"She's trying to get your attention, Shelby." Will said, sitting in his friend's office.

"Then why doesn't she invite me to dinner or try and talk to me?" Shelby asked. "Punching kids, stealing their money, dying her hair, skipping classes,and god only knows what else she is doing, isn't the way to go."

"The person you just described, Doesn't that remind you of someone else you know?" Will asked and when Shelby didn't figure it out, he replied. "Quinn."

"Right." Shelby breathed, rubbing her face. "It makes sense now."

"Quinn was that girl when you first arrived here but you took her under your wing and got her back on track. Now she's getting her grades up, attending all her classes, and is working three days a week at the bakery in town. You became the mother Judy Fabray is not. You gave her what Quinn needed. And what Quinn needed, is what Rachel wants. A mother. You." Will said. "Rachel tried positive behavior to get your attention to be her mom but you left her and now she thinks she can only have your attention if she is behaving negatively."

"I can't believe I didn't see that on my own."

"You'll get it all figured out." Will said, needing to get to his next hour class. "I know you will."

It was Rachel's lunchtime and the girl was standing just a few feet into the auditorium. Shelby had hardly noticed her new hairstyle and choice in clothing or the way she was acting. It had been time to kick it up another notch, so Rachel informed Will that she was quitting glee. Will had become more concerned now, more than ever and had gone to talk to Shelby. It killed Rachel inside to not be singing anymore but it killed her even more to not be the center of her mom's attention.

It had been nearly three weeks since Shelby started working at McKinley and three weeks since she had sang Somewhere with her daughter. She thought it had broken a little of the tension between her and Rachel, but clearly she was wrong. Shelby began to think about the last few weeks, trying to figure out when the change in Rachel had taken place. The first week after the duet, Rachel would offer small smiles and soft hello's to Shelby. She use to run into Rachel at least three to five times a day but in the last two weeks, Rachel's appearances in the hallway had become increasingly rare.

Rachel swallowed hard and made her way to the edge of the stage, running her hands along the smooth wood flooring. It became too hard for her to be in the auditorium and Rachel rushed out, slamming the door close. Rachel, not feeling up to eating, opted to go outside. The parking lot was packed with cars but strangely Rachel had been able to single out Shelby's black Range Rover. It was her fault she had to do this. It was her fault Rachel had to quit what she loved most, all so her mother would love her just as much as Rachel loved Shelby.

Shelby pushed through the crowd of students, fishing the keys from her briefcase as she reached the door to the parking lot. It was her free period and Shelby wanted to run home and see Beth for awhile before she had to return to school. Balancing a rather large stack of Biology tests, a cup of coffee, and the strap of her briefcase in one arm, Shelby groaned as she continued to look for her keys. She had one class left of the day, followed by TroubleTones rehearsals. The day had been filled with giving out Biology tests and the more she brought home now, the less she had to carry home later.

Her fingers wrapped around the keyring and she let out a low squeal of excitement. Her arm was killing her and she needed to put the papers down. Unlocking her door, Shelby dropped the tests and the cup on her desk and tossed the bag on the back seat. A rock smashed into the side of the car beside her. Shelby quickly spun around, spotting the familiar head of brown hair with purple streaks, running away.

Shelby picked up the rock and quickly walked around her car, getting into the driver's seat. She backed out of her parking spot and headed in the same direction as Rachel, who had hopped into her own car and took off for home. Shelby followed behind Rachel, keeping a safe distance to not be noticed but Rachel had already spotted the SUV and smirked.

Rachel had seen Shelby leaving at this time of day several times over the last few weeks and waited six cars away for the older version of her to come out, then used the rock she had found to throw it at the car. There wasn't major damage, just a little dent and scuff mark from the rock. Shelby was surely mad and would yell at her and maybe even order Rachel to do yard or house work to pay Shelby back. She could use this time with Shelby to prove that she did need a mom.

