"Open your mouth, Rachel." Shelby demanded for the third time and once again Rachel declined to oblige. "If you're going to behave as a two year old, then I am going to treat you as a two year old until you figure out how to act seventeen."

"No." Rachel stood up from the couch and walked past Shelby to go to the front door. "I'm out of here."

"The hell you are." Shelby said, grabbing Rachel by the wait and pulling her back into the livingroom. "Apparently you have forgotten that you're staying with me until Saturday."

"I am not going to use a pacifier and I am not staying here." Rachel said, struggling against Shelby.

"Stop." Shelby ordered but Rachel kept fighting. She grabbed the wooden spoon that was still in the livingroom and used it on Rachel's backside four times, making Rachel rock on her tip toes.

"Ow! Shelby ow!" She cried out.

"Are you going to stop and listen to me?" Shelby asked, holding the spoon out and waiting to see if Rachel was going to need another swat.

"Yes!" Rachel said as the four spanks from the spoon and re-lit the fire on her tender bottom.

Shelby dropped the spoon on the coffee table, the wood spoon loudly clacking on the polished wood of the table. She sat Rachel down and then sat on the edge of the table to talk to Rachel.

"I have told you four times already. As your punishment you will be treated as a two year old seeing as that's how you want to act. Put the pacifier in your mouth and I don't want to hear a peep from you." Rachel snatched the pacifier from her mom's hands and stuck it in her mouth.

Shelby thanked her and sat down on the floor to play with Beth. She invited Rachel to play with them but Rachel refused. Shelby returned to playing with Beth and let Rachel sulk on the couch. Beth helped her mom stack up the blocks to make a tower but as Shelby placed the next block on top, Beth smacked the tower making the tower crumble. This went on for almost forty-five minutes.

She squealed and clapped her hands, babbling "Again, Momma."

"Alright, one more time." Shelby laughed, beginning to stack the wooden blocks again. She heard some noises from Rachel and let out a very light sigh. "I don't like that I had to spank you, Rachel. It's not something I enjoy and wouldn't have ever done it had you listened to me. You may think I'm a witch with a capital B, but I'm really not. I would rather much talk about your bad behavior than to spank you."

"Whatever." Rachel said around her pacifier.

"It took being a mother to Beth to really see that no matter how old you are, you still need a mother figure in your life. I was wrong for saying it was too late for us because it never is and I am sorry it took so long for me to realize it. But I am more sorry that you felt you had to go to this extent to get my attention."

"This is who I am." Rachel said and even she didn't buy that.

Shelby turned her head to look at Rachel, raising her brow. "You don't believe that and I sure don't believe that. You're just like Quinn; lost."

"I'm not like Quinn."

"You might not have gotten pregnant at sixteen or anything like that, I'm talking about emotionally. Quinn had to deal with her mother walking out on her and letting her father kick her out, even though she knew Quinn was pregnant. Quinn couldn't understand how Judy picked Russell over her. You're dealing with me walking out on you and you don't know how to handle it. Whether you want to admit it or not, deep down apart of you wants to give me another chance but you're also afraid that if you let me in, I'll leave you again."

Beth knocked down the tower once more but Shelby didn't rebuild it. Instead, she turned her body so she was facing Rachel. The teen had taken the pacifier from her mouth and was playing with it in her hands, focusing her attention on it.

"I'm here, Rachel." Shelby said, putting her hand on Rachel's knee. "I'm here, baby and nothing is going to make me leave again. Especially when you're crying out for me. We're going to bring the real Rachel Berry back and hopefully find some forgiveness in the process. It won't be easy but if I can find forgiveness for Quinn trying to get Beth taken away, maybe you can find some forgiveness for me."

Shelby checked the time and saw it was Beth's bedtime and she scooped up the toddler, getting to her feet. "I'm going to get her into bed and I will come out and get you ready to go to sleep too."

"It's only nine." Rachel exclaimed.

"It's been a long day and you're going to need your sleep. Tomorrow night, I'll let you stay up until 10:30." Shelby sternly said, leaving no room for argument.

"Fine." Rachel huffed and folded her arms.

Shelby reached down and took the pacifier from Rachel's hand and placed it in Rachel's mouth with ease, stating she felt another tantrum building. Rachel narrowed her eyes at her mother's retreating form but made no move to take the pacifier from her mouth. Shelby carried Beth into her nursery and sat her on the floor to play with a few of her toys while she cleaned up the mess Rachel had made earlier.

"No Momma!" Beth whined as she was lifted out off the floor. She wanted to play longer. "Play!"

"No play tonight." Shelby shook her head.

"Play!" Beth yelled.

