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Veronica didn't have to knock when she got to Logan's he had informed her to let herself in whenever she arrived. V walked into his home amazed at its contents especially the artwork that was hung throughout.

"You like?" Logan asked sneaking up behind her. "Trina painted them, who knew the old girl actually had talent." He added

"They're amazing I'm even more amazed that you have them in your home I thought you two hated eachother." Veronica replied following him into the kitchen.

"We're on better terms now she was even living with me for awhile at one point. At the end of the day she's the only family I have God knows I can't afford to lose her too." Logan stated
"Dinners almost ready you want to join me on the deck for a drink?" He asked Veronica changing the subject.

"Sure but don't try to serve me any of those girly drinks I'll have what you're having." She told him with a grin

"2 shots of whiskey coming right up." Logan said challenging to see if she was really up for the task.

"Bring it on Echolls." She quipped

Logan was surprised to see her gulp down the first two shots with ease. Who would of thought Veronica Mars was a fan of hard liquor? He figured two would be both of their limit there were still questions to be answered and he needed her sober.

"Dinner is served." Logan announced as he brought the food out onto the deck. It was too much of a beautiful evening to spend it inside. Not to mention his home was located right on the beach giving them a perfect view of the sunset.

Veronica was immediately shocked and flattered to see Logan had prepared her favorite meal lasagna homemade breadsticks and a freshly made salad.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you were trying to win me over Mr. Echolls." Veronica said taking a bite of her food.

"Well you know what they say. The way to a Mar's heart is through her stomach." Logan replied giving her a smile.

The pair finished dinner then walked inside and sat in front of Logans fireplace. It was quiet for a moment then Veronica spoke "If my heart is all you're after Logan you've got it you've always had it." She told him just hopes he still wanted it after she told him everything. "Ask me anything I promise to be as honest as possible." Veronica told him taking off her boots to get comfortable on the floor.

Logan had a million questions running on a loop inside his head. No since in beating around the bush he asked the most obvious one. "Why are back in Neptune Veronica?" He asked

She expected that question it only made sense he'd ask. Veronica took a deep breath and started.

"Last year I was working a case posing as an escort, one night I was working and stumbled upon a sex trafficking ring. Instead of relaying knowledge to my captain naturally I decided to try and solve the case myself. Bad idea, needless to say I was made as an agent and I was kidnapped." She stopped and looked at Logan whose eyes were locked in on her.

Veronica hesistantly continued "They tortured and beat me for days I didn't think I'd make it out alive. There was another agent working the same case undercover her name was Natara Sanchez. And every night she came and reassured me everything would work out. She risked her life saving mine they killed her after she got word to the bureau about me being held captive."

Logan was barely holding his composure but didnt interrupt her instead he held her hand seeing that she was beginning to shake.

"One night she never came back and I was beat even more ruthlessly than before for idk how many days. Next thing I know I wake up in the hospital and I'm told Natara was killed. My attackers are in prison serving life sentences but I never fully recovered. I blamed myself for getting Natara killed I couldn't deal and just like you said I ran from my problems and now I'm here back in Neptune." She didn't know she was crying until Logan wiped her eyes.

There was silence as Veronica looked at Logan his eyes who were brimming with tears. His emotions were out of control he was angry she kept this a secret she could've called him. He also felt pain for her she went through this traumatic ordeal then had to keep it a secret from everyone she loved. He didn't know what else to do but pull her in close and held her as she cried. Veronica thought telling her dad was hard but telling Logan felt 10x's worse. When she finally stoped crying she pulled away and waited for Logan to speak.

"I wish you would've told me I know it was nothing I could really do but I could've just been there with you. Don't ever think you can't talk to me I don't care if we just finished tearing each others heads off you can come to me Veronica. " Logan said with letting his tears fall.

"You mean you still love me? How could you love someone who's broken? Do you really wanna get swept up In hurricane Veronica again.?" She asked Logan

"You're not broken and I never stopped loving you Veronica you've been with me through accused murder trials my moms death pissing off mob families the whole nine yards. I think the real question is are you willing to get swept up in Hurricane Logan?"

She let out a slight chuckle. "I love you Logan" Veronica told him looking directly in his eyes. Logan's eyes grew wide that was the first time Veronica had ever said those words aloud.

"Come again?" Logan said smiling wanting to hear those words again.

Obviously they've loved eachother for a decade she had just never actually said the words out loud.

"I love you Logan now please just fucking kiss me." Veronica told Logan who happily obliged.

Hours later the duo found themselves tangled up in the sheets of Logan's bed. "Down boy" Veronica said catching her breath "I still think you should consider going pro in that" she informed him.

Logan laid there playing in her hair while Veronica propped up on her elbow so she face him. "So now what?" She asked

"What do you mean" Logan asked brushing the hair out of her face.

"I mean what are we doing? Was this just pitty sex or are we seriously about to embark on another roller coaster ride of 'Epic' love?" Veronica asked

"Veronica I can't promise I won't ever screw up again, because we both know that would be a lie, but I can promise you that there is nobody else I see myself with. This won't be easy I imagine we both still have some growing to do. 6 years ago I asked you to marry me and that offer still stands. I'm not saying it has to happen now. Just know the ball is in your court now whenever you're ready I'll be at the alter waiting." Logan told the love of his life.

"No one writes songs about the ones that come easy right?" Veronica said reciting the same words he used the night he confessed their 'Epic' love to her.

Veronica nestled back into the comfort of Logan's arms. He kissed her forehead as she drifted to sleep. Logan couldn't fall asleep right away his mind was still racing he was glad she was back just not under those certain circumstances. She deserved a piece of happiness and he knew exactly what he was gonna do.