Unexpected Changes

Title: I don't like bullies
Summary: Lia Summers had known Steve Rogers her entire life, living next door to him until she moved to Washington with her parents at age sixteen. But when she was finally reunited with her best friend, she never expected to meet Captain America. StevexOC (Bad summary, I know)
Characters: Steve Rogers/Captain America, James 'Bucky' Barnes, Peggy Carter, Lia Summers (OC).
Chapter: Prologue
Important: This story will go along with Taylor Swifts new album RED, the titles of the albums' songs will be the chapter titles, and a short part of the lyrics of the song, which will be important for the chapter or capturing the meaning of the chapter, will be included at the beginning of each chapter.

And I might go and use some other songs as well, have been thinking of 'You can't hurry love' by Phil Collins, love that song ;)


A/N: I am Dutch, so I have little knowledge of Brooklyn, only that it once belonged to my people *grab the pitchforks! start the new revolutions, we'll take back our lands! xD*, and there is a church involved in this story, but I just made up a name for it.


1929, St. Mary's Church, Brooklyn

"Oh, for God's sake, there you've got the Rogers again! Why can't they go to their own church, this one is strictly for Americans, not that Irish filth!" Lia's mother, Elaine, muttered under her breath. "I know darling, but we cannot make them leave." Her husband, Daniel, sushed her, uneffectevly. "Like hell we can!" She said raising her voice, then gasping and putting her hand over her mouth. "Oh, dear God, I am sorry for my language. It's just, that family, they infuriate me. It's bad enough they live next to us and now... Now we have to share our church with them as well!"

Lia just sighed and was looking at Steve, the Rogers' only son. He was one year older than her. She had just turned six, and boy was she proud of that!, and he was seven. She had never understood why her parents felt such hatred to the Rogers family. They were really nice.

She went over there often, ofcourse without her mother knowing, and they would give her delicious cookies and she would play around with Steve.
They would pretend to be knights and in a battle, and they would fight with their wooden swords.

It was so much fun, and his parents were okay with it. Lia's mother would've locked Lia up and force her to play with dolls and have tea parties with her mothers friends.

You see, Lia's mother had grown up in high society, and then she met Daniel. He was one of the topbankers in NYC and her mother was smitten with him. But as Lia would find out as she grew older, Elaine was more smitten with Daniels money than with him.

But when Elaine and Daniel had married, and because of the course of some uneventful events, Daniel had lost his job. Elaine, being pregnant with Lia, had no choice but to stay with Daniel.
They moved into a poor workers district and ended up living, much to Elaine's dismay, next to a newly-wed Irish couple, with a son on the way as well.

As the Irish couple tried to socialize, they would find the door slammed in their face each time they rang at the Summer's house.

Daniel had made several attempts to go and apologize to the couple, but Elaine would not have it.

"There's no way you are going to go and apologize to those rats! 'Cause that's what they are, stinky, dirty, disgusting rats!" Elaine yelled towards her husband. "But dear, how have they ever offended you in any way?" The corner of the young woman's' mouth began to twitch. "Offended me? They have humiliated me, how dare they knock on my door, stand on my doorstep. Do you even know what that looks like? It looks like we are being friendly with that scum!" Elaine was taking heavy breaths now, trying to calm herself and remain ladylike.

"You know what, Daniel, this is all your fault. If you had kept yourself together at that bank, your boss wouldn't have fired you and we would be living in a mansion. Where we belong! Where I belong! You're so selfish! How dare you put me and your unborn daughter through this!"

Elaine shot up and elegantly walked out of the living room, making her way through the hall, slipping in to her very expensive coat and graciously walked through the front door, heading to her high-society friends.

Of course, Lia didn't really know nor did she understand all this, she was of course only a six year old. But one thing she did know, and that was that Steve was her friends, and no one, not even her own mother was allowed to make fun of her friends.