"Elizabeth Rachel." Shelby firmly used Beth's full name. "We do not yell at mommy."

Beth's face crumpled into tears as Shelby placed her on her back in her crib. Shelby laid Beth's blanket over her and placed her favorite pacifier in her mouth. Beth quickly stood up and started crying for Shelby to let her out.

"Good night, sweetheart." Shelby said, kissing Beth's cheek and laid her back down. Shelby walked out of the room, leaving the door open just slightly.

"Is she okay?" Rachel asked, hearing Beth's loud wails. She replaced the pacifier in her mouth after she asked her question.

"Yeah, I've just been trying to get her to go to bed on her own for the last few nights. She's been fighting it but she doesn't last as long as she use to the first two nights. It'll only be about five or ten minutes before she goes to sleep." Shelby said, sitting down next to Rachel, noticing the girl fidgeting in her seat.

"It hurts." Rachel blushed, having to change her seating position every few minutes.

"I'm sure you'll be feeling it for awhile." Shelby playfully chuckled. She stood Rachel up and walked her into the bathroom.

Rachel watched as her mother emptied out the bath water from Beth's bath earlier in the evening and she began to refill it. Shelby poured two cap fulls of grape scented bubbles into the running water, making sure the water wasn't overly hot. She turned to Rachel, putting the pacifier on the counter and began to undo the buttons on Rachel's white blouse.

"Shelby?" Rachel stammered.

"I told you, if you're going to act as a two year old, I am going to treat you as a two year old. Maybe this will be a reminder for you when you want to throw a tantrum in the future." Shelby said.

She undid Rachel's shirt and laid it on the counter top beside the pacifier. She turned Rachel to face away from her and she pulled the girl's skirt off with her panties. She tossed the articles of clothing on Rachel's shirt and then unhooked her bra. Rachel climbed into the tub, keeping her arms crossed over her chest, hissing as the water came in contact with her bottom.

"I know baby." Shelby cooed. "Just take your time."

Rachel got as comfortable as she could and leaned back, letting the bubbles cover herself. Shelby grabbed a clean wash cloth from the basket on the counter and pumped some baby wash onto it, adding a little bit of water from the faucet before she turned off the water. Starting at Rachel's toes, Shelby washed Rachel up and used the wash cloth to get Rachel's hair wet. Lathering in some shampoo, Shelby smiled as Rachel relaxed a bit more. With Rachel's hair rinsed free of all the shampoo, Shelby drained the water and grabbed a large bath towel to wrap Rachel in.

The girl let out a little squeak as Shelby carried her bridal style out of the bathroom and into the master bedroom. She was placed on the bed and Shelby left her there, going back into Beth's room. After adopting Beth, Shelby's mom held a baby shower for Shelby, where she received, clothes, blankets, formula, bottles, and other items. Mostly everyone brought a box or two of diapers and wipes. She got all sorts of sizes, all the way up to size six. Beth was still in size three's but would be moving up to four's very quickly. Grabbing one of the four boxes of size six's, Shelby opened the box being careful to not wake up Beth.

Taking a stack of diapers and a new package of wipes, Shelby returned to her bedroom after a short stop in the kitchen and placed the items on her nightstand. Rachel's eyes went wide and she shook her head.

"I can't wear a diaper, I'm seventeen." Rachel said.

"You haven't been acting seventeen." Shelby reminded her for the hundredth time. "So for tonight, you will be wearing a diaper. If I have to fight you on this, you'll be punished further."

Rachel's bottom was already sore enough as it is, another round of spankings wasn't what Rachel wanted. She looked up at her mother and gave a slight nod, then laid on the bed as Shelby instructed. A few tears slid down her face, pooling in her ears as Shelby peeled away the towel and diapered Rachel. Shelby grabbed the pajamas she had retrieved from Rachel's bags in the kitchen and helped the girl into the shorts and tank top.

Shelby brushed Rachel's damp hair and made two perfect french braids, securing each off with a rubber hair tie. While she was doing Rachel's hair, she noticed the girl was wiggling around more than before and whimpered often.

"What's the matter, honey?" Shelby asked, standing Rachel up.

"The diaper. It's rubbing against my backside." Rachel pouted, pulling the fluffy diaper away from her bottom.

Shelby went into the kitchen and brought a pair of cotton underwear from Rachel's bag back into the bedroom. She changed Rachel's diaper and slipped the panties over the girl's small hips. Shelby pulled back her comforter, as she had forgotten to set up the air mattress in Beth's room and the couch wasn't very comfortable to sleep on. Rachel climbed in and laid down on her belly, normally she slept on her back.

