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The ocean swayed at a peaceful rate, as Barnabas and Victoria walked along the shoreline, David running ahead, looking at the various seashells that were splattered upon the sandy ground. Victoria would every now and then find herself falling over a rock, distracted at Barnabas' appearance. She couldn't help but agree with everyone that he, himself was very intriguing. Victoria thought back to when Julia had whispered to her, 'Everyone in this household has one big scary secret.' whenever she looked at Barnabas. He never had the looks of any other male in town.

'I am terribly sorry, but I cannot ignore the fact that I find you staring at me in awe. Is there something… weird, about me?' Remembering the conversation he had held with Carolyn, Barnabas spoke up, his thoughts leaving his mouth.

Redness colouring her cheeks, Victoria glanced down again at the rocks, smiling to herself.

'Oh no, Barnabas. You're different from the others, yes, but I don't find you weird. Just simply different.' She smiled at him, and he at her.

The sound of seagulls interrupted the silence as they both pondered their own thoughts, Barnabas' of Victoria and Victoria's of Julia. Oh the love triangle that was developing had got Victoria in a rut.

Barnabas' eyes widened as an idea had been thrown into his head.
"Oh sweet Victoria! I have an item, a book that I am most required to reveal to you! It is a most gracious book, holding the bitter sweetness of romance. Would you be ever so pleased to read such an item, with me?'

Again, Victoria couldn't help but giggle and agree. They soon found some rocks to sit on, David now throwing rocks into the ocean, growing bored.

As Barnabas read and read, Victoria found herself often looking out to sea, feeling guilty about what she had done before hand. Victoria's thoughts stretched out, she would occasionally nod and enthuse on the book, pretending she was listening. Barnabas was all too oblivious. Never had she felt so strongly about a woman, but was she allowed to act in a way she did? Julia didn't seem to mind, in the least bit. She couldn't help but find the curves of Julia, her deep brown chocolate eyes, full lips and hair red as fire so… so much more than just attractive. Victoria was taught as a young child never to be a mindless hippy, as her parents would call them. Would leaving the insane institution made her one of those hippies, acting on their feelings? Even if they were to be wrong? Either way, Victoria found herself feeling worse, no matter how she acted. Without acting, she would slither away into the darkness, hiding in the shadows, when she wanted to step out and love Julia. On the other hand, acting out and loving Julia led made her feel happy and strong, but weak and vulnerable. Victoria sighed in frustration, forgetting where she was.

'Is the book boring you, my beloved Victoria?'

Startled at his voice, she turned her head quickly to Barnabas.

'No, the book is very well written. But, I find myself growing tired.' Barnabas' eyes turned into a puppy's. 'No, no, no, not that I am bored of the book, but more so of the fact I didn't get much sleep last night. Would it be alright if we were to come back here, in the evening? My head would be much clearer.'

Enslaved by his love, he agreed despite his disappointment. The 3 of them wondered back to the great Collins house hold.

Julia casually walked into the main entrance, with a glass in her and, gripped tightly. She had forgotten what she was headed out to do, so she stood, admiring the great art work on the walls. Sighing, she gulped back the last of the alcohol, not quite yet tipsy, leaving it on a table nearby, and walked to Carolyn's room.

Before entering, she knocked a few times, obeying the grand 'KEEP OUT' sign, filled with the colour red.

'Come in.' Carolyn said, music slipping from under her door, reaching Julia's ears. Of course she was playing Iggy Pop, her favourite artist of all time. Twisting the door knob, Julia entered, smiling.

'What do you want, Julia.' Carolyn wasn't the happiest of people. She didn't find herself liking many people at all, just her mom, and David. Besides communicating with those few people, she would just blast music and dance her anger away.

'Oh, forget the rudeness, for once, Carolyn? I just want to borrow a few of your records. For therapeutic reasons.' She found herself a seat on one of Carolyn's bright purple bean bags. Carolyn got herself off of her bed, and went to her records.

'What kind of music do you need?' She smiled, holding in any sign of rudeness she had.

'Slow. Sort of like what you are playing right now. But, more romantic.' Julia had let her mind slip back to Victoria.

Carolyn glanced back at her, confused.

'Don't question me. You're not the therapist.'

Carolyn rolled her eyes, and flipped through her records. Finding the jackpot, she slipped out the case and handed it to Julia.

Julia looked at it and looked back at Carolyn, expecting an explanation on what she was holding.

'Gordon Lightfood. Go to 'If you could read my mind.' Exactly what you're looking for.' Julia nodded, and got up, brushing off her brightly coloured dress.

'Just a tip, you might want to hide your lava lamp. I found Barnabas peering into your room, he thought it was some sort of blood holder, something ridiculous.'

She waved her hand towards the lava lamp, leaving the room.

'Just as ridiculous as him being a vampire, right?' Carolyn smirked.

'What?' Julia felt her stomach turn, spinning around. Did she know? Did Elizabeth tell her?

'Julia, you should know by now that this house is full of secrets. You can't expect someone not to find everything out by the end of the day.' Her eyes bore into Julia's, letting her know that she wasn't scared.
Julia glared back, and left, slamming the door and headed for her room to wait for Victoria.

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