Obstacles Chapter Two

"Thanks for droppin' me off ma." Charles said as he got out of his mom's pick up truck. He struggled abit with the heavy weight of his backpack once his feet met the concrete ground. His mom, Christiana, got out of the truck to help her son. Christiana led her son to the back door of the school and opened it for him. Usually before the students arrive at school, Christiana would bring her son there since Charles' father refuses to do so. The custodian would leave the door unlocked so Charles could get in.

Before she let Charles leave through the door, she grabbed him into a loving embrace. " I love you so much Charles," she said stroking his long, reddish brown hair.

She stroked his cheek," Remember that."

Charles looked up at his mother; some what smiling. "I love you too mom."

Charles walked through the door after waving to his mother and walked down the hallway to find his class. He kept walking until he noticed a door that was slightly open. He contemplated whether to just ignore it or walk to his class. He shrugged,' I guess a lil' peak wouldn't hurt' he thought.

He crept through the door and looked around. The room had alot of instruments such as bass clarinets, flutes, trombones, tubas, and much more. But what caught his eye the most was the black grand piano. It reminded him of the piano his mom has back at home. He walked towards the piano and sat at the bench. He smiled as he ran his fingers along the keys and began to play a beautiful tune.

Tiffany opened the door and saw that it was a boy about her age playing the piano. 'How is he doing that?!' she thought. He hasn't noticed her yet. Maybe she should say something. But what should she say? Maybe she should just go all out.


The boy stopped playing. He spunned around so fast on the bench that fell face first onto the floor. Tiffany ran over to him.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry! I didn't mean to scare you!" Tiffany said as she helped the boy to his feet.

"It's okay." He said softly. He picked up his backpack which had also fallen onto the floor. The weight still made him struggle and Tiffany noticed it.

"Let me help you with that" She lifted up one of the straps and wrapped it around her left while he had it around his right. " Thanks" he said.

" No problem." She replied cheerfully. Without a word, they both walked out of the music room. Everything was silent as the two children walked down the hallway.

"Hey" Tiffany said. It broke the silence and caught the boy's attention. " I heard the song you were playing in the music room, it was really pretty."


They stopped infront of room 108 : Social Studies. ' I guess we had the same class' they thought.

The boy walked through the door to the classroom and sat at the table in the back. Tiffany followed. Tiffany looked around. The classroom was fairly big. Then a question popped in her head. She turned to the boy.

" How come you were here so early?"

The boy stared at her with one eyebrow raised. " How come YOU were here so early?"

"I'm new here. I didn't know what time to come in so I decided to come in early," she answered," and you?"

" My mom brings me to school early so she wouldn't be late for work."

" What about your dad?"

"He doesn't care."

" Oh", she replied," Anyway my name's Tiffany."

"That's a pretty name. My name's Charles."

"Thanks you have a great name too."

Before Charles could say anything, the bell rang. The other kids begin to pile into the classroom. Pushing and shoving to get to their seats. Tiffany sat there slightly disturbed that these students would act like this just to get to their seats.

"If you think this is bad, wait till we get to lunch." Said a random voice. Charles and Tiffany looked up and saw a boy, obviously their age, with curly dark brown hair. He had a really big smile on his face. " So Charles whose your lady friend?" he said lifting his eyebrow.

"This is Tiffany." Charles blushed. The red color made his pale skin look even lighter.

The curly haired boy stuck his hand out to Tiffany. " The name's Caputo. Eddie Caputo.

Tiffany shook his hand," Tiffany Valentine nice to meet you."

Eddie smiled. He then took a chair, dragged it to the table, and sat down. " So Tiffany how do you know my buddy Charles here?"

" Oh I met him today."

"Today? What are you new?"

"Yes, I moved here from Trenton, New Jersey."

Both of Eddie's eyebrows were raised.

"Cool" was all he said.

**Author's Note**
For this chapter I decided to add in Charles' part in the story to give the reader more insight on what's happening. And you know I had to add Eddie. Read and Review