Chapter 11

As months passed, Edward and Roy slowly became friends.

Edward wanted to say that they were more, but they weren't really, it was just Edward's dreams running away with him.

Roy came to the restaurant almost every night just to talk to Edward.


Edward walked over to Roy's table. "Can I get you something to eat?"

"No, just a beer." Roy smiled.

Edward took Roy's menu.

"Since when did you become a waiter?"

"Since I begged my boss for the job after Gracia quit to live with Hughes. How are they anyway?"

"They are doing good. They are engaged."

Edward smiled. "That is great."

"Yeah, and Hughes says that Gracia is pregnant."

"No way!"

Roy nodded.

"Wow, well if you see Mr. Hughes, tell him I said congrats."

Roy smiled, "I will. Ummm… Edward… I need to ask you something important."

"What is it?" Edward asked.

"Will you…?"

"Edward! I don't pay you to stand around chatting, get back to work!"

"Yes Sir, sorry about that." Edward said to his boss and got back to work. "Sorry Roy."

"It's okay." Roy watched as Edward walked away. "Edward, I don't know what to think of you." Roy whispered.


"I don't like how close this is getting. " Dante said as she watched the basin that showed Roy just barely missing his chance.

"What should we do?" Envy asked.

"We may need a strategy. Those two are getting way to close for my taste." Dante said, thinking and looked at Lust. "Lust, you are going to be the antagonist in this little love story of Edward's." She smirked.


Roy was walking home from Edward's house. Every time he went to the bar, he walked Edward home after he got off his shift. It gave them time to talk to each other. As Roy returned to his apartment, he noticed a woman on the beach. She had long blonde hair with a long black dress on. She looked a little like Edward from afar. Could she be the one that had saved him? He swore it was Edward at first, until he learned that Edward couldn't swim with his arm and leg gone. He walked down to the beach. "Excuse me, Miss?"

The woman looked at Roy. "Yes?"

Unknowing to Roy, Lust was slowly casting a spell on the soldier.