Chapter 10

Edward was running all over the restaurant, cleaning tables. Friday nights were always the busiest. It had been a week and he was disappointed to see no Roy. It hurt him a little to think that Roy could possibly not even care about him. Edward had given up a lot; he wasn't just going to give in. He walked by a table Gracia was serving and smiled.

He was sitting there, drinking a beer with his friend.

Edward smiled, it was like a second chance.

Edward took their dirty plates away and walked into the kitchen with the horrible thought that Roy didn't remember him.


Edward picked up the plates and left, Roy watched Edward until he disappeared into the kitchen.

"Roy, stop being such a creeper and just ask him for his number."

"Hughes." Roy scolded.

"What? There is nothing wrong with trading some information. He might like you too."

"I don't like him!" Roy argued with Hughes.

"Yeah right. You say that after practically moping around and daydreaming about him all week." Hughes smirked.

"I haven't done either of those things." Roy muttered under his breath.


"Eddie!" A waitress, Rachael, called.

"Yes?" Edward looked up from washing dishes in the kitchen.

"I need you to take my shift."

"But I have to sing tonight."

"You can do it Eddie." She smiled and tied her apron onto Edward. "See ya!" She sang as she ran out the back entrance, grabbing her stuff.

"I get your pay for the night!" Edward yelled after her and sighed. His one day to try with Roy and he had to work.

"Ed, you covering for Rach?" The cook asked.

"I guess."

"Well, I have her orders."

Edward walked over and picked up the plates.


Roy watched Edward run around the restaurant.

After a while, Edward walked up with a plate of food. "Did you order this? I think I accidently picked your order up."

"Yep. That's ours."

"Sorry." Edward said as he set the plate down.

"No problem." Hughes smiled.

Edward smiled and looked at Roy. He was so beautiful. "Would you like another beer?"

"Uh… Sure."

Edward left and quickly returned with a fresh beer. "Anything else?" He asked, sitting the beer down.

"No. Thank you." Roy said.

Edward nodded and walked to the kitchen.

Hughes laughed.

Roy picked up his beer and took a drink, "What?"

Hughes took Roy's napkin that Edward brought with the beer and on it was a phone number. Hughes laughed.

Roy rolled his eyes and snatched the napkin away and stuffed it in his pocket.


For the rest of the night, Edward didn't get to see a lot of Roy. By the time he got home, he took a quick shower and laid down on his bed. He looked up at the ceiling and sighed.

The phone rang down the hall and he heard Dr. Marco answer it.

There was a knock on his door. "Edward."

Edward got up and walked to the door to answer it. "Yes sir?"

"The phone is for you."

Edward was confused. "Yes sir." He walked over and picked the phone up. "Hello?"

"Is this Edward?"

"Yes, may I ask who is calling?"

"It's Roy Mustang."