Shelby changed into her own pajamas and got into bed next to Rachel after turning out the lights. Using the light of the moon to see, Shelby kissed Rachel's cheek.

"Goodnight baby girl." Shelby whispered, giving her one more kiss. "I love you."

"Goodnight Shelby." Rachel relied.

The room went quiet as the two settled down in the bed. Except Rachel couldn't get comfortable. Her underwear were rubbing against her bottom and she just couldn't find the right position to ease the soreness. She whimpered several times, her last one was tearful. Shelby tugged on the chain of the lamp that sat on the nightstand next to her.

"Rach?" Shelby asked, leaning over Rachel and brushing some hair from her face. "What's the matter?"

"I can't get comfortable." She cried out, her tears hitting the pillow at a steady pace. "They hurt too."

Shelby peeled back the thick comforter and hooked her fingers in Rachel's panties, pulling them off the girl. She covered her back up with the comforter and this seemed to ease the girl's discomfort. Rachel rolled onto her side so she was facing Shelby and she gave a light smile, happy to not have anything irritating her bottom.

The next morning, Rachel woke up to an empty bed but found that Shelby had left her the underwear from last night and her cotton pajama shorts. Slipping them on, she walked out to the kitchen and found her mom and sister eating their breakfast. Beth spotted Rachel first and brightly smiled at the teen.

"Ach! Ach!" Beth shouted, trying to get Rachel's attention but she had trouble forming Rachel's full name.

"Quiet down, Sweetheart. Rachel sees you." Shelby smiled at her youngest. "Good morning Rachel."

"Morning." The half awake girl mumbled, her eyes scrunched closed from the offending bright lights of the kitchen. Shelby had been right about Rachel needing to go to bed early, Rachel was tired as hell.

"I made some Vegan pancakes for you." Shelby said, pulling the stack of pancakes from the oven, where she was keeping them warm. She moved three pancakes to a new plate so Rachel wouldn't burn herself touching the plate from the oven and slid the syrup to the girl. "And here's some left over fruit salad."

"Thanks." Rachel said, snatching a strawberry from the bowl.

"Once you're done eating, you can get dressed. Grace will be here in about twenty minutes so we can leave."

"Okay." Rachel said, eating her pancakes.

She didn't say another word as she continued to eat her breakfast, washing it all down with several gulps of orange juice. She rinsed her plate off in the sink and placed it in the dishwasher as she had seen Shelby do with her own plate. Shelby thanked Rachel and got a muttered you're welcome as the girl retreated to the back of the condo.

"Someone is cranky." Shelby said to Beth.

"I'm not cranky!" Rachel shouted, slamming the door to Shelby's room as she got ready for the day.

"Of course you aren't." Shelby rolled her eyes and got Beth out of her high chair, seeing as she was done eating. Knocking on the door, Shelby opened the door and found Rachel buttoning up a black blouse that matched her black skirt.

"Again with the black?" Shelby questioned.

"It's what I grabbed with you rushing me out of the house." Rachel mumbled.

"After school we can stop by your dads' and get you some other clothes."

"I don't want to wear anything else. This is how I dress now." Rachel said, taking her hair out of her french braids, leaving her hair in it's messy state.

"Right." Shelby said and in her head she added a for now. "Anyway, your shouting and slamming the door isn't tolerated. I believe I have discussed the yelling part with you before."

"You're gonna spank me again?" Rachel scoffed, stacking her clothes in a pile in the corner of the room.

"Like I said Rachel, spanking is a last resort." Shelby said. "I am simply asking that you refrain from doing both of those actions again."

"Fine, now will you get out?" Rachel asked, folding her arms.

"Is something bothering you?"

"No!" Rachel exclaimed. "I just- I need to finish getting ready for school."

Rachel was relieved that Shelby left the room without any further comments and she sat on the edge of the bed. A good nights sleep sure helped her sore bottom, though she knew it was going to be hard to sit all day in school. The discarded diaper from the night before sat at Rachel's feet and she picked it up, holding it in her hands. She couldn't believe she actually liked that Shelby had treated her like a two year old. Was this normal? Rachel felt like she could never rely on Shelby for anything and last night Rachel had to rely on her, even through something as simple as a bath. The doorbell rang and moments later, Shelby called for Rachel. She placed the diaper on the bed and pocketed the pacifier. Shelby was holding Rachel's backpack and her briefcase as she waited by the door.

"Bye Beth." Rachel said, kissing Beth's nearly bald head. "Bye Grace."

Shelby watched Rachel with surprised eyes as this was not the girl she had dealt with minutes ago. Rachel took her backpack from Shelby and started heading out the door. In the car, Rachel reclined the seat back a little and laid her head against the cool glass window.

