Chapter 9

"What? Really?!" Al asked surprised.

Edward unbuttoned his vest and gently rotated his automail arm, it was aching a little. "Yeah, and he was so much better than I remember."


"Oh yeah."

"What was he like?"


"How?" Al asked.

"He was so handsome."

"Describe him to me!" Al said, impatient by not getting details. He loved how lovestruck his brother sounded.

"Alphonse, everything was perfect. His eyes were so dark and mysterious and yet his smile was so bright and…" Edward blushed. "My heart is melting from just thinking about him." Edward admitted, a little embarrassed.

"Wow Ed, please tell me that you got a date with him."

Edward shook his head in defeat. "I couldn't. I was too scared."

"Ed!" Al sighed.

"What? I just couldn't." Edward argued.

"But your spell."

"I know Al. I will have time."

"And what if you don't? What if tonight was your last chance?"

"I would be happy that I at least saw him again, that is happiness for me."

"Edward, you are so smitten."

"I am not." Edward heard Al's voice rush on the other end.

"Dad's coming, sorry Edward. I gotta go. Find him Ed, you have to." Alphonse's blood seal broke, leaving Edward alone.

Edward smiled and picked up his human's jacket. "Roy Mustang." Edward smiled. "Colonel Roy Mustang." Edward laid down and used the jacket as a makeshift blanket and fell asleep.


Roy remembered Edward's golden hair and eyes from somewhere. He just couldn't put his finger on it.

Edward looked too familiar, but his mind could be playing tricks on him. But he was determined, he was going to find out how he knew this 'Edward Elric' kid even if he had to go to that restaurant every night.