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So, we last learned that Scar asked Nala to be his mate. Oooohhh, DRAMA~! So what will her answer be? And who else but to butt in and ruin the answer but Simba's entrance.

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Nala's POV

I couldn't believe it. Scar just out and pretty much asked me to be his mate. There is no way that could have just happened...could it? His green eyes were watching me as he waited for an answer to his proposition. I swallow to moist my dry throat. I was about to say something, in fact I opened my mouth to, when the startling green eyes snapped elsewhere.

"Well, well, well." His smooth voice said with...forced glee, it sounded to me. I look over my shoulder to see what had gotten Scar's attention. It was Simba! "Simba. How...surprising to see you." And he muttered something as if talking to himself and glared toward three hyenas who gulp nervously and back away from the anger that was apparent in his glare.

"Scar." Simba said walking towards his uncle with a determination that made me even that more certain that he was supposed to be king. But it wouldn't be the same between the two of us again. I knew it. "We don't need to fight. Just step down from being king. Give it to the proper heir." He said beseechingly as his mother rubbed his face with her own welcoming her son who she thought dead.

Scar's Pov

Give back my darling nephew's place in the world, or fight it as it was my want to. But much like that clarity that came to me before, I knew that if I traveled down this road, I would be killed. I look my nephew in the eye. I could demand he reveal who the killer of his dear old daddy was, which was myself but he thought it was him, cause I put it in his head. But no. I still would perish this day if I didn't step down peacefully. "I do have a teeny tiny thing I want resolved before I renounce my crown."

"It was-." Simba began but I cut him off.

"Just a little thing nephew. Surely you wouldn't deny the current king a final request as it were, would you?" I ask with a grin that had appeared on my face when I said for him to keep our 'little secret' to himself.

"Fine. What would you like, Uncle?" Simba asks. I almost roll my eyes. This was way too easy.

"I asked Nala to be my betrothed. I have yet to receive my answer." I say. "And as I thought you to be dead, I took it to myself to ask her to be mine. As your betrothal would be void you see." I say and walk over to Nala. "Let her answer."

"Is this true?" Simba asked Nala with a glimmer of hurt in his golden yellow eyes*.

Nala's Pov

I didn't want to see those eyes clouded in pain. But...

"It's true. He did ask me to be his mate." I answer with a 'please do not hate me' look in my own eyes I could tell. I had always been an open book with my emotions. Then Rafiki came and walked towards us.

"Well this is a problem isn't it?" He said and looked at the three of us. "If what he says is true Nala, you have to give him an answer." He said being the wise one, which he always had been. I knew that Scar had asked me when he said that Simba was alive. So, why was he lying? I suppose so that I would have to answer. Should I go with it and forsake my older betrothal? Or go to Simba and forsake a lion who is a little bonkers? I didn't know what would happen if I chose either path, but I could guess that Scar would have to be hunted down if he went too far beyond saving in his madness.

"I...decide to accept Scar's proposal." I say.

Scar's Pov

I smile in triumph. She accepted! And yet there was this voice in my head asking if what I heard what she had said...wrong? Pft. As if I could hear her wrong. I look at Simba for a long while. And then, even if it was against my fiber to ever bow down before another of my family, I bowed before Simba and moved aside so that he may be King. He looked surprise that I had given up so freely. But I got my prize in the end. I have Nala. Oh...right. She had asked me about my past. Well...I will tell her. She deserves that much anyway.

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