All Too Well

Title: Everyting Has Changed
Summary: Lia Summers had known Steve Rogers her entire life, living next door to him until she moved to Washington with her parents at age sixteen. But when she was finally reunited with her best friend, she never expected to meet Captain America. StevexOC (Bad summary, I know)
Characters: Steve Rogers/Captain America, James 'Bucky' Barnes, Peggy Carter, Lia Summers (OC).
Chapter: All Too Well
Important: This story will go along with Taylor Swifts new album RED, the titles of the albums' songs will be the chapter titles, and a short part of the lyrics of the song, which will be important for the chapter or capturing the meaning of the chapter, will be included at the beginning of each chapter.

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All Too Well

And I know it's long gone, and that magic´s not here no more
And it might be okay, but I'm not fine at all

Cause here we are again on that little town street
You almost ran the red cause you were looking over me
Wind in my hair I was there I remember it all too well

1939, Summers' residence, Brooklyn

Lia was roaming around in her closet, throwing unwanted items on the floor, looking for her party dress. The one she got from grandma.

"Is everything alright, honey?" The sweet voice of Elaine could be heard from the other side of the door. "I am not entirely sure, mother, have you seen the dress grandma gave me last year?" Elaine smiled to herself, her daughter was sure to be in for a pleasant surprise.
"As a matter of fact, I have, darling." The door was flung open by a nervously looking Lia. "Well, where is it?" Her mother smiled sweetly. "Come." She said as she graciously walked down the stairs.

Lia gasped at her dress hanging in the living room, but not quite her dress at all. If it was anything like her dress, it was much prettier. "I improved it a bit, because me and my father have some great news for you darling. Perhaps the best birthday present we could have ever given you."

Lia shot her mother a curious look, pleading her to explain, instead of keeping her guessing all day long.

"Your father has found a new job. We are leaving for Washington this Tuesday, your father is going to be the new head of Financial Inquiries. " Elaine finished, beaming, looking like she had earned the job and she should get all the glory rather than her husband.

"What? But that's two days away!" Lia said, the panic clear in her voice. "I know darling, isn't that just wonderful, we'll finally be able to leave this place." She said, beaming even more so. "But what about my friends?" "No matter, no matter darling, you'll find new friends, you're a pretty girl after all. Oh my, perhaps we can finally find you a decent husband there."

"Mother!" Lia said, her face turning crimson red, and for no apperant reason, Steve's face popped into her head.

Wait, what was that. Steve? No, Steve's a friend. A good friend, a great friend in fact. But we haven't spoken for three months now. Why haven't we spoken? Was it because of Craig. No of course not, why would it be? He doesn't care about who I'm kissing, or who I am dating, does he now?

"Lia, are you alright?" Her mothers' voice brought her back to reality. "Of course I am, mother. I think I am going to tell my friends, if that is alright with you?" Her mother smiled at her daughter taking it all in so well. "Certainly, my dear. And we've already taken the liberty of putting you out of school." Lia nodded and made her way to Amanda, her best friend, but something kept nagging at her.

It was 1936 and Lia was at the Rogers' house, reading stories with Steve.

"Steve, what do you think it's like, getting a true love's kiss." Lia asked, clutching 'Cinderella' against her chest. "I don't know Lia." "Would you like to find out?" "What?" Steve replied, his ears turning a bright shade of red.

A playful grin spread across Lias'face. "I dare you. To. Kiss. Me!" She said, laughing. "What, no!" Steve replied, visibly trembling. "Am I not pretty enough?" Lia asked, pouting and putting up a faked sad voice, however Steve did not realize she was just playing around with him.

"Of course you are pretty enough. You are very pretty." He stuttered. "Then kiss me." She whispered, giggling.

Then, much to Lia's amazement, he connected his lips with hers. Lia's immediate reaction was to push him away.

"Steve what are you doing?" She shrieked. "I did as you asked, Lia. What's wrong? Was it bad?" "No, no, it was not, I just never expected you to actually do it."

"Oh, okay, I guess." Steve replied, his eyes on the ground. "I think I should go." Lia blurted out and she stood up, straightened her skirts and ran out of the porch, towards Amanda's house."

Lia snapped out of her flashback when she heard someone chuckling behind her, she turned around and met Steve Rogers' azure eyes.

"Hi." She said, smiling sadly. "Hi, I guess." He replied, kicking a pebble with his shoe. "How have you been, Steve?" "Alright." A sigh escaped his lips.

"Steve, have I done anything to offend you, for if I did, I am truly sorry." "No, you didn't. It's just, I saw you and Craig and I had hoped that you and I…Oh, never mind." He sighed again and started to turn around when Lia placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Steve, wait. What do you mean with you and me?" "Uh, nothing Lia, nothing." "Stop lying to me, Steve. I know when you are." "It doesn't matter, Lia. What really matters is what you were letting him do!" "What do you mean?" "He was undressing you!" He gritted through his teeth.

Lia gasped, she didn't know he had seen that.

"Steve.. nothing happened.. really Steve. You have to believe me!" Lia panicked, silent tears pouring down her face.

"It is none of my business Lia, I am sorry for bothering you. Anyway, I heard you're leaving for Washington on Tuesday. Congratulations and I suppose this is farewell Lia." Steve said, trying to keep himself together, but obviously failing at it. He kissed Lia's cheek, turned on his heel to tend on his gravely sick mother.

"Goodbye Steve Rogers." Lia whispered. Hoping that one day she would be able to lay her eyes on him again.

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