As they lied there between storage boxes on the train they wondered what happened in their life to end up like this. Patrick was bored playing with the rats on the train. He was a weird kid. He claimed that he could talk to animals and that they were his friends. He felt like he could relate to them. Like most animals Pat was color blind. Now his older brother, Teddy, was in the need for speed and he had it. Like his mother Teddy had a special Go power. He could run as fast as the speed of light. It only seemed like yesterday when he and Pat were back at home playing with their parents. But it wasn't. It was much longer, three years longer. They were living on the streets for that long. Teddy heard voices coming towards them.

"Come on Pat," Teddy whispered. "It's time for us to go." Teddy slid the door open and saw that the train was going fast. Patrick got up and took a hold of his brother's hand.

"I don't know about this Teddy," Patrick told his brother.

"There are people coming. Now on the count of three," his brother said with wind in his face. Patrick nodded.

"One!" Teddy screamed as he pushed him and his brother out of the train. They hit the ground hard and rolled down the hill at a fast pace. Eventually they started to slow down.

"You said on three," Pat coughed as he wiped the dirt of his clothes.

"I knew you would chicken out if I went on three," he responded getting up off the ground. They looked around. All they could see were tree's and mountains.

"Okay smarty! where do you think we should go now?" Patrick screamed. Teddy looked around more and saw the mountains.

"Maybe there's a town over those mountains. Hop on my back! I'll have us there in no time," he said bending down.

"Teddy do you think we can walk? I'm still a little woozy from the train ride," Patrick said with a chuckle.

"Say no more." They headed towards the mountains. Even though Pat was young when their parents vanished he still remembered it so well. It was a rainy night and they were watching a movie together. Then suddenly the lights flickered and the t.v went blank. He remembered seeing his parents' faces as they told him and Teddy to get ready for bed. They looked scared and sad. Then the next thing he knew they were inviting him and his brother to sleep in their bed. Of course Pat slept with his parents almost every night, but never was he invited. When their parents had that look on their face Pat and Teddy, motley Teddy, knew something was wrong. They slept in their bed and their parent would kiss them occasionally as they drifted off to sleep. Everything seemed fine. The next thing he knew his brother is screaming for him to wake up. He remembers his brother asking if their parents said anything about going somewhere. Patrick said no and they waited for their parents to come home. They waited for two days and nobody came. Finally Teddy and Patrick left their house so they could find their parents, because they knew there parents wouldn't just leave them. No they couldn't. They loved them too much. Teddy snapped Pat out of his memory.

"Did you hear me Pat?"


"I said these mountains are gonna be steep so stay close to me." Pat nodded in agreement. It was silent for a while until Pat broke it.

"Teddy are we sure we know what were doing," he asked softly.

"No Pat but I do know we want to find answers about mom and dad."

"But like wha-" Patrick started to say but got interrupted by a growl. They turned to see a bear beside them.

"Pat don't make a sound just walk away slowly," but Pat didn't listen to his brother. In fact he did the opposite. Pat walked towards the bear. "Pat! We don't have time for this!" Patrick moved closer to the bear as slowly as possible. He wasn't scared, but Teddy was. The bear continued to growl as Pat got closer.

"I'm not gonna hurt you," he said as the bear stood up.


"It's okay. I won't hurt you," Pat told the bear. "Now let me see that paw." The bear started to calm down. This amazed Teddy. Patrick was actually calming a bear. A bear! Patrick took the bears paw. It looked like a twig of some sort, was stuck in his paw. The bear looked a little scared and it began to growl again. "I just want to take this out then you can go onto being a bear." He carefully pulled the twig out. It was in there deep. The bear roared again, but still let Patrick help him. After a few tries Patrick got the twig out of the bear's paw. The bear roared once again, but this time a happy roar. This made Patrick laugh. After the bear left Patrick went back to where his stunned brother was.

"Shall we move on," Patrick said with a smile.

"You just...with the bear...and the twig...and wow," Teddy said in amazement.

"Yeah well mom believed me when I said I could talk to animals," this made the boys sad.

"I know you miss them Pat. I do too. That's why were gonna find them," Teddy said hugging his brother.

"But we don't know where they are! We don't know what happened or anything," Patrick cried out.

"Listen Pat-"

"No! I'm tired of searching! I just want them back!"

"I do too. And I promise you Pat, we will find them." Patrick looked up at his brother and smiled. Teddy smiled back.



"I'm tired of walking can you-"

"Hop on." Patrick hopped on his brothers back. "Are you on?"

"Yeah."His legs turned white with plasma as he ran up the mountain before Patrick could blink.

"I was right there's a city!" Teddy said with an excitement in his voice. He looked at the sign. "Welcome to Go...Go City."

"Go?" Patrick asked.

"Yeah," Teddy answered just as confused as Pat. They stood in silence for a while looking at the city. Why was it named Go City? Why did it have part of their mother's name in it? Patrick noticed a tower.

"Look over there," he said pointing at big tower that spelled out the words GO.

"That's good Pat! Lets go," Teddy said as Pat got on his back. They ran towards the GO tower with hopeful faces of finding out the truth about their parents.