The Tributes' Families

My new story, "Once Upon a Massacre: The 80th Hunger Games" is up now so if you've reserved a place or if you want to submit a tribute, then take a look. This is just a short summary basically of what happened to the tributes' families. Enjoy the Chapter and May the Odds be Ever in Your Favour!

Scout Parker's funeral was attended only by his two sisters. His best friend, Alexis was forced to attend Whittier Lear's instead, a funeral to celebrate "a true district 1 Career through and through." The sobbing of Chiffon Lear echoes through the room. But times goes on; they say one Gracie Parker grew up to become a bitter thug, making potential Careers fear leaving the training centre alone.

The attendees of Aurora Felici's funeral are arrested on suspicion of conspiring in her "crimes". Lupus Cobaine's funeral is completely empty; nobody wants to mourn a man defeated by his own lustfulness. Seven of the twenty two arrested disappear including Aurora's sister Opal. Some believe they were executed, others that they were beaten black and blue then made into Avoxes, unrecognisable as themselves.

There are no funerals for Annaliese or Clio Slate. They're bodies are sent to district 3 but never accepted by the family. So the two are forgotten- nobody cares. Their bodies go missing. The two serve as true ghosts of the games, as if they never truly existed.

Laila Wolf scares a bunch of district 4's from the training centre into attending her sister's funeral, swearing that the spirit of "Lupa" will come after them as it's came after her. Not a lot of people believe it but attend out of respect for the new "Lupa". Dusty Abernez' funeral is attended by his parents and surprisingly, Sandy, though it's questioned if she's just there in case the event is televised. It's sad even in death Dusty is used.

Mai Moonheart's funeral is full of flowers; her mother thought Mai would have wanted her funeral to be bright and beautiful. All she ever wanted was for everyone to be happy. Her father awaits trial, having caused "disturbance" through the streets when his daughter died. Riddell Thicket's funeral is small and simple. Oddly his whole family seem guilty rather than sad, other than his sister Electra who just cries by herself. She hasn't spoken in weeks.

Ares and his mother disappeared on the train. Nobody ever did find out where they ended up. Well, anyone who did never spoke about it. Anna sat in Juliette's funeral repeating "I'm sorry Juliette" until she was hoarse and then continued to mouth it for hours. Her family comfort her best they can, though they soon come to realise Anna is as quiet as their daughter was now. She was silenced by her guilt.

Lewis Simmons's family don't attend his funeral; instead they spend the day playing half-hearted pranks on each other. They're sadness still comes through but nobody said obliging the dead's wishes was easy. Nicole Jade Smith's death is celebrated- people are glad not to owe her anymore. Only her ex-boyfriend Cole mourns her, blaming himself for her kills, as she had intended.

Like with the Slate siblings, Angel West's funeral doesn't happen. This is the Capitol's doing but they can't change the fact that Angel was loved; not just by her family but by others in district 8. She'll never be forgotten to them. Jayden Williams's funeral is more like a club opening with a man standing by the door to stop certain people getting in. There are a lot of cat fights on that day.

Cersai Grace Helms's funeral is empty other than her brother, but this made up for as her father is arrested for his abuse towards his family, reported by Garrett for Cersai so he could say what they both always wanted to. Terrian Demetrius funeral is full of family including a very confused Riley who wonders if she could have done something to stop what happened.

Mali tearfully carves "Reedman Phelps" into the wall below the names of last year's dead tributes. She underlines his name just so it sticks out. His family watch from afar. This has more worth to them than a Capitol arranged funeral. In contrast, Ruby Rachel Rodriguez's funeral is full to the brim. Not a single person is kicked out.

Luke Matthew Pond and Jenneth Myra Speare have a joint funeral where both Ruby and Percy mourn their lost loves neither quite understanding the nature of their "relationship". Peacekeepers keep out Jenneth's sisters only offering a sinister trade for their entry. They catch the eye of Luke's family; nothing is said but Luke's father places a flower on Jenneth's coffin for them.

Coal Hartcell has no one. His body is dumped in the forest near district 12. Eventually a family of badgers nests nearby, possibly children of Lala. The attendants of Dandelion Wildflee's funeral are mainly coal miners; as speeches are given, a quiet, solemn humming can be heard.

So this is it. As one story ends, another begins but I just want to thank all those who submitted and those who have supported this story. Thank you so much; I enjoyed writing this story and hope that the next one is even better.