"Patrick," Shego called out.

"Ron get..uh..Roscoe..to save Patrick," Kim commanded her husband.

"I'm..trying," Ron screamed, trying to hold onto Roscoe. "But he..just won't cooperate with me." Roscoe was moving around and wasn't comfortable of having all these strangers on his back.

"Well control him and let's help Patrick," Kim replied.

"I'm jumping after him," Shego decided.

"No," Drakken told her as he took her arm.

"In case you..havn't noticed I'm..I'm...still falling," Patrick screamed out, noticing the rambling.

"Were coming Pat," Teddy reassured his brother.

"Oka..okay.." Pat screamed.

"What's up kid," the friendly bird asked as he flew by Pat.

"Oh...uh nothing just falling to my death...that's all," Patrick replied.

"Oh...cool. Too bad you don't have wings like me," the bird said.

"Well you could help...Wait a minute"

"What...I'm not lifting you...I don't have the strength today."

"No I could learn to fly!"

"Okay and I thought my Aunt Jim was crazy"

"Teach me to fly," Pat commanded.

"Well..uh..my mother just pushed me off and I started to flap my wings," the bird told Pat.

"Well I'm already falling so...," Pat began to flap his arms like a bird. "It's not working! It's not working!" He cried out.

"Try harder..think like a bird...think of worms and whistling and flying," the bird said.

"I'm trying," Pat closed his eyes and began to think.

"Uh.." the bird looked down. "Is it just me or are we about to fall!"

"I told you I'm trying!" Suddenly Pat's body was surrounded by orange.

"Uh...buddy you okay? Pat didn't say anything, but he began to change. "What in the world is happening? I am freaking out right now!" Patrick's body began to change into a bird like shape. "Oh my god...I killed the kid...I killed him...I'm going to jail...I'm going to bird prison." Then the object began to move and the orange glow around him faded and there was nothing left but a bird. "What the..." The bird began to fly with the other bird. "Who are you and what did you do with the kid?"

"..It's me.." The bird responded.

"..Kid?" Patrick nodded. "Wow"

"Come on we need to help the others," Pat said flying up towards Roscoe.

"Okay...Kim I think I got him under control. Let's go find Patrick.." Ron looked down. "..Where'd he go?"

"You wouldn't believe it if I told you," Teddy responded, who was watching the whole thing. Patrick flew up onto Roscoe and quickly transformed himself back into himself.

"Woah! How did you do that?" Ron asked amazed.

"Come on," Patrick said, moving Ron aside so he could control Roscoe. "Let's get out of here!"

"No," Warhok yelled as they fell to the ground. "I will get my revenge," his voice faded as his ship moved closer to the ground. Eventually they crashed into the forest and this was finally over. Patrick brought Roscoe to the ground.

"Oh Pat that was amazing," Sarah said kissing him on the cheek.

"Thanks but," Patrick looked towards his brother. "I think I'm the wrong Lipski to be kissing," Patrick whispered and pointed to his brother. Sarah just laughed and turned to kiss Teddy on the cheek. Patrick smiled. Shego and Drakken came up to Teddy and began talking to him.

"So," Ron walked up to Pat. "Like..are..are they good?"


"Are Shego and Drakken...I mean your parents...good at...being..well parents," Ron asked awkwardly.

"I guess...I'm...I'm a little confused on..on what your asking," Pat answered.

"Oh...well...it's just they never really seemed like-"

"Ron," Kim interrupted. "We should get home." Kim smiled at the others.

"Do you need a ride?" Teddy asked.

"No I think we'll just walk," Sarah said taking her parents hands.

"Okay," Pat replied. Both Pat and Teddy waved goodbye.

"We should get going too," Drakken explained. "We have a lot of things to catch up on over the last three years."

"Well first," Teddy started. "You missed three of my birthdays."

"And second," Pat said as they go on Roscoe. "Can we keep Roscoe?"

"I don't know," Shego answered.

"We won't get anymore of those door to door sales people," Drakken announced.

"Yes we can keep him."

Patrick lifted them off the ground and headed to their home. His mother hugged him as they lifted off and he began to realize this..this was finally over and everything would go back to normal. Teddy and Pat smiled.

"So Pat," Teddy asked. "Is it only birds or can you turn into other animals?" Pat smiled.

"I will not be made a fool another time," Warhok announced getting out of the crashed ship. "This isn't over!"