"Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away." – Troll T-Pain

"Well bagarang! That one there looks like a spear!" mused Rufioh, pointing up at a cluster of clouds hanging low in the pink-tinted Alternian sky.

"I think it looks more like a fine piece of hoofbeast art from my collection," added Horuss with a grin; Rufioh cast him a sidelong glance, knowing exactly what fine sculpture his matesprit was referencing.

Horuss shifted closer to the lowblood, careful as to not lie on Rufioh's large horns or his delicate wings. Rufioh's hand found Horuss's, slim grey fingers fitting nicely in the spaces between the bigger trolls own. They had been matesprits for two sweeps now, everyone said they wouldn't last long but somehow they had outlasted all of their friends' flushed flings.

The blueblood brought their intertwined hands up and kissed the back of Rufioh's hand; a tender little show of affection that made Rufioh flush a deep bronze every time. He was so happy to have met this troll, this breath-taking rogue that fit into his life like the perfect missing piece. Rufioh sat up and turned towards Horuss, a little grin on his face.

"Wanna fly, ponybro?" his smile widened a little. The blueblood had messaged him a while ago asking for his assistance in testing out one his new devices, they had decided to meet on a high cliff between their hives.

"I was wondering when you would ask," Horuss replied with a grin. He stood up and smoothed the front of his outfit, then turned on his heel to a small wagon with a cloth-covered lump inside of it. He whisked away the cover to reveal a shining bronze jetpack with slim silver arms that ended in flight joysticks on either side.

"That's some pretty hot sh*t you got there Horuss," chuckled Rufioh as he stretched his arms above his head and readied himself to take to the air alongside Horuss.

"I've spent pedegries working on the design, I do hope it works." He lifted the jetpack and set it on his back, pulling the straps to secure it to his body. He double and triple checked everything and then nodded to Rufioh.

The bronze blood leapt into the air, spreading his wings wide and leaving a trail of glittering tan flecks in the air. He waved to his Matesprit far below him. Horuss flashed him a double thumbs up and then set his hands on the controls. He flicked back the ignition switch cover, thumb hovering over the glowing button and a sheen of sweat starting to collect on his brow.

"Punch it, blue!" Shouted Rufioh from above. Horuss snapped his head up at the sound of his voice; thumb involuntarily coming to bear on the button. In the blink of an eye Horuss was sent rocketing skywards, quickly surpassing Rufioh in height and launching himself into the clouds.

"Well bangarang my b*lls, he actually flew," murmured a windswept Rufioh and then he too launched himself into the clouds in search of the leather-clad troll. It wasn't very hard to find Horuss; I mean there wasn't really an abundance of jetpack-sporting highbloods to be had in the nighttime Beforean sky.

He caught up with the screaming troll, blue tears streaming from his tightly shut eyes underneath his goggles as his hands clutched the joysticks in a death-grip.

"Hey, hey! Stay cool, blue! I'm here," shouted Rufio as he strained to keep up with Horuss's pace as they streaked across the sky together, leaving a trail of sparkly black exhaust in their wake. The blueblood cracked open an eye and noticed his matesprit beside him, he silenced himself by biting into his lower lip almost hard enough to draw blood.

"You're okay man, I'm here, nothing is going to go wrong," Rufioh said soothingly, Horuss nodded yet remained silent for fear of shouting again if he opened his mouth. "You're doing great man, look around you, you're in the f*cking clouds right now!"

Horuss stopped biting his lip and he opened his eyes all the way to take in the sight before him; light grey clouds tinted pink and green by the twin low-hanging moons, flocks of white featherbeasts wheeled about in the sky calling to one another. It was quite beautiful and being up in the sky with his matesprit made it even more so.

There was a fizzle, which led into a spark, and finally turned into a puff of oily black smoke as his right jetstream cut out. Horuss dropped out of the sky with a shout, barrel rolling off to the right and downwards in a flailing mass of arms and horns. Rufioh folded his wings back and dove after him.

The bronzeblood stretched his arms out, catching the bigger troll in a fierce bearhug. Horuss was a blubbering wreck as Rufioh held him in his arms, waiting for the right moment. They were plummeting towards a sandbank just beneath the cliff that they had been laying on minutes before.

Rufioh exhaled and gave a short, murmured count of "3…2…1…" and he opened his wings wide, grunting with the strain of the sudden air buffet and the added weight of a panicking Horuss. Rufioh's open wings had slowed them down considerably but they still had a rough landing, skidding to a stop among the pebbles and shells higher up on the beach.

Horuss was pinned under Rufioh, his jetpack now a dented, smoking wreck on his back. The bronzeblood let go of the other troll a little; checking his face for cuts or bruises. He ran his fingers up to Horuss's goggles and then carefully lifted them up to his forehead.

There were blue rings around where the goggles had rested and even darker bags underneath the troll's wide eyes. Horuss swallowed and breathed deeply, attempting to steady his racing heart.

"Well, that was exhilarating…in a very frightful sense," huffed Horuss, a blue flush rising to his cheeks.

"You have a sick sense of exciting, Horuss" replied Rufioh, once again tightening his grip on the bigger troll and pulling him into a hug. "I'm just glad you're safe, babe. I don't know what I would do without you." He murmured into Horuss's ear.

The blueblood brought his arms up and wrapped them around Rufios waist.

"I don't know what I would do either, Rufioh" he punctuated his sentence with a little squeeze. "But I do know that it's back to the drawing board for me." He concluded.