AN: This is the last chapter. It has the rest of the lyrics in it, but unfortunately the muse I had for this story is hiding and I can no longer pull out longer chapters for each line… And, I had to put what little muse I had left away because it made me do what I did and I'm very sorry if I make you all cry, but I think that it was a good thing for me to do. I've never done it before, and I still think the ending is as happy as it could possibly be—but major WARNING here:


'Cause I never thought that I'd get enough

But I'm satisfied and filled with your love

Remy was starting another trial. She hadn't been in one the last few years. Chris was seven now and in second grade. Remy had moved in with them both a long time prior, but that didn't stop Garrett's surprise every time he finally came around for his visits.

She was sitting in the waiting room as patiently as possible as she listened for her name. Her symptoms had gotten progressively worse—they aren't as bad as they could be, but they aren't what she wants to deal with now either.

She had told Allison that she didn't have to come to the trial, but Allison showed up nevertheless. She walked in and sat on Remy's good side—the side that was less affected by the disease. The blonde kissed her cheek as the brunette stared at her in shock.

"What are you doing here?"

"I wanted to come. You said I didn't have to come, but I wanted to, so I did."

Remy couldn't say anything except, "I love you."

Allison smiled, "Baby, I love you too." She leaned in and kissed her girlfriend once more.


The trial was actually working for Remy. She was doing very, very well. Better than she had in almost two years. She still taught classes, but she now opted for morning sections because that seemed to be a better time of day for her, and she would meet for the trial right after.

She was the teacher that everyone wanted. She only taught first and second year med students, but everyone knew—EVERYONE knew, that she was the teacher that would either make you realize another passion, or delve into medicine like you never thought you would. She was a bit of a hard ass, but she made it worth it. She made medicine real to her students.

She came back to her office after the trial one afternoon to one of her first year female students. She smiled at them as she unlocked her office, "Hey."

"Hey Dr. Hadley." She followed her teacher after she gestured.

"What can I do you for?"

"Well, I actually had some questions for you."

Remy knit her brows and turned around, "Okay." She sat at her desk and looked at the clock, "I don't have a lot of time right now, I'm about to go to lunch, but we can talk for a few minutes…"

"Okay." She was a very quiet student, but very, very smart.


"Hmm?" She shook her head, "I'm sorry… I shouldn't have come."

"Hey…" Remy knit her brows, "I'm your teacher, but like I've said in class, I am here to talk about anything, if I can help."

She nodded, "You're dying."

It was a statement so Remy only nodded once in confirmation before gesturing for her to continue.

"And you have a family?"

Remy smiled, "I do."

"And they know that you're dying?"

Again, Remy nodded, but this time she spoke, "What's going on, Laura?"

"I've been sick all my life." She looked up, "I've 'beat' lymphoma three times."

Remy raised her brows slightly; she had no idea this girl had ever been sick. She looked insanely healthy. She didn't say anything; this was obviously a conversation that was going to be hard.

"I think…" She looked around, "I've always told myself that I wouldn't fall in love because I would just hurt them… Because it would come back."

Remy saw it in her eyes, "You've fallen in love…"

"And it's come back." She looked up at her teacher; the only indication of anything being wrong was the glassiness in her green eyes. "I can't make her go down this road."

"Her?" Remy was surprised; her gaydar hadn't gone off for this student.

Laura looked up, "Yes Dr. Hadley. I'm in love with a woman. What's wrong with that? I thought you of all people would be okay with that, considering…" Instead of finishing her sentence, she gestured to the picture of Remy and Allison sitting on the desk.

Remy chuckled, "I just didn't know—"

"That I was into women… Yeah." Laura nodded.

There was a quiet knock on the door before Allison walked in, "Hey Baby, you ready?" Allison was looking at her phone then looked up, "Oh, sorry! I'll wait outside." She started to back out.

"No, Honey, you're fine." Remy grabbed her purse and stood up. She walked around to the blonde and kissed her, "Hi."

"Hi." Allison blushed and smiled back, "We're having a good day again, then?"

