Chapter 3

Alphonse was mad. He couldn't believe how his brother just blew him off. He slowly swam to the palace, but stopped when he noticed his brother following a sea serpent and an oddly colored lionfish. Al quietly followed the three as they descended into the abyss.

Ed and Al's father had two rules, never go to the surface and never go into the abyss.

Al rolled his eyes; he couldn't believe that his brother would disobey both rules. A little frightened, Al ventured after his brother.


Edward was led into a cave and looked around. The store walls were dimly light and lined with bottles of things he could only guess what. In the middle of the room was a giant black cauldron. "Hello?"

A mermaid with short black hair and silver eyes came out. She had a silver tail with black fins and wore a pick top to cover her chest. "Well, hello Prince Edward. I was expecting you."

"You were?"

"Yes of course. Please have a seat somewhere. Want something to eat?"

"Ummm… no thank you. Will you mind if I ask you what your name is?" Edward asked, unsure about all of this.

"My name is Dante."

"Well, Ms. Dante. I uh… you know what I wanted? Or that is what your minions say."

Minions! We are no minions. Envy hissed, he was angered by what the prince had called him.

"Edward these are pieces of my soul which I created. They are part of me. This is Envy and Lust." Dante snapped her fingers and five more creatures came out. As they emerged she introduced each of them.

There was a black jellyfish with red stingers named Sloth, a black eel with red eyes named Wrath, a sting ray with red streaks named Greed, a giant black shark named Gluttony, and a black octopus with eyes covering its body named Pride.

Edward was a little intimidated by the sea creatures.

"Now what is it that you wanted? It is to be human?"

Edward nodded. "Yes and no."

"Well, I should rephrase what I said. What you want is to be with your human." She touched the cauldron and watched as purple smoke billowed out of it to form a picture of Edward's human.

The man was talking to someone over a weird device Ed had never seen before. Tons of paperwork covered his desk, as he talked, he was writing things.

"Is that him?"

Edward nodded. The man had black hair and matching eyes, he was beautiful. He was once again in that blue outfit. "It's him."

"Love at first sight." She smiled. "But you do know that my spells come at a price."

"I don't have any money with me. I could go to the palace if you…"

"No need Edward." Dante cut Edward off. "I don't want money."

"Then what will satisfy for payment?"

"I want 4 things, but three will suffice. But the catch is, I can only tell you one." She smirked. "The only thing I will tell you is that this spell will wear off in three years. It will only become permanent if you get that human of yours to fall in love with you."

"Only three years?"

She smirked. "Yep. Do we have a deal?"

Edward wondered what those other two or three things were that she wanted, but he pushed the thought away. "You have a deal."

"Alright." She smiled and started mixing potions together in vials from her shelves. She handed the prince a bubbling concoction. "Drink up." Edward looked at it; it was red with green flakes in it. Edward slowly drank the potion. It was disgusting. Edward felt his tail jerk and split in two. The gills on his hips disappeared into his skin and the webbing between each finger faded into nothing.

Edward couldn't breathe and he couldn't swim.

"With you has a human, my spell overrides your father's protective seal he placed on you when your mother died, which alerts him if you are in danger." She smirked. "Time to collect my second and third payment." She snapped her fingers and Gluttony rushed at Edward.

All Edward could feel was pain as Gluttony circled around for another attack. Edward was encircled in a cloud of blood. Gluttony attacked again and was hit off of Edward.

Arms wrapped around Ed, but Edward was too weak to look. He was drowning and dying of blood loss. Edward quickly slipped into unconsciousness.


Alphonse had been watching the whole time. At the first sign of danger, Al rushed in, but it had been too late. He hit the shark, with his tail, off his brother and swam his brother to safety with the shark trailing them. As they left the abyss, the shark stayed behind. Al surfaced with Edward and laid him on a rock and watched as his blood stained the rock red.

Al dived and grabbed some seaweed to cut off blood flow. "Ed, Wake up. Please wake up."

Edward coughed, water spewing out of his lungs through his mouth and nose. Golden eyes weakly opened.

"Ed. Listen. I am going to get help." Al splashed back into the water. He needed help, but he couldn't go to their father. Al swam and knocked on a door.

"Hello?" Winry asked, answering the door.

Al had a huge crush on Winry. He loved her blonde hair, her sparkling blue eyes, her tail that was the color of the ocean, and her sunshine smile.

"Yes, Al?"

"I need help. Ed is hurt. A shark took off his arm and he… ummm… please just come with me."

Winry nodded and followed Al. They surfaced and Winry gasped. "Oh my god. What happened?" She asked, referring mostly to why her prince had human legs instead of why would a shark attack him.

Al explained as she worked on healing Edward's arm and leg through magic, which they preferred to call Alchemy. Winry was very gifted in healing alchemy, like her whole family; that is why her family was in charge of a hospital.

"I healed the wound, but he is still suffering from blood loss. We need to take him to land." Winry said.

"But he is on land."

"He is on a rock in the middle of the ocean Al! Grab him right now. We are dropping him off with the humans."

Al's eyes widened. "What?! No, they will kill him!"

"They won't kill another human. Ed's human right now Al. They will help others of their kind."

Al thought, he was scared. He didn't want to leave his injured brother with those humans. What if he never sees him again, like mom. Al looked at Edward whose breathing was very shaky, he would die out here. Al picked Ed up. "Let's do this."