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Chapter 16: Carpe Diem

Now, Blaine Hummel was not a violent person. He didn't think punching people was the solution to a problem and still, he didn't even hesitate for a second before he turned around and his fist connected with Sebastian's jaw causing the other boy to stumble and upend the table with Blaine's coffee still on it. There were some gasps behind him, and someone was calling for the manager, while his cup of coffee was slowly rolling toward Sebastian who was clutching his face on the floor.

Blaine didn't stay to see if the coffee landed on Sebastian or not, but pushed open the door and tried to catch up with Kurt who was running down the street ahead of him. He wasn't too far ahead though and Blaine was sure he could catch up with him even though he was freezing without his coat on, but Kurt suddenly got onto a bus and was gone before Blaine could reach the bus stop.

"Fuck," Blaine yelled as he kicked the trashcan at the bus stop. He needed to talk to Kurt. Needed to explain, that it wasn't what he thought. God, he hated Sebastian right now and he hated himself for always trying to please people and not wanting to draw attention to uncomfortable situations. All he wanted was to go back inside and punch Sebastian again, but it wouldn't help him with Kurt either. No, he needed to get back inside, grab his bag and drive over to Kurt's house pronto, so he could convince Kurt that he had had a different lunch meeting planned for them.

Sebastian was no where to be seen when Blaine got back inside, but a middle aged woman was standing next to his table, a pin on her shirt identifying her as the manager. Blaine put on his most charming smile and approached her.

"I'm really sorry for my behavior, I shouldn't have done that in here," he told her, looking contrite and the scowl on the woman's face disappeared. "Just be glad one of the witnesses told your friend, he better not press charges unless he wants to be charged with sexual harassment. Now clean up here and then I don't want to see you back here for at least a few weeks."

Blaine wanted to argue and tell her he really didn't have time for that, but one look at the woman's face was enough for Blaine to accept a mop and start wiping the floor. It probably only took him ten minutes to take care of the mess he had made with Sebastian, but it felt like hours had passed since Kurt had run out on him. A quick look at his phone told him though, that it was only half past twelve and it had only be about twenty minutes since Kurt had disappeared.

He grabbed his car keys as soon as he was allowed to leave the Lima Bean and finally got to drive over to Kurt's house. It wasn't important anymore that he prepared some speech to give to Kurt, all he wanted was a chance to explain and apologize for Sebastian's behavior.

Blaine did a lot of things that day that weren't typical for him. Instead of ringing the doorbell like he had in the past, he started pounding his fist against the front door until the door finally swung open.

"What do you want?" Kurt's mom glared at him and Blaine rushed to explain. "I need to talk to Kurt. Please, I need to tell him something. It's important that I talk to him now."

Kurt's mom kept glaring at him and Blaine shuddered. "Kurt doesn't need your charity. So get the hell out of here, one fag in the house is enough."

Blaine tried to ignore the slur and started to beg her again to let him in. "He's probably busy right now anyway. Ran to his room with some Tequila a while ago," she told him before slamming the door in his face.

But Kurt didn't drink, Blaine thought. Kurt didn't like alcohol because of his parents. He started ringing the doorbell this time, but the door stayed closed and so Blaine decided to check if Kurt was in his room. He didn't want to be the reason Kurt started to drink and had to stop him if possible.

He crouched down when he reached the side of the house where a window to the basement was but froze in shock for a second when he looked through the window. Kurt was lying on the floor, a half full bottle and the pain meds they had gotten him for his ribs next to him.

Panicked he looked around before he dug a stone out of the snow and threw it against the window as hard as he could hoping it wouldn't hit Kurt if it went through. The noise was deafening for a moment and Blaine hoped a neighbor might have heard because he could really use some help right now.

He quickly took off his coat and started to climb through the window, hissing when the glass cut his arms on his way down. He was small, but the window was even smaller and so it was a tight squeeze that left him bleeding when he finally reached the floor.

Ignoring his own injuries he hurried over to Kurt, crouched down next to him and started to shake him, before he remembered his phone and pulled it out of his pocket before he dialed 911, frantically explaining what was going on while trying to rouse Kurt.

"Shit, Kurt. What did you do? You can do this to yourself, to us now. Not when I thought things were finally getting better. I'm so sorry, I didn't defend you better. This is all my fault," he sobbed while he continued to shake Kurt.