"Glad to see you're in a better mood now." Shelby commented, getting into the driver's side.

"I'm sorry about earlier, I just wasn't feeling very well." Rachel said with a gentle voice.

"You're sick? Why didn't you say something?" Shelby asked reaching over to feel Rachel's forehead, not feeling a fever.

"It's only a headache. I'm sure it will pass eventually." Rachel said, replacing her head on the window.

"Maybe we should stay home today or go in a few hours late?"

"No. No. I'll be fine." Rachel said. "I don't want you to miss a day of work because of me."

"Sweetie, don't worry about me missing work. If you're sick we should stay home."

"It's okay, really Shelby. I can manage."

"You sure?" Shelby asked and Rachel nodded. "Alright but if you feel worse or it doesn't go away by third period, I'm bringing you home. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes ma'am." Rachel answered and glanced away from Shelby, hiding her rather large smirk.

Shelby instructed Rachel to attend each of her classes and to not miss a single one, unless she needed to go to the nurses office. Rachel rolled her eyes but agreed and they went their separate ways as they entered the school. Rachel sat through her first hour class with her hands in her pockets. The fingers of her left hand, messed with the pacifier in her pocket and she couldn't focus on anything other than how Shelby made her feel last night. Sure her butt hurt like hell the night before and was still kinda sore this morning, having her mom treating her like a kid felt good. Shelby was paying attention to her and doing everything like she does to Beth. Rachel didn't want this feeling to go away, well everything but her sore ass. She wished that would go away already.

On her way to second hour, Rachel spotted Shelby at the end of the hallway, standing by her classroom door. The teacher was scanning the hallway and Rachel figured she was the one Shelby was looking for. She had to be right because the moment Shelby saw her, the woman made her way over to Rachel.

"How are you feeling?" Shelby asked, feeling Rachel's forehead to see if the headache had grown into something more.

"My head still hurts." Rachel pouted. "I think it's from your spanking."

Shelby laughed and brushed some hair from Rachel's face. "Well it's good to know my spanking went right to your head, maybe that means you learned your lesson?"

"I don't know." Rachel shrugged and Shelby raised a brow.

"Do we need a round two?"

"No! No!" Rachel shook her head.

"I thought so." Shelby chuckled. "Anyway, if you don't feel better after this class, come down to my office. I already found someone to take over for me in case I need to leave."

"Okay." Rachel said. "I should go before I am late."

"Alright, go on." Shelby said.

Rachel walked up to the third floor and into her accounting class. Her teacher, Mr. Southers, motioned for Rachel to go over to his desk. She didn't bother to drop her bag off and went directly over to her teacher.

"You're behind on assignments." He said. "Yesterday you failed to turn in your four worksheets."

"That's not right, I had them done and handed them in." Rachel said. While she hadn't been attending much of her classes lately, she made sure to attend accounting as it was her favorite class. "I've never missed an assignment or failed a test in this class. Mr. Southers, you've had me in three classes. You know me."

"I also know you've been skipping other classes and other things, so I don't know who you are." Mr. Southers said. "I am sending you home with this letter and it needs to be signed by a parent and returned to me."

"This is crap!" Rachel exploded. "I know I passed my worksheets forward yesterday."

"I don't have them here, Rachel."

Rachel closed her eyes and pictured the moment yesterday. She specifically remembered passing them to Becca Arline, who then gave them to Artie, who handed them to Kurt, who in turn gave the stack of worksheets to Mr. Southers. She opened her eyes and furrowed her brow.

"I wanna see Becca's worksheets."

"Rachel, I don't-"

"Let me see them." Rachel argued.

Mr. Southers sighed and fished for the worksheets Becca had turned in. Rachel looked at the first worksheet and slammed them on the desk.

"These are mine." Rachel said. "This is my hand writing."


"On the third sheet, second problem there should be a music note drawn beside my answer." Rachel said and waited for her teacher to look. She had been in the middle of working on her assignment when she got an idea for glee and was thinking about it. This was before Rachel decided to leave glee.

"There it is." He said. "I'm sorry Rachel. I will talk to Becca and get this straightened out."

Rachel spotted Becca out in the hallway and became angrier, deciding to take care of the matter herself. Without even thinking, Rachel stormed out into the hallway and shoved Becca into the set of lockers.

"What the fuck, Berry?" Becca shouted, holding a hand to her pulsing forehead.

"You think you're so clever? You think I wouldn't figure out my homework mysteriously disappeared?" Rachel asked, shoving Becca into the lockers again.

