Chapter 1

"Ed, we are going to get in trouble." A boy said as he swam behind his older brother. Prince Alphonse had short sandy blonde hair and hazel eyes that were almost too green to be hazel, his tail reflected that green.

"If you don't want to come then turn around and go back." The older of the two responded, Prince Edward. Edward was the talk of the land, everyone wanted to fall in love with him. He was handsome with fiery golden eyes, a brilliant golden tail, and golden hair that he let fall past his shoulders and always wore free were his most eye grabbing qualities. Every girl wanted to marry him, but he just could never find the right girl. Unlike Prince Alphonse, Edward was very outgoing he hated rules and didn't enjoy being tied down by them. "Just go home." He insisted.

"The ball is tonight. You'll get in trouble if you're late again." Al reminded.

"I'm fine on my own. I don't need a babysitter." Edward huffed and tried to swim faster to get away from Al.

"Ed!" Al yelled and tried to follow, but Ed was too fast and he knew this area of the waters better than Al did. He hid behind a reef and watched as his brother shot by, he smirked and swam a different direction wanting to do his favorite thing, explore.


Ed explored an area he called shipwreck alley, it was a place that the rocks were so bad it would damage any ship severely no matter how big it was. He looked through it finding many things, most were books with fell apart in his hands, but other things were fine, like the little metal things they used for… something. Ed searched the ship until there was nothing left to find as he left shipwreck alley behind he noticed how dark it was getting. Dang! I forgot about the ball! Ed freaked and picked up his speed, but slowed when he saw something up ahead.

He could tell by the shapes that they were ships, two, above the water; but what he couldn't figure out was what was the flashing lights going off. He heard shouts and yelling and watched as things started falling in the water. He swam up and noticed the things were humans, around them were giant clouds of red blood. Ed watched as more humans fell into the water and one of the boats started to sink. Edward knew he couldn't do anything to help and he also knew that he needed to get out of there in case sharks started to come after smelling all the blood. As Edward turned to leave a human fell into the water before him, no blood was coming from the body. Edward curiously touched the human's face, it was soft. He noticed that the blue jacket the human had on was weighing him down, so Ed unbuttoned it and let it fall to the depths. He examined the human for a few seconds and grabbed the human swam to the surface.

Edward brought the human to the surface and watched as the human coughed up water, but his eyes remained closed.

The boat was almost completely sunk by now and the other boat was turning away.

Edward held the human's face above the water as he swam, he knew he had to get the human to shore; Humans lived on land; besides they couldn't swim very long. He held the human and swam as long as he could. It was almost morning when Edward finally pulled the man onto shore. Edward was tired. He never swam so far before or so long. He lay beside the human, trying to catch his breath, as the two laid halfway on the shore and halfway on land.

He gazed at the human, examining his every feature. He had short black hair; he wore a white shirt, blue plants, and weird gloves with a mark on it that Ed had never seen before. The more Edward examined the human the faster his heartbeat. He didn't understand what was happening, suddenly the human stirred.

Edward quickly turned and retreated back to the water and hid behind a rock as the human sat up and rubbed his head. He looked out at the ocean and slowly rose to his feet.

Edward's heart fluttered, he was beautiful.

The man slowly walked down the beach and gave the ocean one last look before turning to head back to the inland area. Edward watched him walk away; it made him sad to see him go. Edward sighed and dived back into the ocean.


Roy Mustang looked out at the crystal blue sea. He swore that a golden haired maiden had saved him. He wanted to thank her, but she disappeared. He never saw someone so beautiful, and he wanted to tell her that. He didn't want to admit it, but he was in love.