Chapter 1

Veronica's stomach was doing summersalts when she arrived back in Neptune. She didnt know whether it was from the airplane food or if it was because of the lie she was probably going to have to tell her father about why she was coming home unannounced.

She hadn't been home in almost 3 years not since Keith & Alicia's wedding. Sure he would love the fact his only child was home but just because he's the sheriff now and not a P.I doesn't mean the man lost his ability to see right through her. You'd think at age 27 by now she would've gotten better at lying to her dad rather worse. She sat in her car and thought back to what caused her to make an abrupt return to Neptune.

After graduating from Hearst and being accepted into the bureau she moved to Virginia to become an F.B.I agent under the alias Rachel Marks. The name change was just her way of wanting a new start and not wanting to be found by anyone in her past. Because of her small stature and looks she worked mostly undercover as young decoys usually taking down pedophiles and child rapists. Life was good for Rachel Marks a job doing what she loved taking down scum she even managed to have a social life. She had just purchased a loft everything was going great until she was assigned to her next case. Working as an escort where she unintentionally stumbled upon on a local sex trafficking ring. She didn't tell her boss about what she discovered because of course she thought she could handle it, how wrong she was. Instead of going to her captain she decided to gathered information took pictures and planted bugs she was going to nail these assholes to the wall. Until she was made out as an agent, after caught retrieving a bug she had planted the one day she decided not to pack any heat or a taser. They kidnapped and tortured her. When her captain hadn't heard word from her in 24hrs a search was put in motion for FBI agent Rachel Marks.

There was another undercover agent working the same case posing as a madam. The agent got wind that the boys were holding a FBI agent captive. She snuck in a few times at night to seek information from Rachel who was out cold the first couple of days. When the agent returned the third night Rachel was finally awake and able to tell the agent who she was so she could get word to her captain. It took awhile before the agent was able to make a call to her chief so everynight until then she would come in and reassured Rachel everything was going to be ok.

They found her 8 days later unconscious beated badly and bruised in the basement of a whore house. When Rachel finally came to she was told they found her with the help of another federal agent. Immediately Rachel wanted to thank the agent who ultimately saved her life. Unfortunately Agent Natara Sanchez was killed after her cover was blown the same night she made the call to her captain.

Rachel went the next couple of months trying to get her life back together but she never did. All she could think about was agent Sanchez and how she risked her own life for someone she didn't even know. She had a nightmare everynight for 3 months without fail until sleeping aids became her best friend. Her tormentors and Natara's killers were tried and sentenced to life imprisonment. You'd think that would put her at ease but it did nothing. She couldn't escape what happened her story was on the news an plastered on the front page of every newspaper. So she did what she did best she ran from her troubles. Now a year later she finds herself selling her loft and turning in her gun and badge. She booked a one way trip back to Neptune, California no longer Rachel Marks just a slightly bruised and broken Veronica Mars.