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Warnings come when necessary. For this one - child abuse and minor character death.

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Kurt Anderson was seven years old when he met Blaine Hummel during recess in his new elementary school. He had to leave his old school after one of his teachers, Mrs. Meyers, saw the bruises on his back when he changed his t-shirt after being pushed into a puddle of mud. His mom always told him, he wasn't allowed to tell anyone where he got the bruises from because that would make her sad. Kurt didn't want to make his mommy sad and told his teacher he fell out of a tree.

Three days later a nice looking woman came to visit his mom and dad and Kurt had to tell her about his tree climbing adventures. The same day, after the lady had left, they packed up their things and Kurt had to get into the backseat of his dad's car and sit down between stacks of boxes.

When he woke up the next morning, they weren't in Indiana anymore and Kurt found out that his parents had suddenly moved him to a town called Lima in Ohio.

The kids at his new school weren't nice to him, making fun of his ripped and dirty jeans and pushed him around when he said he wanted to play dress up with the girls. There were no teachers like Mrs. Meyers around, and he had to stay in the classroom a few times because his teacher had caught him yelling bad words at the kids who pushed him around and wouldn't let him on the swings. Kurt wouldn't have minded having to spend every break inside, but the teacher called his parents and his daddy made sure Kurt never said a bad word to a mean kid again.


When Blaine Hummel was six and a half years old, his mommy got sick and had to spend a lot of time in the hospital. Blaine never wanted to leave her when she had to go to that place and so his daddy found a new house for them closer to the hospital.

His dad had explained to him that moving to a new house meant that Blaine had to go to a different school, but Blaine didn't care. He usually made friends fast, and was good at hiding from bigger kids who tried to steal his lunch money.

His first day at school, a big boy named Dave came up to him during recess and told him to give him his lunch. Blaine glared at him and when he saw that the teachers weren't watching, he kicked the other boy's shin and ran away before he could hit him back.

In a corner of the courtyard were a row of bushes and Blaine dove to hide behind them nearly colliding with someone else. A little boy about Blaine's age was sitting behind a bush, his hands wrapped around his knees and his head hidden in his lap.

"Please don't hurt me," he whispered. "I don't have anything else I could give you." Blaine tentatively reached out a hand and put it on the other boy's whose face he still couldn't see. He had brown hair that was falling into his eyes and looked like he was in desperate need of a hair cut.

"I'm not going to hurt you, I promise," he whispered back, afraid the big mean kid would find them if he spoke any louder, before pulling out the sandwich his mom had made for him because she had a good day and ripped it in half.

"Do you want half of my sandwich?" he asked the skinny boy and finally the boy looked up, still looking scared. He had blue eyes and was incredibly pale which made the bruise on his cheek stand out even more.

"You okay?" Blaine asked when he saw the bruise and the boy nodded frantically. "I wasn't looking and ran into a door," he whispered and Blaine nodded. He loved climbing on things and jumping off after, so it wasn't unusual to see him with bruises as well.

"I'm Blaine," he said, holding out the hand that held the sandwich to Kurt and after Blaine gave him an encouraging smile, Kurt slowly reached out and took the sandwich. "Kurt," he whispered before taking a small bite of Blaine's PB&J sandwich.

"Like from the 'Sound of Music?" Blaine asked excitedly, but Kurt looked confused. "Don't you know it?" Kurt shook his head. "I'm not allowed to watch TV. My dad says it would give me the wrong ideas."

"Oh, okay. You know my mom want to name me Kurt at first too because she watched the movie a lot before she had me, but my dad said no because it sounded like his name, which is Burt, so she named me after another film, 'Pretty in Pink'. You have to come over to my house soon so I can show you. Watching movies isn't the same as watching TV, so don't worry," he added when Kurt looked scared before he looked at him curiously.

"You want me to come over to your house?" Kurt asked incredulously and Blaine didn't understand why this was a big deal. Hadn't Kurt been invited over to other kids' houses before?

"Well, you're my friend now, right? I mean we shared a sandwich and I don't share my lunch with people who aren't my friends. So now that we are friends, you have to come over to my house in the afternoon so we can play together, or we could go to your house, but my mommy is sick so I don't want to be away from her when she isn't in the hospital."