"Please Kurt. You have to wake up. I can't lose you now when I think I'm falling in love with you," he confessed while wiping his tears from his face.

"Me too," a weak voice answered and Blaine nearly dropped Kurt's head in shock. "Kurt, Kurt!" Blaine touched his cheek, hoping Kurt would speak again, but he must have lost consciousness once more.

Kurt's pulse was slow and his breathing flat but at least he was still alive and Blaine was praying for the paramedics to just show up and take care of Kurt, because he was seriously in over his head and had no idea what he was supposed to do in this situation. All he wanted was for Kurt to wake up and smile at him again. He would never be able to live with himself if something happened to Kurt because of his actions.

Something was happening upstairs though, a few minutes later that felt like hours had gone by while Blaine waited with an unconscious Kurt in his arms. Suddenly the door to the basement burst open and two out of breath paramedics rushed down the stairs, one of them with a cut on her face, pushing Blaine aside when they reached Kurt.

"What did he take?" Blaine pointed to the pill container still lying on the floor. "Can you guess how many?" Blaine swallowed. "I don't think he had many left," he answered hoping it was the right answer. "Did you try to get him to throw them back up?" the woman asked next and Blaine shook his head. "He wasn't conscious when I found him," he whispered.

Meanwhile the other paramedic had put Kurt on a stretcher and was connecting his arm to an IV Blaine remembered from the last time.

"We need to get him to the hospital fast before his vitals drop," the younger of the two told Blaine who jumped up immediately, before he swayed for a moment. He was bleeding more than he had realized and the blood loss was making him dizzy.

Before he knew it he was sitting next to Kurt in the ambulance, getting the first of his cuts treated. He already knew he would have to get stitches once they reached the hospital, but he was not ready to leave Kurt's side until he absolutely had to. When the young woman was done with him, he pulled out his phone with shaking hands and sent a quick text to his dad, telling him to meet them at the hospital.

How had things managed to go so wrong in the course of an hour, he kept asking himself over and over again, but only came up with one answer. He had screwed up again. Instead of having Kurt in his arms after they shared their feelings, he was accompanying Kurt to the hospital yet again. And it didn't matter what anyone would say. It was all his fault.


When Kurt opened his eyes, his head was pounding, his mouth was dry and his stomach was in knots. He had never had a hangover before, but he suspected that was what he was dealing with.

One look around though, told him he was not in his room and suddenly it all came back to him. He had passed out and then Blaine had been there and had said… Had that been real or just a dream his subconscious had conjured up?

"Kurt? Do you know where you are?" a woman in a nurse's outfit suddenly asked him. He hadn't seen her when he had first looked around, but he recognized her as Finn's mom from the one time she and Finn had shown up at Burt's shop when Kurt was working.

Kurt nodded and immediately groaned because it didn't help with the pounding in his head. His room looked different though than the last time he had been in the hospital. There were restraints on his bed and Kurt looked at Finn's mom in alarm.

"Mrs. Hudson? Where am I exactly?" he asked, suddenly worried. Mrs. Hudson sighed. "You have been placed on seventy-two hours suicide watch. This is the psych ward."

Kurt swallowed, because psych ward? He hadn't tried to kill himself, he had just wanted to numb the pain for a bit, but apparently one shouldn't mix prescription pills with strong alcohol. He told Mrs. Hudson as much, but she shook her head.

"I'm sorry Kurt, but until you speak to a psychiatrist you will have to stay here."

Kurt didn't want to be here. He wanted Blaine. If Blaine had really been at his house, it had to mean that he cared. But then, how else would he have ended up in the hospital if Blaine hadn't found him? He doubted his mom had come into his room and called an ambulance.

"Where's Blaine? I want to see him," he pleaded but Finn's mom shook her head again.

"I'm afraid that won't be possible until you are transferred to another floor, but I'll let him know that you were asking for you."

God, that was not how Kurt had envisioned his day to go. He had wanted to confess his feelings to Blaine and then they would have shared a romantic first kiss just before the new year started.

"Can I talk to a doctor now, please? I don't want to be stuck in here for New Year's Eve." He tried to sit up and after a moment of dizziness his body settled and Kurt exhaled slowly as he made eye contact with Mrs. Hudson.

"I'm not sure if I can find someone so fast Kurt. There are a lot of depressed people out there today," she replied and Kurt could already see himself stuck in his hospital room for days.

