# Obstacles #
Obstacles Chapter One

She was running as fast as she could. She couldn't let this happen to him. She couldn't let him die. She wouldn't allow it. Once she reached the front door to his house, her legs gave out completely; causing her to fall to her knees. She looked at the door with confidence and determination. She wasn't going to lose him. Using all her strength, she steadily stood up from the ground, grabbed the doorknob, and opened the door. And she couldn't believe what she saw.

September 27, 1978

"Thanks for dropping me off Mom," Tiffany said to her mother, " I really appreciated it."

Tiffany's mother, Caroline, smiled. "Oh don't mention it sweetheart."
And after checking the parking lot and street for pedestrians, Caroline began driving away from school shouting, " Have a good day Tiffany!"

Tiffany simply just smiled, waved to her mother, and began walking to the front entrance of the school. Inside the main hallway of the school was an office; and behind the receptionist desk was a young lady. She has big, puffy, blonde hair and seemed to have smothered her face in make up. Tiffany made a stern "ahem" so the lady would notice her. It worked.

The lady turned to Tiffany and smiled as best as she could," Hello welcome to Hackensack Elementary lil' lady. My name is Ms. Sylvia how may I help ya?"

Her southern bell accent was very strong. Almost made what she just said barely understandable. But Tiffany knew exactly what she said.

"Um I just moved here from Trenton, New Jersey. My name is Tiffany Valentine."

Ms. Silvia began to search through files until she pulled out a manilla folder with Tiffany's first and last name written on it. She opened up the folder and began to examine the paper inside.

"So you are Tiffany Valentine, born February 27, age nine?"

"Yes ma'am." Tiffany answered impatiently.

Acting as though Tiffany's tone was unnoticed, Ms. Silvia closed the folder; settling it on her desk. She pulled out a pink slip of paper from one of her drawers and gave it to Tiffany. "Here's your schedule darlin'. If you need anything, contact me okay?"

"Okay" Tiffany said as she walked out of the door. Tiffany took her schedule out and checked out what class she had first. Her first class was Social Studies room 108. 'That wouldn't be to hard to find.' she thought.
Tiffany began to walk down the hall to find her classroom. She kept walking until she heard piano music. She turned to the direction the music was coming from. It was coming from around the corner. She walked around the corner and found a door labeled "Music Room" Obviously this is where the music was coming from. Tiffany gulped, straightened her cashmere sweater and reached for the door. She opened the door slowly and peered inside.

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