A/N: Italics is telepathy when Edward speaks to fish and other sea creatures.

Chapter 6

The operation had been painful, the most painful thing Edward had ever been through. He had the automail ports in and now today, he was going to get his arm and leg back. It had been almost a whole year since he had seen the ocean.

He missed his home, living with Dr. Marco had been fine, the Doctor taught his lots of things such as what was fire and what are books. But Edward was no closer to finding the man he saved.

Edward was down to two years now.

Dr. Marco walked in and smiled, "Ready?"

"Yes Sir." Edward grabbed his crutch and followed Marco down the hall.

Dr. Marco got everything ready as Edward sat down in a chair. "This is going to be painful, but not as bad as the surgery." He warned Edward.

"I'm ready Doc."

Marco nodded and got the supplies for the leg and arm ready. He set the leg in the port. "On three."

Edward braced himself. "Go for it."

"Three… Two… One!" Marco connected the nerves and Edward stifled a scream. Marco got the arm ready. "Three… Two… One!"

Edward screamed, his whole body was hurt like he was just dipped in fire."

Marco picked up Edward and transferred him to the couch.

Edward quickly lost consciousness.


After an hour, Edward was awake.

"Feeling better?"

Edward looked at Marco and nodded. "Yes."

Marco walked up. "Let's test that automail of your's."

Edward sat up and slowly flexed his hand. "This is perfect. It moves just like my old flesh and blood hand."

Marco smiled. "Let's see how the foot's doing."

Edward slowly flexed his toes and stood up slowly with Marco's help. Edward did as he saw all humans do, he took a step. He was very unsteady, but soon, he was walking. "This is amazing. Thank you."

"No son, thank you." Marco said.

Edward walked around and picked up things. "Mr. Marco?" Edward asked, seeing the Doctor watch him.

"Yes Edward?"

"May I go down to the beach?"

"Yes, but please refrain from going in the water."

"Yes sir." Edward grabbed some shoes the doctor gave him and walked out.


Edward slowly walked to the beach. He looked out seeing the vast ocean. It was so beautiful and he missed the smell of the salt water. He had been so homesick. He saw a pod of dolphins jumping in the surf. Please come to me, I need a messenger.

A dolphin separated from the rest of the pod and swam over. Prince Edward?

Edward nodded. I need you to deliver a message to my brother, Prince Alphonse. Tell him that I need to see him as soon as possible.

Yes your majesty. The dolphin bobbed, like it was bowing.

Also, please do not inform anyone but my brother of my location.

Yes my Prince.

Thank you.

The dolphin bobbed and returned to its pod.

Edward smiled, he would finally be able to see his brother again.