"But I'll see what I can do for you. It's only three now so if you can convince a doctor to transfer you, your friend might still get to see you before visiting hours end."

Kurt gave her a small smile before he sank back onto his pillow, hoping they were giving him some meds for the pain.

"What happened after Blaine, after I passed out?" he asked before Finn's mom left.

"We had to pump your stomach when you got here and we are making sure right now that you stay hydrated and your vitals stay strong," she explained and Kurt nodded, immediately groaning in pain again.

"Thank you," he told her when she turned to leave and Mrs. Hudson smiled at him. "I hope everything works out for you, Kurt," she told him before she left the room and Kurt closed his eyes, hoping he would just fall asleep and wake up again without a headache.

If watching his parents hadn't been enough to convince him, he was certain now. He was never going to drink again.


By the time his dad arrived at the hospital, Blaine's cut had been taken care of and Blaine was pacing the hallway, anxious to hear any news. No one had been telling him anything so far because he was a minor and so he couldn't wait for his dad to arrive.

He threw himself into his dad's arms as soon as he was close and started crying onto his dad's shoulder, telling him what was going on between sobs. Once he had calmed down a bit, his dad guided him over to a chair before hunting down a nurse for an update on Kurt.

Finally he returned, a small smile on his face. "I ran into the lady that came by the shop a few weeks ago with the boy from the football team. Apparently she works here. Kurt is awake and fine now, he has been asking for you, but we won't be allowed to see him until he gets transferred to a regular floor," his dad explained and Blaine frowned.

"A regular floor?" His dad sighed. "Kurt's in the psych ward because they think he tried to kill himself."

Blaine immediately jumped up and shook his head. "No, Kurt wouldn't do that." Before he could say anything else, Mrs. Hoffs approached them.

"Mr. Hummel, I was hoping to see you here. The police was called to Kurt's house and I was hoping you could fill me in on what has happened." Blaine sat back down on his chair and quickly explained how Kurt had run away from him in tears, his mom wouldn't let him in once he got to the house and how he had seen Kurt on the floor and had climbed in through the window.

"Can we take Kurt home with us after he is released?" he asked once he had finished his story. "That depends on Kurt's mental state," Mrs. Hoffs answered and Blaine jumped up again.

"He didn't try to kill himself, I'm sure. He was upset and did something stupid, but I'm sure that was all, because don't people usually leave notes?"

He couldn't handle Kurt potentially doing what everyone was suggesting because he would be the one to blame for that.

"Well, like I said. If the doctor says Kurt can be released you can take him home with you. Most of the necessary paperwork has been dealt with already, so it would just be a matter of making it official. After Mrs. Anderson's behavior, I will not let Kurt go back to her until everything is sorted out," she assured them, and Blaine released the breath he had been holding.

He and his dad sat down next to each other, while Mrs. Hoffs walked away to make a couple of calls and informed the nurse stuff that the Hummels were supposed to be treated as next of kin.

"It's going to be okay. You'll see," his dad told him as Blaine put his head on his dad's shoulder.

He just hoped his dad would be right this time as well.


Kurt was woken from his slumber by the sound of the door opening and a middle aged woman in a white coat stepped into the room.

"Hi Kurt, I'm doctor Mayfield. I was told you'd rather get out of here sooner than later." Kurt nodded. "I didn't try to kill myself," he immediately told the doctor who nodded and sat down in the chair next to his bed.

"Can you tell me why you are here? Why you did what you did?"

The last thing he wanted was for the doctor to think he was a stupid teenager who tried to commit suicide over heartbreak but he also knew he had to open up to her if he wanted to get transferred.

"You'll think it's stupid," he sighed but the doctor shook her head. "Whatever it was that made you upset was something that mattered to you, so it can never be stupid."

Kurt sat in silence for a moment to collect his thoughts. "I've been told my whole life that I'm worthless, that I will never be good enough, that I'm wrong, that I should even exist. I've also watched my parents drink their lives away for years. Today I wanted to put myself out there, take a risk, just to learn that everything I've been told about myself was true. So I snapped. I thought that if it works for my parents, why shouldn't it work for me. But the alcohol didn't help, so I figured the pain meds might. It was stupid to think that you could mend a broken heart with normal medicine," he finally said, not daring to look at the doctor.