Remy nodded and kissed her cheek before looking at her student, "Listen, Laura… I've been where you are. I thought the same thing because of the possibility that I might have my disease." She looked at her, "You have to tell her, and you have to let her make the decision to stay with you or leave you because I know that deep down you want to put someone through it because it means that you're loved." She paused, "And it's okay to be a little greedy; it's okay to want to be loved." She opened her door and Allison shuffled out, "That's the only thing I can tell you…"

Laura stood up and walked to the door. Before she walked out though she hugged her teacher, "Thank you." She whispered.

"You're welcome."

Laura adjusted the straps of her bag and made her way down the hall before Remy locked her door back.

Allison gave Remy a sideways look, "What was that?"

"My new favorite student… Ever in life." Remy grinned.

Allison gave her a questioning look, "Did she hit on you?"

"Are you jealous?"

"YES!" Allison started down the hallway after her, "I don't care if I do go to jail; I'll kill her—HEY!"

Remy linked her arm through the blonde's stopping her jealous rage before it got off to a real start, "She's a mini me."

"A what now?" Allison's ears were still steaming.

"A mini me." She pursed her lips, "Well kind of." She looked off in thought, "She's been sick all her life and she didn't think she'd be a person to fall in love, but she did and the cancer is back and it's a whole thing."

Allison's eyes widened with realization and she looked down the hall with a twinge of sadness in her eyes. She looked back to her lover and pulled her in for a long hug and even longer kiss, "She's a mini you." She said sweetly.


"With a mini me?"

Remy shrugged, "I sure hope so. She deserves a mini you."

"Maybe not an actual mini me, but a mini-like-me? Maybe my mini me doesn't need to have been married three times and have a kid…"

Remy grinned, "That does make things sound incredibly difficult, but surprisingly, I think Chris makes it easier a lot of the time." She narrowed her eyes, "Although there are times that he is a major twat block—"

"Hey! I was not the one that told him that he could come sleep with us last night." Allison gave the brunette a pointed look.

Remy pursed her lips, "The kid is plagued with nightmares! It's only fair that we cuddle and spoil him!"

"Your point is not invalid." Allison said, "Let's go home for lunch though…" she waggled her brows before pulling from the brunette and skipping a bit down the hallway.

"Wait for me!" Remy called after a few moments.


Remy rolled on her back after a marathon session of lovemaking, "God… that was awesome!" Remy giggled—cackled was more like it.

Allison grinned and rolled into the brunette's side, "As much as I like being called 'God,' I think that's a little too much praise." She said in a low seductive tone, "You did most of the work that time anyways, my love."

Remy smiled and leaned in for another kiss, "That's what happens when I get twat blocked too many times."

"Hmm, I think Chris needs to interrupt us more."

Remy cackled once more, "I think we'd scar him for life." She cuddled next to the blonde as silence came over their light laughter. The brunette kissed the blonde's neck and hair, "I am never going to get over all of this."

"All of what?"

"All of this. Our second-but-really-it's-our-umpteenth chance at happiness." Remy kissed the blonde's cheek once more, "I'm never going to get over that you are the donut hole that completes my donut."

It was Allison's turn to cackle, "I will never get over that you are so freaking sappy that you might just melt in the rain because of how sweet the sappiness is."

Remy's arm chose this inopportune time to make her impending doom known. The only thing Allison did was push the brunette on her back and hug her tight.

"I'm gonna hurt you."

"No, you won't."

"I hurt you last time." Remy's tears filled her eyes.

"Remy." Allison pressed their foreheads together, "You are not hurting me. Alright?" Remy nodded, "I love you."

"Love you too." Remy pushed up for a kiss.


Look at us now; it took so long to find out

This is the beginning of our new life

Baby, keep holding on

It's time to start living and open our eyes

Open our eyes

"Hey Buddy, you remember what you're supposed to do?" Remy asked as she walked into Chris's room one morning.

"Yes, Remy." The seven year old rolled his eyes.

"Hey!" Remy looked at her almost-son. "I'm doing this for you. Don't be mad because I'm doing what you've been asking me to do since I re-met your mom."

He grinned, "Sorry." She shook his blonde curls from his eyes.

Remy smirked, "Tell me what you're going to do."