Minutes later, Rachel pulled into the driveway of her house and casually peered down the street for only a second, seeing Shelby's car rolling to the stop sign before turning down her street. Rachel contained her odd excitement as she entered her house and shut the door. Kicking off her shoes, Rachel went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water from the fridge and as she stepped in to the livingroom, the front door was thrown open.

"Shelby!" Rachel was shocked, legitimately. She expected Shelby to knock first and not just walk into the house.

"Care to explain how this caused damage to the side of my car?" Shelby asked, holding up the rock.

"I haven't the slightest clue." Rachel innocently said, bouncing back from her shock.

"Then explain to me how at the moment the rock hit my car, I saw you running away."

"Got me." Rachel shrugged. "Now if you'd get the hell out of my house, that would be wonderful."

"Watch your language and attitude, Rachel. I am so upset with you right now." Shelby said, shutting the door.

"Boo-hoo." Rachel pouted sarcastically, then rolled her eyes. "I'll let you know when I give a fuck."

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Where do I begin?" Rachel cocked her head.

"I get that you think you had to change your image to get my attention, and I take the blame for making you feel that way. However, you don't need to act out. I'm here."

"Fuck you." Rachel spat.

"I am not warning you again, watch your mouth." Shelby said, pulling Rachel closer to her.

Rachel placed a smirk on her lips and leaned forward just slight, her eyes dancing with defiance. "Your warnings don't mean a damn thing to me, so shove it up your-"

"-don't even."

"Ass." Rachel finished.

Shelby tugged on Rachel's arm, bending the girl at the waist and smacked her skirt covered bottom twice.

"Swear one more time or get an attitude with me and you'll get it worse." Shelby said, standing Rachel straight up.

"You can't do that, you're not my mother." Rachel said, refraining from reaching back to rub her lightly stinging backside.

"Your fathers have given me permission to discipline you as I see fit. " Shelby smirked this time.

"They wouldn't do that." Rachel snapped.

"They would since they were the ones who gave Mr. Motta their recommendation to hire me to Coach a glee club for his daughter. Your dads figured It would be a great idea in order for us to see more of each other and work on mending our past."

"I highly doubt they'd let a rival glee club be created to go up against me and my team."

"Well they did and as much as I didn't want to do it, it was what I needed to get back in your life."

"You were never in it in the first place." Rachel sneered. "And you're not ever going to be, so leave. Now."

"I'm not going anywhere."

"Yes you are. I am an adult and don't need a mom, especially a bitch like you." Rachel narrowed her eyes.

In one swift move, Shelby walked Rachel around the couch and sat down. Rachel gasped when she was tugged over Shelby's lap, her bottom facing up in the air. Her skirt was flipped up and four painful swats were placed on her pantie covered backside.

"Ow! No! Please, stop!" Rachel cried out, reaching her hands back.

"Move your hands." Shelby demanded.

"No more please." She begged.

"I've warned you about swearing at me Rachel." Shelby said, moving Rachel's hands away herself and continued smacking the girl's backside. "Whether you want to accept it now or later, you will do as I say. Do you understand me?"

Shelby stopped her spanking to get an answer from her daughter but Rachel didn't say a thing and she brought her hand down once more, harder than before.

"I want an answer."

"Yes." Rachel stammered.

"Good." Shelby stood Rachel up and got to her feet as well. "I've been speaking to your dads since the days leading up to my return to Lima. They have been really supportive and have been pushing me to work things out with you. I want to be your mom and be there, Rachel. On my way here, I updated your dads on your behavior and they have asked me to take you back to my home until they return from their trip in three days."

"This is bullsh-"

"Rachel!" Shelby chastised.

"Bull crap." Rachel covered. "I do not need to be babysat. I am almost eighteen."

"Yet your behavior doesn't show that." Shelby said. "And you are coming to stay with me. Now go upstairs and pack a bag to get you through to Saturday. I need to step outside to make a phone call and expect you to be at my car in ten minutes."