Kurt looked at him with wide eyes. "I've never had a real friend before," he admitted shyly and Blaine pulled him into a hug. "Well, you have me now and we are going to be the bestest of friends," he promised his new friend.

When Blaine came home from school that day, he ran up to his mom's room and threw himself into her arms.

"Did you have a good day at school, baby?" his mommy asked and Blaine nodded before telling her all about his new friend.

"His name is Kurt and he has really pretty blue eyes and pale skin, like a Disney prince," Blaine gushed before asking his mommy something he didn't know the answer to. "Mommy, can princes marry other princes as well or does it always have to be a prince and a princess?"

His mom opened her arms for him and Blaine carefully crawled into her lap. "I guess that depends on where the prince lives, but sure a prince can love another prince just like a prince can love a princess and two princesses can love each other," his mommy explained and Blaine smiled at her. He was glad he had his mommy around to explain things and hoped that she would get healthy again soon.


Kurt was hiding in his bedroom doing his homework because his daddy was sitting downstairs drinking the brown stuff and Kurt knew his daddy was never nice to him when he did. Unfortunately his mom wasn't a lot nicer, but she never hit him so he knew she love him. Downstairs the telephone rang and Kurt wondered who it could be, because people rarely called their house.

Suddenly, there was a pounding on his door before it was ripped open and the telephone was thrown across the room. Kurt cowered in his chair as his mom advanced on him.

"What did you tell that boy?" she asked in a scary voice and Kurt looked at his mommy not understanding what she was talking about. "Who?" he whispered.

"I just got a call from a Burt Hummel telling me to send you over to their house tomorrow after school, because apparently his son wouldn't stop talking about you."

Kurt nodded. "Blaine's my friend," he whispered and his mommy laughed. "Something must be wrong with him then if he wants to be your friend."

Kurt felt tears well up in his eyes because there was nothing wrong with Blaine and he really hoped Blaine still wanted to be his friend when he saw him at school again.

"Can I go over to Blaine's house?" Kurt asked, hoping his mommy was in a good mood and would say yes. His mommy sighed. "Fine, but I tell you something. You keep your big mouth shut, because otherwise we might just have to leave you behind the next time you force us to move, are we clear?"

Kurt nodded frantically. He had tried to tell his mommy that it hadn't been his fault they got visited by the lady, but his mommy had never believed him. He would do anything his mom wanted if he got to have a friend.


Over the course of the school year, Kurt and Blaine did become the bestest of friends as Blaine had promised with Kurt spending most afternoons over at Blaine's house where they did their homework together or Blaine showed Kurt his favorite movies. They discovered that they both liked singing a lot and often entertained Blaine's mom with duets from Disney movies.

Blaine had only gone over to Kurt's house a few times but he didn't like it there. Kurt's mom and dad always looked at him weirdly and Kurt had barely any toys they could play with. He also didn't like being away from his mom and whenever she wasn't in the hospital Blaine spend every waking moment with her.

He had hoped that his mom being in the hospital a lot meant she would get better because the doctors were giving her a lot of medicine, but after listening in to his mom and dad talk, Blaine knew she wasn't getting any better.

He was glad he had his best friend around whenever his mommy had to go back into the hospital because Kurt always knew how to make him feel better, inventing stories in which they were both knights or princes who beat the dragon who had stolen his mom from his dad and returned her to safety.

Kurt also didn't mind it when they sat close together on the couch or went through his mom's clothes and tried to put them on. The other boys at school didn't like any of those things so he stopped hanging out with them because they were always mean to Kurt. They were both friends with girls for a while but then they didn't want to hang out anymore as well because they thought boys had cooties. Blaine didn't think so, because Kurt was his best friend and would never make him sick.

A few months after his eight's birthday his mommy had to go back to the hospital and they put her into a room Blaine wasn't allowed to go into and he spent hours in Kurt's arms crying his eyes out. Kurt just let him cry and Blaine was surprised when Kurt started crying as well. His best friend explained that he was crying because Blaine's mommy was always so nice to him and he didn't want her to be sick.

That night, his daddy asked Kurt's parents if he could stay the night at their place because he wanted to stay in the hospital with his mommy. Being at Kurt's place had been weird because Kurt was cooking dinner for them and cleaned up after while his parents sat on the couch watching TV. He didn't say anything though because Kurt made his favorite food for him.

