A/N: I honestly don't know where this poem came from; I was obsessing over my favorite little schizophrenics (Yuugi and Jamie, duh!), and it occurred to me that Jamie might not appreciate being more useful during random psychotic episodes than he was after spending hours on battle plans.

"Call Me By Name"

The Wild Eagle is immortal!

Never gives up, never says die

And I- I am just myself

The one with an eagle's soul inside

Call me by name again

I want to know that I am real

I want to believe that I am needed

That I am important as I am

And that I am the only me

They need me for who I am

Not for who I can become

The Wild Eagle is immortal

Hey, what else is new?

Tell me another set of lies

I am forever grounded

It's only the Wild Eagle who can fly

Hey, tell me another one

What else is new today?

* ende *