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(In this story, it's set two years after Rhydian left at the end of series one. Maddy is now 17 and Rhydian has just turned 18).


It had been two years. Two painful years since she had last seen him. She dreamt about him every night, thought about him every second and looked for him around every corner but still, two whole years had passed since the day he chose his family over her. Two years and it still hurt.

She had tried to move on with her life, focus on school and get good grades. She had tried to move on from him but it never worked, his soft voice always found its way back into her head and into her daydreams.

Sometimes she just wanted to run away, run away and find him and stay with him forever but she couldn't just abandon her family and especially Shannon and Tom, her two amazing best friends who appreciated her for who she truly was and comforted her when she needed it. No, she couldn't leave them. She needed them. But she needed him, so badly it hurt her in no way she had felt before. It hurt because she loved him and even if she denied it, she knew deep down that she did and always would.


Two years too many, thought Rhydian as he pulled on his grey hoody and silently tip-toed away from camp. He carefully placed a hurriedly-written note next to Bryn's sleeping form, took one last look back and set off at a sprint, not caring if he woke anyone up.

He was eighteen and didn't care one bit if Ceri got mad because he was an adult and she couldn't threaten him anymore. As he ran through the forest he thought of why he was leaving, Maddy, the girl he loved and always would and he hoped, with all his might that she hadn't moved on and forgotten about him.

He ran through the night, over the many hills and through the countless forests, not stopping even to rest. He had waited two years to do this, two whole years to be free and now that he was free, no one could stop him from finding Maddy.


The smell of bacon filled her nostrils and sent her downstairs almost as soon as she awoke. "Bacon... Mmmmmm..." Said Maddy dreamily as she sat herself down at the wooden kitchen table. It was the day of the full moon and Maddy felt ravenous. "Here you go Madeline," her dad said as he passed her a plate of crispy smoked bacon, "Eat up, you want to get your strength up for tonight!"

"Thanks dad!" Maddy replied as she dug in to her meaty breakfast. After hurriedly eating she got dressed and washed, got her school stuff together and ran out of the door, she felt very energetic today and fancied a nice long run before school.

Maddy had always loved to run, ever since she and Rhydian had stared doing it to burn of energy before the full moon. Whenever she ran, she thought of him, where he might be and what he might be doing. This hurt a lot. It always hurt when she though of him. She loved him too much.


Rhydian ran. He ran as fast as he could through the many forests and towns and villages and woods. He had decided to have a small break at lunch time and then carry on all through the rest of the day and hopefully, he would get to Maddy before the moon rose. Maddy, that was all he could think of. What if she didn't want to see him? What if she had forgotten him? It had been two years after all, she would have probably moved on.

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