My muse is a fickle and random thing. I blame my ADHD for that. Sorry. So this is just another little story between Scar/Taka and Nala. Why? Well honestly I was thinking, and that's always a dangerous past time. Well what I was thinking was of the 'what ifs' of the love to hate relationship that these two have. And what the love of someone unconditionally can do to heal some of the wounds internally of a mad man (Sort of like Christine with Erik. I so think they really should have been together by the end of the Movie. Those two were meant to fricken be okay?) The title is based off the song in the musicale version of the Disney's Lion King. Rest in Peace Walter Elias Disney. December 15th remember the awesome childhood he provided for us oui? I hope you will enjoy my rendition of Scar and Nala's relationship. And be warned, Scar and Nala will be changed to appease my muse as she dictates what I write. If I don't appease her, you don't get stories.

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I solemnly swear that I don't own nor have ever owned Lion King or its characters. But Jeremy Irons is ze aweshemness =3

Chapter One

Scars POV

The day started as all others in the Pride Lands since my ascension of the throne, after killing off my pest of a brother and the annoyance of his cub Simba. I could feel the angry twitch start in my right eye again, but I quickly dispelled it. It was no use thinking of the past when I had this glorious future to live. But...even with the thought of everything I ever wanted I now have within my grasp...there was something missing. I know there is. I just couldn't figure out, what, exactly it was, and it was starting to bug me, more than anything else has these past couple of days, besides the whining of the lionesses. I scratched my chin with my claws for a bit, to get rid of the dirt and dust there. When that didn't work to start my brain into figuring out what was missing, I started to pace. It was a really nasty habit that I copied from the Leader of the Hyena's before I uprooted him at a young age, what did I say about thinking about the past? It was useless. It had already happened. I was permanently Scared for what everyone thought I had done and my name even changed to what I carried. No one called me by my birth name since. I don't even know if I even remember it. Now...what was I thinking about again? Ah! With all the distracting thoughts, I completely forgot what it was that I was searching for. Blast my innate thoughts that constantly drive me to distraction. I turned to Zazu. "Zazu...tell me truthfully. What did my brother have that I lack?" I asked wanting to know what it was that I was missing. Maybe he could give me a light to my darkened thoughts.

"Did you want the short list or the long one?" The bird droned in what I suspected was a sarcastic tone. I glared at the bird halfheartedly. And to think I almost ate him once. Pity I didn't get the chance to finish the deed. Then or since. I hated to admit it but the bird was useful. In his stupid way of course.
"Whatever." I replied with an, 'I seriously could care less' tone. What did I have to lose?

"Well...Mufasa,-" The bird began but cut off when I growled with my claws near his throat. It was one thing to think the name. Another to say it in my presence.

"What did I tell you? Never ever mention his name in my presence. For I am the KING!" I growled in the birds beak. Zazu gulps nervously. Yeah, yeah. I was a crazy lion. I heard it all before.

"Okay, I apologize sire. You are the king. I won't mention, ahem, again." The bird promised and I proceeded to let him go and wave with my paw to let him know that for now my temper, volatile as it was, was once again cooled. "He had loyal subjects," He began again. I made a 'so what' groan. "A happy family, a loving queen-." That was it!

"A queen!" I said with realization and cutting into Zazu's list. "That's what I need. A queen! A lineage is nothing without heirs. And to have heirs I need a queen." I said with the familiar madness, others would foolishly call it hope, glittered in my eyes. Why others would have called the emotion 'hope' that sparked in my eyes a moment ago? They didn't understand. They never could understand. I am an introverted lion with an excelled intelligence, that I had a lions share. I chuckle humorlessly recalling the more...civil conversation with my big brother when Simba had been born. "Immortality will be mine. IMMORTALITY WILL BE MINE!" I say ecstatically for the cubs would bear my blood in their veins. But who shall bear the ones to carry my name?

"Scar!" Called a feminine voice. I smile in glee. Just perfect. Simba's old fiancee. Now what was her name...? Oh there it was, in the more recent recesses of my brain. She grew up well. The golden yellow of her fur matched her crystalline blue eyes.

"Ah, Nala." I practically purred. "Your timing couldn't be any more perfect." I said as she began her monologue about something or another I was certain.

Nala's POV

I had come to visit the dreaded King's cave to talk some sense into him. I knew the risks of coming here alone. Scar was mentally insane. He thought everything was okay. I just hoped to point him in a different direction is all. I didn't have much hope that I would talk the sense he needed though. If he didn't listen to Serabi when she said from the first time that the wildebeests had started going else where that we should follow the food, he had steadfastly ignored her. Maybe my status of being the ex-fiancee of his nephew will help him see what I said was truth.

"Scar." I said strongly. I had to remember not to back down, at least in these points I knew to be true. I would have to be strong for the pride. This will be...good? I hoped anyway.

"Ah, Nala." Scar said in a light purr to his tone. I suddenly had...a really bad feeling about this... "Your timing couldn't be any more perfect."

"Listen...I know this might not be what you want to hear, but the gazelle, wildebeests, and all the other food we hunt is growing scarce because of the drought. We're being forced to over hunt!" I said trying to plea to his better sense. "Maybe if we followed the food our pride wouldn't be dying out of starvation and dehydration." There was an interested glint in his green eyes. I tried not to stare too long in them or at the scar on his face. I was curious as I had been from the first day I saw him face to face. How was it that he got that scar? Why was he called Scar? Didn't he have a real name? Why didn't anyone use it?

"So..." His voice said to snap me out of my thoughts, which I was grateful for. "You are concerned for the other lions and lioness' are you not?" He questioned circling around me a bit. His movements graceful and light despite his large size. He could either be called 'charming' or 'intimidating' at this point and both could be considered right.

"Of course I am." I said as if that should have been obvious. "I am part of this pride and consider everyone here a good friend or close family."

"Everyone Nala?" He asks sitting in the corner. What was going on in that calculated brain of his I wondered for a moment. I didn't really connect the dots to what he was really asking until a moment later. I may not be as smart as he, but I wasn't slow. I didn't understand which answer would be acceptable.

"Of course everyone Scar." I answered. After all, he had been the mourning brother and Uncle to take over when both Mufasa and Simba had died on the same day. That furthered my thought that he actually cared in his strange way.

"Have you heard about the forest in these lands?" Scar asked seeming to be in thought.

"A little." I admitted.

"Apparently it's full of wild life, and water. Perhaps should someone go and find it, come back and map out the place where the others can get food and water, the whole pride can be grateful, hm?" He said in a smooth voice. Was he saying...what I thought he was saying?