Rachel stomped past Shelby and up to her room. Shelby walked outside and called Figgins to get someone to cover her last class and to have him inform the TroubleTones that rehearsal was canceled for the day. Hiram had called Figgins to excuse her from school the rest of the day and then told Shelby to have Rachel call them after dinner.

Shelby waited at her car and eleven minutes later, Rachel came outside with her book bag and clothes. Shelby opened the back door for Rachel to put her things in. The teen slammed the door shut and mumbled a few choice words under her breath that Shelby didn't miss and as Rachel walked past her, Shelby made it clear that Rachel had been heard.

Once at Shelby's, Rachel grabbed her bags and followed Shelby into the condo. Beth and her nanny, Grace, were sitting on the floor playing with Beth's pretend tea set. Grace and Beth got up and greeted Shelby, with the youngest flying into Shelby's arms.

"Momma!" Beth babbled, nuzzling her mom's neck.

"Satan is more like it." Rachel grumbled. Shelby narrowed her eyes in her direction and Rachel only shrugged and dropped her bags at the door, slumping on to the couch.

"Rachel come back over here, I'd like you to meet Beth's nanny and you will not be rude." Shelby said, moving Beth to her hip. "This is Grace; Grace this is my eldest daughter, Rachel."

"It's nice to meet you, Shelby talks a lot about you. Good things." Grace added, holding out her hand for Rachel to shake.

"If only I had nice things to say about Shelby." Rachel remarked, ignoring Grace's extended hand.

"Rachel!" Shelby growled.

"I guess I'll head out." Grace said, grabbing her purse from the counter and moving to the door after kissing Beth's cheek. "See you tomorrow."

"Bye, Grace." Shelby waved in a childish voice, getting Beth to wave as well. Once the door was closed and the three girls were alone, Shelby turned to Rachel to introduce the sisters. "Can you say hi to Rachel?"

"Hi." Beth blushed, wedging her head into Shelby.

"Ugh, she looks like Quinn." Rachel groaned and walked back over to the couch. "What the hell do you have to do around here besides play with the kid?"

"I've asked you to not swear, especially around Beth. She is repeating everything nowadays."

"Of course, we wouldn't want the little spawn spewing out bad words."

"Don't refer to her as spawn again." Shelby's eyes hardened.

"Whatever." Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I am not putting up with this for three days, Rachel, so you need to figure out how to drop the sassy mouth."

"Look." Rachel said, standing up. "I don't want to be here and I am not going to act all happy about being here. There's nothing you can do to change it. So deal with it. "

Shelby shook her head and carried Beth down the hallway to her nursery. She got Beth settled in her crib with her blanket and her pacifier. She turned on some soft and quiet music to help Beth fall asleep. Gently closing the door, Shelby hoped the girl would go down for her early evening nap.

Rachel had made herself at home, feet on the table and watching some TV. Shelby walked between the couch and the coffee table, pushing Rachel's legs down and grabbed the remote from the teen.

"What the fuck?" Rachel sat up.

"Keep it down, Beth is trying to take a nap." Shelby said, as she placed the remote out of Rachel's reach. "I was going to wait until after dinner but clearly you can't restrain yourself after the many warnings I have given you."

Shelby stood up and went into the kitchen, opening a drawer that held mixing spoons and over cooking utensils. She returned to the livingroom and placed the spoon on the coffee table in front of Rachel. The quick look on Rachel's face told Shelby Rachel knew what was coming.

"Your dads figured you'd panic when you saw a wooden spoon."

"I don't know what you are talking about." Rachel said, her voice was dry.

Wooden spoon spankings were saved for when she had done something really bad. Like the time her dads found out about her sending Sunshine to the crack house and the time she called Shelby a stupid bitch.

