Disney owns everything Kim Possible. Senior year of college. Ron is developing feelings for Bonnie, but she's dating other guys.

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Kim found Shego reading a textbook on the couch, "I just talked to Ron. I think he's drunk."

"Could be. He needs to get his head out of his ass and ask Bonnie out."

"They're just friends. I don't know what's wrong with him."

"You and I were enemies. Now we've got kids. There is something going on with those two."

"That's your imagination."

"You're in denial. Are you sure he's drunk?"

"No. I've never seen him drunk, but he's… He's not acting like himself, but he isn't acting like drunks I've seen."

"I saw him drunk once – he and the Wegos took me out before the wedding. People react to booze differently. Ron gets quiet and moody – he's not a happy drunk. Does that match the symptoms you saw?"

"Pretty much… What should we do?"

"Let him sleep it off, he's got to figure out for himself how he feels about Bonnie."

"This is not about Bonnie. He's not interested in her."

"Fine, he's simply lost his mind and is becoming an alcoholic. Does that make you feel better?"


"Fine. Let's take him out for coffee or something. Talking is better for him than letting him brood in his room."

"The area's looking better," Kim commented as the three walked in the direction of the campus.

"Gentrification is our friend," Shego agreed. "You heard the Soho closed didn't you?"

"I didn't pay much attention. It was a wine bar, right?"

"Right. Too upscale for the college crowd. Maybe after more gentrification it would have flown. Someone told me they're selling off the stock. Can we stop? I might find something good."

Kim lowered her voice and motioned in Ron's direction with her head, "Is that a good idea?"

"I'm fine, KP," Ron said, with a voice that suggested all was not fine. "It was just a really hard week in my classes."

Kim blushed slightly, "I just meant… I don't know."

"She thinks you're going to die a forgotten drunk in a gutter somewhere," Shego told him.

"Shego!" Kim protested.

"Okay, I had too much," Ron confessed. "It was a bad week. If Shego can pick up a couple good bottles on sale I promise not to drink them tonight and will stay out of the gutter."

"Fine," Kim agreed, in a voice that suggested that all was not fine – but Ron was in no condition to pick up the nuance.

The old Soho had more customers than it had enjoyed while officially open. The blackboard with cheap prices by the glass was probably the reason. The sound system was cranked up louder than it had been under the previous owner and the popular music of an earlier decade filled the store.

"Champagne," Ron said.

"Ron!" Kim hissed.

"He's a big boy, Princess, let him make his own mistakes." She turned to the young woman, "I'll have one too. I heard there was a sale on bottles and cases?"

"Yes, but you need to talk to the new owner," she pointed to a brawny man in his late thirties. "Want me to ask him to come over?"

He confirmed there was stock for sale in the back.

As he spoke with them a woman came over and asked Ron to dance. Ron tossed back the champagne, "Tastes just like cherry cola," he mumbled. The new owner glared at the woman and muttered something under his breath. Shego glanced over… She wondered if she should say something to Ron as the blonde man let her take him by the hand and lead him out to a clear space in the middle of floor. "What's your name?" he asked.

In a dark brown voice she said, "Lola."

Kim had been too busy sending mental messages to Shego saying, "We don't need any wine," to really pay attention. The sound of the woman's voice caused her to look, she started to get up to go talk with Ron.

"Let him go, Princess," Shego whispered. "That'll sober him up fast enough." She turned to the new owner, "What are you going to do with the place?"

"Got the permits for a micro-brewery. I think some hand-crafted beers and good pub fare will make this place profitable."

"Will you be stocking any imports?"

"Maybe a few. I'm really hoping four or five good options brewed right here will get most of the attention. A lot of people don't know it, but Middleton had a good local brewery before Prohibition – Kringle's Beer. I'm hoping to use the name – need to ask a lawyer about rights."

"Really?" Shego asked in a voice of innocent surprise.

"Shego," Kim hissed. She looked at the man, "We-"

Shego nudged Kim with an elbow, "Quiet, Princess, let the man talk." She apologized to the new owner. "Forgive my friend. She remains convinced drinking is a great evil. Watch out if you see her carrying a hatchet – she's probably going Carrie Nation on you. You said Middleton used to have its own brewery?"

"Yep. A lot of places had small local breweries in the days before refrigerated trucks and added preservatives. They say Kringle put out a good brew… You know that big old house a couple blocks west of here – that was the Kringle home. I'm hoping to persuade the owners to let me use it for some kind of media event when I'm up and brewing."

"Do you know the owners? Think they'll go along with it?"

"I plan to turn on the charm. Someone said a couple women own the place, a gorgeous redhead and…" He looked back and forth at Kim and Shego. "You pulling my leg?"

Shego laughed, "Yeah."

"Any stuff still there from Kringles?"

"Not much. Been a lot of work on the house since then. There were some old Kringle bottles down in the carriage house and—"

"Do you still have any," he asked in an excited voice. "Would you sell them?"

"Yes, and no," Kim told him. "Miss 'I'll Do Anything for Money' here sold some off when we moved in, but we're keeping what's left. They're part of the history of the house."

"I'll bet Miss 'Too Sentimental for Her Own Good' might let you display them," Shego offered, "if you have some kind of case with Middleton beer history."

"Deal. I've been planning a display over there," he pointed at a wall with reproductions of Toulouse Lautrec posters. "Got some photos and reproductions of old newspaper articles. Maximum publicity if we wait until I get set up here and we have a little ceremony when the first batch of new Kringle Pilsner is ready. Bring in the media. Your place or mine?"

"We don't need to decide today," Shego told him. "What're you going to have, besides the pilsner? Going to try a fruit lambic?"

"Maybe someday. I'm thinking pilsner, IPA, and an Irish stout always on hand then a couple seasonal beers or experiments that'll rotate. Had a cream stout one time I really want to try and duplicate."

Kim looked out to the dance floor and didn't like what she saw, "She's going to break his spine."

The new owner scowled, "I don't want that here. That guy—"

"I'm afraid Ron, my friend, has had too much to drink," Kim apologized

"He's drunk off his ass, Kim, admit it," Shego told her. "It's taking all the restraint I have to keep from getting this on my cell phone and posting it to YouTube."

"So he, uh," the owner tried to figure out how to word the question in a way which would not to offend the two women.

"He would normally be able to figure out why she walked like a woman and talked like a man, if that's what you mean," Shego told him. The man nodded.

On the floor Ron's partner pulled him close, one hand caressed the blond man's body, "I love your muscles, won't you come home with me?"

"I'm stopping this right now," Kim said.

"Give him another minute," Shego told her. "It'll sober him up faster if he catches on by himself."

Lola plastered herself against Ron, her lips pressed against him - and Ron suddenly felt the truth. Kim and Shego took their shaken friend out for coffee.

Well I'm not the worlds most masculine man
But I know what I am and I'm glad I'm a man
And so is Lola