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Chapter 1: Hocus Pocus

"That witch. " Marc said, slamming his bag on floor. Amanda skitttered to follow him from the kitchen.

"She put a spell on me Mandy..." Marc whined, flopping onto the couch while covering his face with a pillow. "I can't believe this is happening to me. Oh GOD"

"She must have been slowly poisoning you with a love potion for the past office potlucks with her gross food. " Amanda said almost excitedly.

"No, actually her food was really good" Marc said cheerily. "I've seen you take a few bites of it too" he snapped. Amanda looked at him in shock.

"You can't prove that!"

"But that's not the point. Oh Mandy!" he bellowed sadly.

"Marc. You poor thing" Amanda commented, having a seat on couch next to Marc.

Marc gave another dramatic sniff after a moment. However, a bitter smile spread on his face as he spoke,"My hands get so sweaty and clammy around her. I can't think straight-"

"Even though you kinda are-"

"...I watch her when she's not looking.." he continued and ignored Amanda look of being creeped out. "..uh...I can't keep eye contact with her like some teen with a high school crush..and...uh... I-"

Amanda immediately grabbed a box of tissues nearby, extracting one to hold up to Marc's nose.

" Blow"

Marc obeyed, giving a loud snort into the tissue. His face was turning red, tears welling up in his eyes as he hit his pillow in frustration.

"What did I do so wrong-g to be burdened with such a thing?!"

"Its always the beautiful ones that have to suffer the most Marc. Including us" Amanda countered.

"You're right Mandy. I could always count on yooouuu!" Marc cried into the tissue he held. Amanda winced at the sound.

"You know, I didn't think gay guys could fall in love with girls," she retorted thoughtfully when Marc's cries died down.

"I don't know. I've never felt this confused as I had when I first came out" Marc said sniffling. "I thought I was jealous of the guys she was with, so I could be with them myself...but it was really me jealous of them, wanting her."

Amanda reached her arms out to him.

"Come to mama"

Marc gave a light smile while moving into Amanda's embrace, laying his head on her lap.

"Fat Betty" Amanda snarled, looking into the distance with contempt.

"Fat Betty..." Marc half snarled, half moaned. "Whom I'm madly in love with!" he wailed, before burying his head further into Amanda's lap. Amanda shushed him while rubbing his back soothingly until he fell asleep.

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