It had been after Rachel and Shelby's Poker Face duet. Rachel had gone home afterwards and told her fathers what had happened. The two were aware of what had been said as Shelby called them prior to meeting up with Rachel to explain her reasoning for leaving Rachel. The men offered to work out a visitation and custody arrangement but Shelby still believed it would confuse Rachel. During her rant about Shelby, the words stupid bitch had been said and it didn't sit well with either man. Hiram had Rachel over his lap in seconds, lecturing her as his quick and hard hand paddled her skirt covered backside. He allowed Rachel to be mad at Shelby but disrespecting her in that manner wouldn't be tolerated. After giving her bottom a nice warm up, he sent Rachel to fetch the wooden spoon that was always hanging on the side of the fridge. Rachel hoped Hiram would deliver this part of the spanking, as Hiram wasn't as strong as Leroy. However, Leroy had taken over Hiram's spot on the chair and held out the hand for the spoon. She was glad her dads always kept her skirt in place as it offered a slight cushion to the blows but not enough. Leroy made a strong point to the girl that without Shelby, she wouldn't be alive and the men wouldn't have their perfect family. Poor Rachel had a sore bottom for two days.

"Your fathers have given me the task to carry out your punishment and have also asked me to take away your phone until they get back. They'll be having their own talk with you about the problems you've been causing at school when they come home but want you to at least have some sort of punishment for that."

"Isn't getting spanked enough?" Rachel asked, folding her arms.

"Actually, the spanking is for the damage you have caused to my car, which you will be paying for that but we will discuss that later, and cursing at me for the tenth time, knowing I wasn't okay with that." Shelby explained. "Since I am not able to take anything away from you or ground you, your dads agreed to another spanking."

"You told them about the first?"

"Yes. And they believed you deserved that one and the one you are about to get."

"Well I don't agree with it."

"And that's fine but it's still happening." Shelby said, taking a hold of Rachel's elbow. The girl protested but Shelby was stronger and got Rachel over her lap. "Fighting it is only going to get you more swats."

"Please don't." Rachel begged.

This is not at all what Rachel thought was going to happen in her plan for Shelby's attention. She thought about telling Shelby about her plan but was afraid her punishment might be worse that she was anticipating.

She kicked her legs, nearly kicking Shelby in her face and the mom pushed Rachel's legs down, hooking on her legs over to keep Rachel still. A well placed hand around Rachel's waist, kept the girl from wiggling off Shelby's lap.

"You are getting spanked. You act like an immature child and you get punished as an immature child." Shelby said, landing a well placed swat to the center of Rachel's skirted bottom. The girl yelped and let out a whimper as her butt was still slight sore from earlier. "I know you are angry with me but that doesn't give you the right to damage my car. If your fathers did something to upset you, would you dent their car?"

"No." Rachel cried out. She wasn't in tears yet but they were building.

"Exactly." Shelby said, giving the girl her fourth swat since being over her knee moments ago. "I worked hard for that car-"

"-you got it from the booster club." Rachel chose the stupidest time to point out.

Without Rachel's knowledge, Shelby reached for the wooden spoon and flipped up her skirt, three cracks filled the room and Rachel's tears were finally released. The spoon was placed down and Shelby resumed her hand spanking, still over her panties, deciding the girl had lost the privilege of the thin cushion.

"I worked hard to receive the recognition from the booster club." Shelby explained.

"Okay. I'm sorry please stop." The teen cried out. Her bottom was on fire from the spoon and Shelby's strong hand. "I'm sorry!"

"Not yet you aren't." Shelby said, knowing Rachel would say anything to end the spanking. "I seem to recall you being asked and told to not swear, yet you kept doing it even though I spanked you for it once already. I will not tolerate such language from my child. Either one of them and if I so much as hear a fowl word come from Beth's mouth, you will have a redder bottom than you do right now, plus you will be tasting soap for a week."

"I promise, I won't swear in front of Beth." Rachel said without instructions and Shelby smiled; her first real spanking was seeming to be having an effect.

The spanking stopped but Shelby held Rachel in place, rubbing slow and loving circles on the girl's lower back. Rachel was crying but not sobbing. As much as it killed Shelby to be making Rachel cry, she knew it would do the girl good in the long run. As Rachel's cries died down to hiccups, Shelby asked Rachel for the spoon that had been knocked to the floor by Rachel's most recent attempt to stop Shelby's hand.

