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I'm alone. My family are dead; well as far as I know. The last time I saw my mom was back in district 13 when the bombs went off. I saw a gap under the fence but just as I got under, another bomb went off. I saw my sister again about 20 minutes later; there were no more bombs but now we were racing through a forest fire. I couldn't hug her or speak to her but I had a few heavenly minutes seeing her. The only problem was she looked terrified and I was terrified; for both of us. Then a tree fell down and I couldn't see her. I hope with all my heart she and my mother are together. But I can't think about them now. I don't know where I'm going; somewhere, anywhere. I've only been passed one district since district 13 and that was district 11. I was going to try and sneak in and maybe stay there for a few days, but there were at least five of those… guard guys in one section of the fence. I have no weapons so I'm without meat and I barely know my plants so I haven't had a lot of anything. It's only been a couple of days so I'm ok, if not pretty hungry. Wait, what's that. Please let it be a fence; it is! As I get closer I try and get an idea of how many guards I need to avoid. There's one in a tower and one by the fence itself. But… there's a corner that's barely in their sights. I'll still have to be quick, but I have a chance. Ok, 1 2 3, GO. I sprint for the corner and from the corner of my eye see the peacekeeper nearer to the actual fence look up briefly. Now I need to be careful. I don't know whether this fence is electrified. Well here goes nothing; I close my eyes and stick out my index finger. I wince when I feel the shock. I hear someone snigger nearby.

"Come out coward!" I growl, almost certain it's a little kid.

"Well, well, well… trying to sneak it are we?" comes the voice of boy and he isn't little.

This boy is older than me, at least 18 surely (I'm just 16 now). He has black hair and ragged clothes on. I self-consciously straighten down my auburn hair.

"Look are you going to help me or not?" I ask impatiently; I still need to get in here and that peacekeeper's gonna hear something in a minute.

"Hold it sweet cheeks, what's your name?" he smirks.

"Angel; Angel West."

"Angel West? Sounds like you're on the wrong side of the tracks Angel."

"What's yours then?"

"Who wants to know?"

"The more impatient version of the girl who just asked."

"Woah, settle down halo. The name's Johnny."

He lifts up part of the fence without being shocked at all. I blink at him until he says "Come on, before this thing gets hot again!" I crawl under, trying to be quick but cautious.

"I guess I better explain since you're not a townie. This is district 8; you happen to be in an area called The Eye. It's called The Eye cos it's where all the "little people" live. Also known as anyone who isn't a friend of our big wig Mayor, Ned Chancy. Now let me tell ya bout Ned Chancy; in district 8, the mayor thing, isn't a vote in system or some achievement, it's a family heirloom. The point is, he's as high and mighty as it gets although at least he keeps away from The Eye. If you don't already know, the Hunger Games are back again; they only just got the peacekeepers in and boy are they a bunch of punks. Except these two guys, Randy and Luigi; they give us free food and shit so they're ok. Randy was the one guarding the fence which probably why he turned a blind eye when he clearly saw you coming. Anyway, welcome to our little slice of paradise."

We stand in an ally; the ground is filthy and the "paradise" Johnny is on about lies behind an old looking green curtain. Inside is another girl plus 2 other boys.

"Hey get your asses up you guys; we've got company" Johnny demands.

"Oh come on Johnny, we told ya not to bring you're sluts back here" the girl complains, then she looks at me.

"Carmen give me some credit; I don't just bring random whores home anymore. This is Angel."

"She certainly sounds like a whore."

"Nice to meet you too" I pipe up and Carmen glares at me.

Johnny takes my hand and leads me to the other two boys.

"This here is Switch" he gestures to the boy on the left "and this is Nick" he gestures to the other boy.

"The pleasure's all mine" Nick says in Capitol like accent.

"Yeah… me too" I nod.

"Woop" the other boy says, nodding his head to non-existent music.

Johnny sits on the unoccupied arm chair (unoccupied because of the spring sticking out) and lays back.

"So this my family" Johnny smiles, referring to his friends.

"But what happened to you're actual family?" I ask.

"They died; all of our families did, one way or another. My ma starved to death."

"Radiation poisoning" Carmen says when I look at her.

"Some rat shot my brother and my dad cos they were "stealing." Just cos some of that grain was being used to feed our family instead of goin to the Capitol" snarls Nick, revealing the accent to be fake.

"Woop, woop woop" snarls Switch.

"What's your story Halo?" Johnny looks at me sympathetically.

"I'm from district 13" I simply say.

They all go silent, understanding instantly.

"You can stay with us sweetie" suggests Carmen.

"But- I need to find my family… in case their still alive" I explain.

"You can be part of our family now" Johnny concludes.

That was last year. The Crazy 8's (a nickname made up by the people who claimed the member's used morphling) really have become like family. Carmen's kind of a bitch but we've still became friends, even though she still calls me "Johnny's Whore" and "Slut" like they're nicknames. Nick's insanely smart and is like Johnny's second in command. I'm sure Switch is really nice too; not that I understand him. As for Johnny, well, he's kind of special. Last year I missed the reaping but this year I could be in trouble. In The Crazy 8's, we take turns getting tesserae but because we're all 17 (even Johnny, despite looking older) we're in six times already. I dunno, maybe it's not so bad but I just have this bad feeling you know, that in a few weeks, I could be heading to the arena.

So the district 9 female is obviously already taken. By the way, I won't be doing a sponsorship system, just because last time it got too complicated. I will try and do tiny competitions every so often though and the winner gets a sponsor gift.