"And do you believe that? That you are worthless, that you shouldn't exist?" Doctor Mayfield asked after a beat. Kurt shook his head before his shoulders slumped. "Yes, no. I don't know. I used to think that everything would be okay if I just got through a few more years, but lately it's been getting harder to think that way."

The doctor nodded and wrote something down in her notebook and Kurt desperately wanted to know what she was saying about him. "Who is it that makes you feel worthless?"

Who wasn't Kurt thought. "Classmates, people on the street, but mostly my mom, but it's just words, right? After what has happened with my dad, it shouldn't get to me like that."

"You know Kurt. That's not true. You might think it's just words, but emotional abuse is just as bad as physical abuse. It's just harder to detect the scars it leaves behind. And it sounds like it has left behind quite a few."

Kurt felt a tear trickle down his face. "I just don't understand why they wouldn't love me. Why she would say those things to me. What have I ever done wrong?" Tears kept coming but Kurt didn't care. He had never had any answers for those questions but maybe the psychiatrist had.

"There is nothing wrong with you Kurt. Sometimes, when people can't deal with their own lives they take it out on other people. It gives them power over someone else's life that they don't have over their own. They are unhappy themselves so they don't want anyone else to be happy either. It's hard to tell not knowing your parents, but what you need to remember is that you are the victim here. It's not something you have done wrong, it's something they have done wrong."

It was hard to accept that, harder than trying to find the blame within his actions and behavior because if he didn't cause his parent's behavior toward him, how was he supposed to change things. It would be easier if the problem was just that he was a bad kid, or had traits that needed to be changed in order to earn his parents love.

"What are you thinking about?" "Just, just that I don't know how to earn their love when there is apparently nothing I can change."

"A parents job is to love their child, Kurt. It's not a contract where you have to fulfill certain terms to get rewarded in the end."

Rationally, Kurt knew all that. He saw it every time he was over at Blaine's house. But fighting for his parents' acceptance or changing things about himself and hiding things to avoid getting hurt was the only thing he had ever experienced. He didn't have another frame of reference in his own life and for year's he didn't have one outside of his life either.

His parents had made sure he was lonely, isolated from anyone else, so he wouldn't even see what other people's lives were like.

Kurt didn't know how long they had sat in silence while Kurt was mulling things over. He knew the psychiatrist wasn't lying to him, but it was still hard to be told to forget everything he had ever been told and to accept that it had all been lies, designed to make him feel bad about himself because his parents couldn't deal with their own miserable lives.

"If you are right, then why do the kids in school hate me so much?" he finally asked, thinking about the hateful things people had said about him in school.

"High school is difficult for many people. We don't like people who are different, who are special because they threaten the status quo. Maybe they are jealous because they know they will have reached their peak once they graduate. Maybe they are too obsessed with status. Maybe we have to blame society for putting athletic students on a pedestal and telling us only they are important. I wish it were only a single thing, because it would make it so much easier for us to deal with the problem. What you need to remember is that high school will end eventually and the things that people didn't like about you, might as well be things that will make you succeed in the future. What I need to know is if you are willing to fight for it. That I can release you and don't have to worry about you ending up in here again."

"I do want to get out of Lima. So bad, trust me. That was always the plan and still is. It might be vindictive but one day I want to come back to this town and the guy who tortured me since elementary school will ask me if I want fries with my burger. That he will be the one who is miserable, because he made my life miserable for so many years."

"It's only human, Kurt to think that," doctor Mayfield assured him.

"Now, my file tells me that the Hummel family has filed for custody for you. How do you feel about that?"

Kurt's head snapped up. "They have?" he whispered, not wanting to jinx anything. "Yes, I believe right after you were hospitalized the last time." Kurt couldn't believe it. They wanted him to stay with them permanently, not just for a few days like he had always thought.

"There's nothing I would like more in my life," he told her honestly. "I kept hoping my mom would change, would be nicer after my dad got arrested, but instead she got worse and I understand now that things wouldn't have changed if this hadn't happened. And that I might have been driven to actually do something, if I had stayed with her any longer."

He had always prided himself in never actually attempting it, but he had to admit to himself that things had been getting to him lately.

"I'm glad to hear that Kurt. You need people in your life who let you know you are a good person. I think that will help a lot. But I still want you to keep seeing someone for a while at least once a week. I'm happy to put things into perspective for you, but I think it's important you keep talking to a professional so you can move past the abuse you have been subjected to because it is one thing to accept what I am saying, but another to actually believe it and I can see you are struggling with that. I do however believe you when you tell me you didn't intend to harm yourself, so I will order your transfer to another floor. I'll leave a list with recommended therapists in the area with Mr. Hummel."