"I'm gonna tell Mommy that I'm supposed to go to a friend's house and that his mommy couldn't come get me. Then I'm supposed to give the address that you wrote down before you left for your final and tell Mommy that you would take me if you could."

"That's my man." Remy nodded and kissed his blonde hair. "I love you, Buddy."

"I love you too, Remy." He hugged her tight. He liked hugging Remy; he always said it was because he knew that she was going to die, but it was also because he just liked it. Because she was his other mom.


Allison parked the car in front of what could only be described as her dream house. "Oh my God…" Her mouth dropped as she looked around the front yard. She glared at the new 'SOLD' sign on the lawn. "This is your friend's house?"

"Uh huh. He just moved." Chris said as she stood next to his mother while she stared angrily at the sign.

"It's so pretty." The blonde looked around, "I'll bet the inside is just as perfect." She wanted to grump to herself, but she was positive she said it loud and whiny enough for her son to hear.

"It is!" Chris said when he got to the front door, "Come on!" He opened the door and ran inside.

"Chris!" Allison growled, "Christopher James!" She took a tentative step inside the house and saw the empty, exquisiteness it offered. She slumped a little bit, but straightened as she noticed a rose petal. She went to pick it up, but she saw another and three more in the hallway.

She cautiously walked down the hall and found herself standing face to faces with her son and lover. "Remy?"

"You like it?" Remy asked.

Allison looked around, "Are you kidding?"

Remy let out a sigh, "Good, 'cause I bought it."

"You bought it?"

"Yeah, for you and Chris." She hugged the blonde boy close to her front.

"Yeah! Mommy, you and me and Remy are gonna live here! And you and Remy are gonna get as married as you can in New Jersey!"

Allison's brows rose, "We are?"

"Yeah!" He turned to Remy, "Can I go play in my new room?"

Remy smirked and nodded. After Chris ran passed his mother, she looked at the only blonde remaining, "I mean, we are if you say 'yes'…" She pulled out a ring box from her pocket as she walked to Allison and popped it open when she was standing in front of her.

"One more ring?" Remy asked, "One more marriage?" The brunette felt the constriction in her throat, but continued on, "One more chance. One more beginning?"

Allison looked from the ring then ignored it and moved into the brunette, "Of course." She kissed her lightly but passionately.


I'd swim the oceans, yeah, all seven seas

Just to show you the scope of what you mean to me

I would shout it out loud in the midst of a crowd,

'You're everything to me now'

The ceremony was quite small. Literally Allison, Chris, Remy and a couple friends they had made over their few years together already. Piper actually officiated. She'd grown quite close to Allison, which surprised everyone seeing as her best friend was Remy's ex.

It was held outside their new expansive backyard. They both wore beautiful champagne, strapless dresses that seemed to got together but were completely different and showed both women's personalities. Chris was the ring bearer, and he gave them both away.

Their first dance was to "The Beginning," which was the most appropriate song either woman could think of. It had become their song over the years and it stayed their song until the last day possible.


This is the beginning of our new life

Baby, keep holding on

It's time to start living and open our eyes

Open our eyes

Allison was 65 and Remy was 59 when she died. She actually got a longer life thanks to the advancement in medicine.

The blonde had since turned grey; her face, hands and body had weathered a bit, but she was still beautiful. She dressed in her only black dress that both she and Remy liked for the funeral.

She was staring at a picture on the mantel from their wedding of Remy and herself holding each other, looking into each other's eyes while they danced, when Chris, his wife, Caroline and their baby, a one-year-old Remy Marie (Allison's middle name), came to pick her up.

Allison was lost in thought, tracing the picture when she felt her son's hands on her shoulders, "Come on, Mom." He tried to keep his voice steady, but he knew at the waiver was evident.

Allison nodded, "I'm taking this with me." She took the frame and opened it.

"Okay." He nodded.

"You can't stop me!" Allison turned to him as she threw the frame on the couch.

He grinned at her despite the sadness overwhelming all of them, "I wouldn't dream of it."

The blonde looked up into her son's eyes as tears enveloped hers, "I don't want to go."

Chris pulled her in for a hug, "We have to go, Mom."