"No." Rachel shook her head.

"Now, Rachel." Shelby sternly said. "I don't want to use it anymore than I plan too."

"It hurts." Rachel whimpered, referring to her hot pink and in some places, red butt.

"We're almost done." Shelby assured her, softening her voice just a tad. "Give me the spoon."

Another whimper came from Rachel as she passed the spoon behind her to Shelby.

"I am going to say the curse words that you've said and for each word I want you to tell me how many times you've said them." Shelby said. She laid the spoon on Rachel's back and used both hands to tug Rachel's panties down to sit at Rachel's mid thighs.

"Shelby p-"

"They're staying down for this part." Shelby cut her off and picked up the spoon. "How many times have you said hell?"

"Two." Rachel whispered after thinking about it.

"Louder." Shelby instructed.

"Two." Rachel said in a normal speaking voice.

Two paddles were given to Rachel and she cried out with each swat.


"One." Rachel said, receiving one swat.


"One." And another swat came down.

"Bitch?" Shelby asked. "When you said it under your breath in the car counts as well."

"Twice." Rachel sobbed.

"And your favorite word, fuck."

"Four." Rachel said and braced herself for the four painful spanks.

Shelby tossed the spoon on the couch and raised her hand, giving five more spanks, one for each word and pulled the girl's pink panties up over her hips, then stood Rachel up.

"I love you Rachel and I want to be your mom. If I didn't, then I wouldn't be bothering with the spanking." Shelby said, wiping some of the snot and tears from Rachel's face with her sleeve.

To end the spanking Shelby did what her own mother use to do after her spankings. She grabbed a chair from the kitchen and placed it in a free corner and ordered Rachel to sit down to calm down and think about her punishment and actions.

Shelby stepped back into the kitchen and began searching for something vegan friendly for dinner. She occasionally glanced over to Rachel, noticing the girl squirming to get comfortable and hissing when her bottom pressed into the wooden seat. Rachel would definitely be feeling this for a while.

When Rachel finished crying, Shelby waited an extra three minutes and used the time to slip into her sleeping toddler's room to grab two wipes from their case on the changing table. She nudged Rachel's leg, getting the teen to turn towards her. Rachel kept her eyes cast down to the floor as Shelby wiped her face completely clean of the tears, boogers, and heavy eye make up.

"Would you have done this to Beth? If she was in my shoes?"

"You bet." Shelby nodded. "I wouldn't tolerate swearing, damaging someone else's property or yelling at me either. I make sure all my kids are treated the same, no matter how they got to be my daughters."

"Okay." Was all Rachel could say in response but she did open her mouth to say something and then closed it.

"What is it?" Shelby asked, slipping her fingers under Rachel's chin to force the girl to look at her.

"After my dads spank me, they give me a glass of water and hold me." Rachel chewed on her lip.

"Do you want me to do the same?"

"You don't have too." Rachel replied.

"But do you want me too?" Shelby asked.

"Please?" Rachel nodded with a soft reply.

Without another word, Shelby went into the kitchen and poured a cold bottle of water into a tall glass. She took Rachel's hand and walked her over to the recliner that rocked. Rachel sat more on her hip than her butt as she nestled into Shelby. She took a few sips of the water and gave the glass back to Shelby for the mom to place it on the side table.

Shelby rubbed soft circles on Rachel's back and moved to Rachel's bottom. The girl tensed up but relaxed when she realized what Shelby was doing and cuddled into Shelby like Beth had done earlier. Shelby hummed a series of tunes, ranging from Broadway to Barbra to Faith Hill and during her humming of Wicked's I'm Not That Girl, Shelby felt Rachel's breath even out on her chest and she glanced down, finding the girl asleep.

Shelby didn't have the heart to move Rachel over to the couch; she liked this position. Dinnertime was coming up and Beth would be up soon. Shelby wanted to stick as much to Beth's routine as possible and so she grabbed the house phone off the table beside her and quietly ordered some dinner for the three of them. She used her toes to gently rock the recliner as she placed several kisses on Rachel's temple and forehead.