Kurt gave her a weak smile. He couldn't wait to get out of the hospital, but now that he had started talking, he somehow didn't want to stop. He had always balked at the idea of having to talk to therapist because he thought he could deal with everything on his own, but doctor Mayfield was right, he needed someone who could help him sort through the things that were going through his head.

"Thank you. Not for letting me go, but for telling me all that. I know you were only sent to determine whether I was suicidal or not, so thank you for taking the time and talking to me."

The doctor stood up and squeezed his hand. "Take care Kurt. I really hope I will never see you here again, but know that if you ever feel like you can't move forward there are people who want to help you. Happy New Year Kurt."

"Wait, what time is it?" he called after the doctor, who stopped and turned. "It's nearly nine. I'll see to it that you get transferred as soon as possible so you can watch the celebrations on TV."

Kurt sank back against his pillows staring at the wall. It was nine. It was too late for Blaine to visit him now. He didn't want to bring his baggage with him into the new year but apparently the universe had other plans. The first day of the rest of his life, would have to wait another day.


It had been hours since they had last gotten an update and Blaine was going crazy at the hospital, because what if the doctors thought Kurt was crazy and wouldn't let him go. Kurt had suffered enough and he and his dad both wanted to just be able to take Kurt home with him.

In that moment it didn't matter if they ever ended up as more than friends or not, right now he just wanted Kurt to be safe and happy. He had caused Kurt to run away crying and he never wanted to see that expression on Kurt's face again.

"Mr. Hummel?" a middle aged woman suddenly asked and Blaine stood when his dad did the same.

"I'm doctor Mayfield. I'm a psychiatrist here at the hospital. I just spent some time with Kurt and wanted to give you an update as social services has informed me that you are responsible for Kurt at the moment."

Blaine's dad nodded and Blaine waited with baited breath for the verdict. "I have agreed to have Kurt transferred to another floor as I think he is stable enough to be released tomorrow. Kurt and I have agreed that it would be best if he kept seeing a therapist for a while, so here is a list of people I would recommend for Kurt's case," the doctor added and handed his dad a sheet of paper.

"Can we see him now?" Blaine asked eagerly, because he needed to see it with his own eyes that Kurt was okay. The doctor shook her head though.

"Unfortunately visiting hours have ended an hour ago, but you can ask downstairs which room they are putting him in and visit him first thing in the morning."

His dad shook the doctor's hand while Blaine sat down in his chair.

"You heard her kiddo. Let's go. There's nothing we can do tonight so you might as well watch the ball drop with your old man."

Blaine dropped his head into his hands. He didn't want to leave Kurt. He had promised they would celebrate together if possible and he wasn't ready to leave until he had done his best to make that happen.

"Can I stay? Please dad. I just need to make sure he is okay." His dad sighed but finally nodded. "You call me when you are ready to leave. Doesn't matter how late it is, you hear me?"

Blaine nodded and let his dad pull him into a tight hug. "A little tip from Carole." Blaine looked puzzled and his dad quickly added. "Mrs. Hudson. Apparently the nurses love to watch TV together days like this," he winked and Blaine smiled as he watched his dad walk away.

He spent the next two hours in the hospital cafeteria after having asked for Kurt's room number before he went upstairs again to check if the coast was clear already. A bored looking nurse was still manning the nurse's station and Blaine sat down around the corner, to keep an eye on her.

Finally, like Finn's mom had predicted, she got up and walked into an adjourning room, from which laughter was already emanating. He felt like a spy on a mission as he ducked and rushed past the station into the corridor leading to Kurt's room.

He just hoped there were no patients in Kurt's room that would call for the nurses as soon as they saw him.

He opened the door as quietly as possible, but to his relief there was only one bed occupied. The television was on, showing the masses on Times Square, Kurt's eyes fixed on it. Sometimes Blaine forgot, that Kurt had never seen the ball drop on TV before and he waited a moment before announcing his presence, watching Kurt as he looked in awe.

Finally, he pushed the door further open, and the light from the hallway illuminated the otherwise dark room. Kurt's head turned and than his eyes widened before his face lit up. Blaine was beyond relieved Kurt seemed to want to see him.