"Seriously? It's homework you psycho." Becca exclaimed.

Rachel reeled back and punched Becca in the jaw. The girl fell to the floor and Rachel backed away. Mr. Southers was just about to grab Rachel but the small brunette ran away before he could. With her bag bouncing against her back, Rachel went down to he first floor and fled out the door that led to the football field. She threw her bag to the ground and pulled out her pack of cigarettes from the bag, lighting one up. Classes hadn't begun yet and it was only a few minutes later that Rachel's name was called over the intercom. She slammed her head into the bleachers and winced at the shooting pain. She had not meant to do it so hard.

Putting out the cigarette, Rachel dug into her bag and fished out her body spray. Dousing herself in the perfume, Rachel smelt like a baby prostitute and hoped some of the spray would die down from the light breeze. And of course by coincidence as she walked into the school, Shelby was coming out of her classroom and nearly crashed into Rachel. Shelby had heard Rachel's name being called over the loud speaker and knew it wasn't good and decided to check it out.

"What did you do now?" Shelby asked, her jaw was set in a thin line and Rachel was nervous.

"I have no clue." Rachel squared her shoulders.

"I'm sure."

"What? I don't!" Rachel replied.

"Watch your tone."

"Then go away."

"I am not going anywhere but with you to the office to find out what you did."

"And of course you already think it's because I am in trouble."

"Why else would you be sent to the office?" Shelby asked, crossing her arms.

"Go to hell."

"Hey!" Shelby raised her voice, grabbing Rachel's arm. "Don't you dare start that again. I will not let you get away with cussing at me just because we are in the middle of the school hallway."

"Fuck you and the broom you rode in on." Rachel gritted and she stormed off with Shelby close behind.

Rachel was directed into the principal's office and she closed the door, knowing that Shelby was only feet behind her. Shelby let out a dangerously low growl as she walked in and took a seat next to Rachel and across from Figgins. Shelby had already been in here once this morning regarding Rachel but that was only to alert Figgins that Rachel was staying with her and that as soon as Hiram and Leroy returned to Lima, her rights would be reinstated and Shelby would be legally Rachel's mom.

"It seems Miss Berry here got into a physical altercation with another student, where Rachel shoved Becca Arline into a set of lockers repeatedly and punched her in the face."

"She deserved it!" Rachel defended.

"Hush, you." Shelby chastised.

"Well she did." Rachel huffed. "She stole my homework and claimed it as hers."

"That doesn't give you the right to attack her." Figgins said. "Your accounting teacher was more than ready and capable to handle the situation."

"Well my way was quicker and more effective." Rachel shrugged. Since her sudden change in attitude, no one dared to mess with Rachel. Even the jocks. Not one slushy had been thrown in her direction in weeks! Her personality change was great so far, she was getting Shelby's attention and she wasn't getting bullied. Maybe she shouldn't completely let this side of her go.

"Violence is not condoned in this school. I have no other choice but to suspend you for a week."

"A week!?" Rachel exclaimed, standing up.

"Sit your butt down now!" Shelby bellowed, fed up with Rachel's actions.

"You have been in my office nearly every single day for the last two weeks, perhaps a week suspension is what you need." Figgins said. "You will gather your things and leave the building immediately."

"She will have no problem doing so." Shelby glared at Rachel. "And I will be taking the rest of the day off with her, if that's not a problem."

"Of course not."

Shelby held her tongue through the drive home and merely sent Rachel to her bedroom while she released Grace. Beth was taking her morning nap and Shelby was grateful she could take care of the Rachel issue without a toddler hanging off of her. Rachel, upon hearing the front door closing, walked out of the bedroom and into the livingroom where Shelby was collecting one of Beth's juice filled bottle.

"I told you to stay in my room."

"I didn't want too."

"I don't care what you want, get back in there now."


"Damn it Rachel, do what I tell you."


"Then leave!" Shelby screamed surprising both of them. Rachel was taken back. Shelby was too only she was able to hide it better. "I will call your fathers and have them come home early and you can go home. I want to make this right Rachel and make things work but I will not tolerate your behavior towards me. I have tried talking to you, I have tried spanking you. My only other option is to kick you out of my home until you can find the ability to control yourself. Now, I am going outside to calm down and when I come back in you better either standing right here with your things packed and ready for me to take you to your fathers' house or in my bedroom, ready to apologize." Shelby moved to the door but stopped with the door part way open. "Before I go outside to cool off, I do have one more thing to say to you. I love you Rachel and I want you to stay with me but if you choose to leave, always remember that I am still here for you, whenever you need me."

With that, Shelby went outside leaving Rachel to think.