AN: What I thought was going to be a short little song fic, turned into epic song fic... I divided each chapter by the lines in the song, which is Alice Peacock's "The Beginning" So, aside from this first chunk before the first line, which we can call intro, each chapter starts with a line… I haven't written Cadley/Camteen in a while. Hope you all enjoy.

Remy left PPTH three years ago. She had found love, found happiness.

She thought she had anyways. She thought that she was going to have a small amount of happiness, and in a way, that was true, but fate was still an evil bitch. A month after she started showing symptoms—real symptoms, she walked in to the girl, the one person that was supposed to finally stay in her life in bed with another woman.

"I'm sorry." Remy said plainly, "Please. Continue. Don't mind me." The only thing she did was go to their bathroom, grab her medicine and her still packed overnight bag before she grabbed her duffle, which had her dirty clothes in it before she walked out. She didn't give the two a second look and she didn't give her girl a chance to say anything.

She had to wait a week before that hussy finally left the apartment so she could get the rest of her stuff.

She sighed as she looked around the blank walls of her new place. It wasn't half bad. It was just so… plain.

She kicked her last box into the kitchen and unloaded everything as quickly as possible. She felt her hand start to flex and jerk and did her best to ignore it. She couldn't go back to what she would do before in this situation, this lonely, depressing, angering situation… it would only speed her symptoms and shorten her life even more.

She heard a knock on her door. She knit her brows, but she wasn't curious enough to actually move to the door and open it… even after the second knock. It was odd, but when she heard the voices on the other side of the door, she perked up a little.

"Not home?" This first voice was clearly a little boy, three, maybe four.

"No, handsome, I guess they're not home." This second voice was wildly familiar.

"Do I get the cookies?!"

"No, sir! You have two inside. We will just leave these here and write a note. Let's go get some paper."

"I do!"

Remy wouldn't admit to the giggle in her throat, and she also wouldn't admit that she was leaning against her door and was too afraid to look through the peep hole or open the door.

"Here Mommy!"

"Thank you my little man!" After a few moments, "Alright. There we go."

"Come on, Chris—Eh eh!" The voice was scolding now, "Christopher James!"

"But Mommy, I want one!"

Remy heard the mother scoop her child up, "You can have one that's inside the apartment, little man." This mother was obviously hugging him tight and cuddling her son.

As soon as Remy heard a door close, she opened hers and grabbed the plate of cookies with the note on it with her good arm and went back inside. She stuffed half of one of the huge chocolate chip cookies in her mouth and read the note:


I'm not sure if people still do this—No one did it when my son, Chris and I moved in, but we wanted to welcome you to the building. If you need help with anything, or just anything really, we're just down the hall a bit: Apartment 20.


Remy knit her brows at that last word. He mouth was still filled with food, "The fuuuh?"

It couldn't be.

That voice was familiar though… And she had heard at House's funeral that Cameron had moved on and had a kid and a husband…


It couldn't be.


Step out with me into the great unknown

The next morning, Remy got up early to go for a run… and contemplate what she was going to do with the rest of her short life. She tied her key to her wrist and was locking her door and she saw this blonde, curly-haired kid hopscotch his way out. She looked long enough to just see a glimpse of his mother before she darted down the hall in the opposite direction.

It was.

She ran for the next forty-five minutes as far away from the apartment building as she could. Dead sprint for as long as possible before she had finally had enough and decided to turn around.

When she finally got back to her new building, she took the stairs… just for extra exercise and to try and clear her head, which hadn't happened at all on the run. When she got to her floor, she saw the mother and son entering their apartment.

"But Daddy promised!" The boy whined.

"I know, Sweetie, but Daddy is very busy."

"But. He. Promised!" He had tears in his eyes…

Remy wanted to turn around and run again, but she was frozen… if anything, she was moving closer—Only so I can get inside my apartment! She thought to herself.

Cameron knelt down to her knees to be face to face with her son, "Christopher James."

The toddler wouldn't look at his mother. When she tried to turn his head he only turned further and wiped at his eyes with the sleeves of his jacket. "What?" It obviously took everything he had to get the word out and not choke on it.

Cameron didn't have an explanation; Remy could tell that much. "I love you."

"I love you too, Mommy." He fell onto his mother's shoulder.

Remy's body finally started listening to her brain and she got herself inside before she could be seen.

She was sitting at her computer looking into possible trials when she heard that voice outside her door.

"Garrett, are you kidding me?! That is no excuse!..." Her voice was annoyed, "Yeah? Well he's your son! Your son, Garrett!... I am so sick of hearing that excuse. He is too… Oh for the love of Christ! Child support is not enough! He needs to see his father, so grow some balls and be there for someone!... Fuck you, too! Go to hell!"

Remy then heard a loud thump on her door. She didn't think about the fact that she wasn't sure if she wanted to be seen or not by this woman that had secretly plagued her thoughts off and on since she met her… She just knew that this woman that had secretly plagued her thoughts was in pain… and she wanted to fix it if she could.

Cameron turned a little to the side, but not enough to see Remy, "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry… I lost myself and forgot that this apartment got filled…"

"S'alright…" Remy said, "If any beautiful former ER doc is going to kick my door, I'm glad it's you…"

Allison turned completely, "Remy?!" She smiled in spite of the tears she was keeping in, "What are you…? How…? What…?" She leaned in and hugged the brunette, cell phone in one hand, baby monitor in the other.

"Hey, I could ask you the same thing…" Remy pulled away, "That was the husband I heard about at House's funeral?"

"Ex-husband… Things change." Her voice was hard yet depressed now, "I really know how to pick them." She shook her head, "What about you? Last I heard you were leaving the hospital for love? Remy Hadley? One-nighter extraordinaire?"

Remy shrugged, "That happened yes. I did leave for those reasons… But, things change." She looked into the blonde's eyes, "I really know how to pick them."

Allison knit her brows, "What happened?"

"I started showing symptoms." She sighed through the next part, "She started sleeping with our neighbor."

The blonde's face was pained, "I'm sorry…"

"Shit happens." The brunette shrugged, "Apparently in my case explosive diarrhea happens… all the time."

"Mommy?" was heard from the monitor.

Allison looked down, "I should…" She pointed to her apartment.

"Yeah…" Remy nodded as she leaned against the doorframe and let her walk down the hall.

The blonde turned, "Would you like to have dinner tonight?" She paused, but only for a split second before she added, "My son and I are just going to have mac 'n cheese with cut up hot dogs, but if you want some… I make mean mac 'n cheese with cut up hot dogs…"

Remy grinned, "Sure. I'll bring dessert… What time?"


Allison jumped, "Gosh, we usually eat at 7:30…" She said as she started down the hall quickly to go comfort her panicked son.