At night, Kurt's mommy didn't come in to tuck him in and Blaine was forced to sleep on the floor because boys didn't share a bed according to Kurt's daddy. Blaine didn't understand because he and Kurt took naps on his bed together all the time, but Kurt's dad looked kind of scary, so Blaine kept his mouth shut. As soon as Kurt's daddy was gone, Kurt crawled out of bed and gave it to Blaine because he didn't want to make him sleep on the floor. Blaine tried to convince Kurt that they could sleep in the bed together, but Kurt said it wasn't allowed and it would make his dad angry if they got caught.

Blaine kept tossing and turning all night worrying about his mommy and when Kurt's mom came to wake them up the next morning he was super tired. A few minutes later, his dad showed up at the front door and Blaine ran into his arms when he saw his daddy was crying.

"Daddy?" he asked with a small voice. "I'm so sorry buddy," his dad sobbed, "but mommy went to sleep last night and didn't wake up again."

Blaine blinked, trying to make sense of what his daddy was saying. "Mommy's gone with the angels to heaven," his daddy continued and Blaine sank to the floor. He was sure he would wake up from a nightmare any minute now, but when he opened his eyes again, Kurt had his arms around him, tears running down his face.

He barely noticed his dad picking him up and putting him into the car, as his heart was breaking and felt more lost than he had ever felt before in his life.


Kurt wanted to follow Blaine when his daddy carried him out of the house, but his dad yanked him back inside, gripping his arm so tight that he was sure he would get another bruise. "Wipe your face," he ordered. "Only girls cry."

Kurt only cried harder because Blaine's mommy had always been so nice to him, nicer than his own mommy had ever been and he wanted to comfort his best friend.

A hand colliding with his cheek finally brought him back to the presence and Kurt rubbed his burning cheek while at the same time trying to wipe away his tears.

"Go to your room," his mom ordered after handing his dad a bottle with the brown stuff. "I don't want to see your face for the rest of the day."

Kurt was used to going days without food but he hated having to miss school because his mommy was afraid someone would see he had gotten hit. He drudged up to his room and buried his face into his pillow. He wanted to be back at Blaine's house where they would sing songs he wasn't supposed to know to his mommy and help Blaine and his daddy work on cars in the garage. He just didn't understand why his mommy and daddy were so mean to him when Blaine's were always nice even when Blaine did bad things.


"My daddy got a job in another city," Blaine told Kurt under tears a few days before Kurt's ninth birthday. He didn't want to move away because now that his mommy was in heaven, he had only Kurt and his daddy left and if he didn't protect Kurt from the mean kids at school anymore than who would.

"When are you leaving?" Kurt asked, his own eyes starting to water. "The day after your birthday," Blaine answered. He had begged his dad to wait until after Kurt's birthday because Kurt didn't have any other friends and he didn't want him to be alone.

"But it's going to be okay. We can write each other letters and talk on the phone and dad said you can come visit us all the time until school starts again."

"I'm going to write you every day," Kurt promised before scooting closer and wrapping his small arms around Blaine's back and Blaine hugged him back tightly. "Just promise that you won't forget about me," he whispered and Blaine's heart broke when he heard the desperation in Kurt's voice.

"Never," he promised. "I could never forget my bestest friend in the whole world."


His own parents hadn't remembered it was his birthday again, but Kurt was used to that. Having a small party with Blaine, his dad and a few of Blaine's friends from his soccer league at Blaine's house was bitter sweet because he knew Blaine would move away the next day and would leave him behind with the mean kids at school who thought he was their personal punching bag and kept locking him into closets or gave him swirlies because he never had any lunch money and often not even lunch they could take away from him.

The next morning, Blaine and his dad drove over to his house and when Blaine threw himself into Kurt's arms he never wanted to let go but when he heard his dad come down the stairs he let go immediately and wiped his face so he wouldn't get caught crying again.

He stayed rooted on the spot, long after the car carrying Blaine away from him had driven out of sight until he finally unfroze and ran up to his room to write his first letter to Blaine.

Blaine had promised that he would never forget about him, and Kurt wanted to prove that he would never forget about his best friend either.

Next up: Kurt and Blaine's lives over the next few years.

After Blaine's mom dies, he and his dad Burt move away.