A short time later, Shelby heard the muffled cries from Beth's nursery and she carefully moved Rachel to lay on the couch. The girl shuffled only a little bit and fell right back to sleep. Beth needed a new diaper and the pacifier she had dropped while she was sleeping. She would have kept Beth in the nursery to play to let Rachel sleep but the food would be arriving in the next few minutes.

Dinner went well without much of an attitude from Rachel and Shelby was grateful. Beth had shared Shelby's spaghetti dinner and ended up wearing most of it and now needed a bath. Rachel was asked to clean up the take out mess and stack up the dirty dishes. The girl huffed and got off her stool, slamming it against the floor as she pushed under the counter top of the island. Shelby told Rachel to mind her temper and Rachel rolled her eyes.

"Where is this coming from? You were fine during dinner."

"I don't want to clean up." Rachel folded her arms.

"There's like small bit of garbage and three plates to stack up. It won't take more than a few minutes and then you can hang out for the rest of the night before bed."

"It's your house, you clean up." Rachel sassed.

"I am not arguing with you Rachel, clean this up before I finish with Beth's bath." Shelby said and walked out of the room.

The plug was pulled from the drain and the water, mixed with remnants of bubbles, emptied from the tub and Shelby wrapped Beth up in a warm fluffy towel. She walked the toddler into the nursery and laid her on the changing table, beginning to dry her off and then taping a diaper on her. Shelby got the buttons fastened on Beth's footed sleeper and set Beth on the floor, letting her walk to the livingroom to get her toys. Shelby entered the livingroom behind Beth and placed her hands on her hips as Rachel was sitting on the couch with her feet up on the coffee table. The kitchen hadn't been touched.

"Rachel! I specifically told you to clean up."

"I'll do it later." Rachel said, flipping through the television channels.

"You're going to do it now." Shelby said, taking the remote from Rachel and turning off the TV.

"Back off!" Rachel shouted.

"Hey! Do not yell at me." Shelby snapped. "I am not telling you again to get up and clean off the island or you will find yourself in your room for the rest of the night."

"I don't have a room here." Rachel sassed.

"You know what I meant." Shelby sighed. "Now, go."

"No." Rachel stood her ground and refused to move.

"Fine." Shelby said, grabbing Rachel by the arm and dragging her to the room she was going to be sharing with Beth. "I'll be in shortly to set up the air mattress for you, until then you can sit on the floor or Beth's glider. Take your pick."

Rachel narrowed her eyes at Shelby and the mom closed the door, going to the front closet near the door to grab the boxed up mattress. Sliding the door closed, Shelby heard some loud slamming and thud noises came from the bedroom and Shelby growled, dropping the box on the floor where she stood. As she opened the bedroom door, one of Beth's tiny shoes flew across the room, nearly hitting Shelby in the face.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Shelby exploded, seeing the mess that had been made by the angry teen. "Pick this up right now!"

"You! It's the spawn's shit!" Rachel hollered.

Shelby got dangerously close to Rachel and held her in place using a tight grip on Rachel's wrist. "I told you to not call her that."

"I don't care." Rachel said, using the same low voice as Shelby. She ripped her arm from Shelby and moved out of the room and into the livingroom, kicking one of Beth's toys out of her way.

"Do not walk away from me." Shelby said, standing in front of Rachel.

"Get away from me." Rachel said, moving away from Shelby.

"You're acting like a child. Beth doesn't throw tantrums like this and she's a toddler."

"Good for the spawn." Rachel said, making sure to put emphasis on the last word.

"I am fed up with this behavior." Shelby said, stomping past Rachel and made her way towards the nursery. "If you're going to keep acting like a child, then you're going to be treated like a child."

"What are you gonna do? Ban me from watching Sesame Street for two weeks?" Rachel scoffed, sitting on the couch as Rachel left the room.