" They stared at each other for a while. Suddenly, they immediately charged at each other, and pulled their fists out as if they were about to punch each other with the smile.

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