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"Hey Mads!" said an excited Shannon, "Sorry if you were busy but I have some amazing news!"

Great. Just great! "Okay well, um I was quite busy Shan…" Maddy mumbled, hoping she would leave soon.

"Nah, don't worry! It will be really quick!" Shannon said as she pushed past Maddy, dropping snow from her hat all over the carpet as she headed towards the kitchen, "What are you cooking? It smells yummy!"

"Burgers... And, um… Shannon, Rhydian's coming over in about 5 minutes so please make it quick." Maddy said hurriedly, glancing at her watch.

"Is he?!" Shannon was really excited now, "OH MY GOD I COULD RING TOM AND WE COULD ALL MEET UP LIKE THE GOOD OLD DAYS! IT WILL BE LIKE A REUNIION AND WE COULD WATCH A FILM!" She said, jumping up and down.

No, thought Maddy, please leave or I will punch you.

"Hum… Well, I don't think I have enough food Shan." Maddy said quickly, she had never been that good at making up excuses.

"Well good luck for you because I've already eaten! I can't wait, when's Rhydian coming over?" Shannon asked whilst rummaging through her bag, "I'll just ring Tom to let him know." And she walked out the room before Maddy could even reply or stop her.

Shit. Maddy knew once Shannon had a plan, there was no stopping her. She would just have to re-arrange with Rhydian for some other time...

A few minutes later and Tom had arrived, covered in snow and wrapped in about five stripy, woolly scarves, "Mmmm… Can I smell burgers?" He said as he entered the house, "I'm starving!"

This could actually not get any worse, thought Maddy. She was wrong.


It was snowing really hard and Rhydian was attempting to shelter under a big okay tree, but was failing miserably. The snow from the weaker branches kept on falling on top of him and had made his hair soaking. He was shivering too and his nose was bright red from the cold air.

He checked his watch, half an hour to go until he could set off for Maddy's house. He would just have to sit it out in the cold snow. Great.

At least he would get some hot food and peace and quiet from the outdoors at Maddy's.

Half an hour later, Rhydian set off for Maddy's house. He decided to run through the forest to get to her house as to avoid the village in case he was seen. After running for only a few minutes, he came to an abrupt stop for there were several torch-lights ahead…


Where the hell was Rhydian?! He was nearly ten minutes late and Maddy was not happy at all.

Tom had eaten all the burgers and Shannon was currently arranging all of Maddy's DVDs into categories to 'make it easier and more convenient for us to pick the perfect film'.

Her parents were coming back in a few hours too and she was supposed to be grounded…

It was then that she remembered the reason for Shannon turning up in the first place, she had some 'amazing news', "Hey Shan, what was this 'amazing news' you had?"

"Oh my, I can't believe I forgot! Well… I'VE GOT A JOB AT BURNIES!" She shouted happily, this appeared to be way too much for Tom as he started jumping up and down screaming "YAY FREE FOOD! GO SHANNON!"

Maddy couldn't take it anymore. Shannon had ruined her evening with Rhydian just to tell her she got a job at a mouldy old café and now she had gone and invited Tom over who had eaten all the food and now Rhydian was late too!

Maybe he wasn't even going to turn up after all…


Okay, calm down Rhydain. It's probably just some old woman searching for a lost dog or cat, calm down.

As Rhydian approached the lights, it became clear to him that it was not some old lady, it was a group of about 25 small-ish people and a few taller people.

Then he realized it was a group of school kids out badger watching...

He mustn't let them see him because one of the teachers might recognize him!

Rhydian ended up running the really-long way round to Maddy's house and turned up about 20 minutes late, well, he thought, better late than never!

He stepped forward and knocked on the door...

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