"But if we go, then it's real."

"It's real if we don't go too."

"It should have been me." Her words were barely uttered, but Chris heard them.

"You know that if she heard you talking like this, she'd slap you."

Allison smiled and nodded, "I know."

"You look beautiful, Mom. She always loved this one on you." Chris gestured to the dress, "I had to hear about it more times than I wish."

Allison kept her small smile, "Well…" She looked to her daughter-in-law and her granddaughter, "You'll know how she felt soon enough."

"I think I already do…" He pulled her back in for another hug as he led her to the car.

Allison didn't speak at the funeral; everyone knew that she wouldn't be able to get through anything if she tried. She stayed seated as they lowered Remy into the ground and she didn't move for a good three hours after. She had to be picked up to actually leave Remy's grave.


This is the beginning of our new life

Baby, keep holding on

It's time to start living and open our eyes

Open our eyes

A year and a half after Remy's funeral, Chris found himself in the same spot at the graveyard. Allison died of a heart attack, but there were no warning signs and the woman was healthy as a horse… or was the saying an ox? Nevertheless, she was healthier.

Chris knew that he wouldn't have too much longer with his mother after Remy died. He made sure to see her and visit her more for this purpose. Fact of the matter is, his mother died of a broken heart and the prospect of seeing her true love again let her die faster. He didn't care that he sounded crazy as he said it allowed at her funeral; it was the truth.

Caroline and little Remy left him with his mothers that afternoon. He knew that he was going to need a little while, so did Caroline.

He stared at their graves, "I hope that you two found each other. At least now you'll be together."

"I never believed in an afterlife." A white-haired, almost bald, old geezer of a man with a limp said from behind him.

Chris turned around, "Well, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I like to believe that my mothers died for something."

"You think they died for love?" The old man asked.

"Yeah." He interrupted before the geezer could start in again, "Listen, I don't need to hear anything that will make me want to punch you in the face because today, I just don't have to strength to not do it. You didn't know them. You didn't see them together."

"Remy Hadley and Allison Cameron." He read the tombs; "I knew a Remy and a Cameron once upon a time. They worked for me—not at the same time, of course."

Chris knit his brows and looked into the sky blue eyes of the old man, "What did you say your name was?"

"I didn't." He looked at the gravestones once more, "I was just visiting my buddy when I saw this thing going on. Figured I'd wait before I cam over, but you don't seem like you're leaving anytime soon." He looked at Chris, "You kind of look like the Cameron I knew." He glanced around, "You might be her son for all I know. I picked this graveyard because I knew that my buddy would be visited."

"How did you know that?"

"Cameron had a family plot here."

"How did you know that?"

"I snooped." The old man shrugged, "Never was one for personal space or feelings."

Obviously… Chris thought, "Who are you?"

"I'm just an old man now. I was the best diagnostician in the world once."

Chris stared a bit longer, "House."

The old man's eyes twinkled, "Maybe once upon a time." he looked back at the graves, "Thirteen lasted a lot longer than I bet for her."

"Yeah, she uh.." Chris gripped the back of his neck, "She said it was because of mom."

"Cameron was always a sap…. And always in love with someone." Chris knit his brows, and was about to ask, but House continued, "First me, then Chase, then me and Chase, then she left then I guess it was your father, then my hot little bisexual." He looked up, "If only I had lived to see the day!"

The younger man gave him a quizzical look, "But… you are alive."

"Sure, I am… House is dead though." He said, "Everybody dies." He looked down, "Case in point."

"Yeah…" Chris had no idea what to say.

"I never believed in an afterlife." House said again, "But if there is one; I'm glad that my buddy has someone to talk to now."

"Your buddy?"

"James… Jimmy. Wilson."

"My moms mentioned him a few times. Mainly when they were telling anecdotes about you."

"Your mommies loved me. And you can't question them, so you just have to believe me." The old man said, "They are two people that I knew that did deserve an afterlife… Maybe that's how it works." He shrugged as he started limping away, "You get an afterlife if you deserve it. You get that new beginning of a different kind of life."

Chris watched him walk away then turned back to his mothers' graves, "You two do deserve that beginning."