He quietly closed the door behind him before he rushed over to Kurt's bed and pulled the other boy into a hug, mindful of the IV still connected to Kurt.

"I'm so glad you are okay. I was so worried when I couldn't wake you up," he whispered against Kurt's shoulder and he could feel Kurt shaking.

"I'm sorry too, Blaine," Kurt sobbed. "I didn't mean to do that, I promise." Blaine gently stroked Kurt's back to get him to calm down.

"I know. I know. I never thought you did."

Suddenly Kurt frowned. "Are you even allowed to be here?" Blaine shook his head. "I snuck in," he told Kurt proudly before his expression sobered. "I couldn't leave before I saw that you were okay with my one eyes. I would have never been able to forgive myself, if you hadn't be okay, because of what that douchebag said to you." Just thinking of Sebastian made him ball his hands into fists but he quickly relaxed them when he realized he was clutching Kurt's hospital gown in one of his fists.

"Sorry," he mumbled. Kurt was fiddling with his blanket when Blaine finally released him before he spoke again. "So that wasn't your boyfriend?" he asked in a small voice. Blaine shuddered.

"God, no. He was someone I went to school with for a while who doesn't understand the word no. I don't know what he was doing back here, but none of what he said about you is true." He needed Kurt to believe he was telling the truth and right now, Kurt didn't look like he did.

"I punched him after you ran out," he admitted. "I never thought I would be that guy, but the look on your face, it just killed me."

He tried to catch Kurt's eye to see Kurt's reaction but Kurt wasn't looking at him.

"Did you mean what you said in the basement, or did I imagine that?" he finally asked, still not meeting Blaine's eyes.

Blaine paused for a moment. He had said a lot of things in the basement when he had thought Kurt was unconscious but then he remembered the brief moment during which Kurt had regained consciousness.

"I did," he mumbled, "but I wasn't sure you had really heard me." Kurt finally looked up, a shy smile on his face. "Me too," he whispered. "But I'd completely understand if you had changed your mind and wanted to be with someone with less baggage."

Everyone has baggage, his dad had told him once during a conversation about Kurt and his dad was right. Blaine had his own insecurities, his own demons to fight. He knew things might not always be easy with Kurt, but he had to give them a chance. So he shook his had. "I didn't. And I'm sorry for not telling you sooner. I was a coward and I was stupid because I thought I knew better what you needed than you did. All I can hope for is that I haven't lost you."

A pale hand grasped his own, and Blaine marveled again how well their hands seemed to fit together. "I haven't," Kurt replied and Blaine could feel his heart beat faster.

Behind them, the people on the TV started to chant, starting to count down from twenty. "I really want to kiss you now," Blaine admitted before he slowly leaned it. Kurt's hand stopped him though and Blaine froze.

"I'm sorry, I should have waited for your answer." Blaine blushed. "It's okay, if you don't want to."

Kurt shook his head. "I do. It's just, I've never had a proper kiss. Not one that counted."

Blaine frowned because what he had seen in the hallway had looked like a kiss to him. "What, what about Karofsky?" he asked and Kurt tensed immediately. "It's okay. I'm not mad."

Kurt looked confused as well now. "How do you?" "I saw you in the hallway with him before Christmas."

Kurt suddenly paled and Blaine wondered if should have just kept his mouth shut. "Blaine, I never wanted Karofsky to kiss me, but he seems to have a problem to accept a no as well."

Blaine balled his hands into fist again, immediately rethinking his vow to not use violence in the future again, but he also realized that now wasn't the time to plot Karofsky's demise.

He swallowed before he took Kurt's hand again. "So would it still be okay if I kissed you?" he asked nervously and Kurt gave him a tiny nod.

Ever so slowly Blaine leaned forward and cupped Kurt's jaw before carefully brushing his lips against Kurt's. As kisses go, it was probably the chastest kiss he had ever had, but it was also one of the best because this was Kurt. His best friend. The boy he was hopelessly falling in love with.

After a moment of hesitation, Kurt moved his own lips as well, before he pulled back, a huge smile on his face.

"Happy New Year, Kurt," Blaine whispered, a wide smile on his face as well.

Kurt turned his head to the TV. "Oh we were too late," he mumbled. Blaine pressed another quick kiss to Kurt's lips.

"We'll get another chance next year."

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