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WARNING – Awkward anal sex ahead. If that's not your bag, just walk away Renee.

A special thank you to my beta LovinRob, pre-reader Carrie ZM and favorite fiction enthusiast Heather Maven for encouraging me to make my ass-pirations of writing an anal lemon a reality.

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Alright – let's get weird.

Chapter 24 – Back That Azz Up

"I'm sorry. What?" Tanya shrieks as she leans forward across our booth and tilts her head towards me. "Say that in my good ear."

I give her my best McKayla Maroney not impressed face and cross my arms over my chest.

"You're finally going to do it? " She mimics my position and shakes her head with a smirk. "You're actually gonna let him drop anchor in your anal bay?" She smiles at her clever quip. "You're gonna let him finally cruise your Hershey highway?"

With a nod and an eye roll, I signal for her to bring it as I know she has at least one more ridiculous euphemism up her sleeve.

"Okay, last one I swear. Are you really letting him pump your rump?"

"Will you lower your voice?" I say through my teeth as I watch the older gentleman across from us as he pats his choking wife on the back.

"Fine," She complies in a whisper, "but why am I being made privy to this information?"

I explain to her that on my 29th birthday, I put together a list of things I'd like to do before I turn the big 3-0. All items on the list are complete except for one. Clearly I am a procrastinator, leaving this pain in the ass task until the very end. Tanya is practically vibrating with giddiness as she demands to see the list.

"Hmm. Learn to crochet. Do a stain-glass project. Finish a scrapbook?" She shakes her head in disgust. "My grandma called and said she wants her senior center syllabus back."

Thankfully, she reads through the rest of the list silently until she gets to the last item and murmurs it aloud. "Number 30 - Do something I said I'd never ever do."

My aversion to anal is legendary amongst my husband and our friends. It is common knowledge that his dick is not to be any less than a taints length away from my rear entrance, but a wild, drunken night in Mexico has me looking at things a little differently. She hands me back my list and begins stirring the ice in her margarita.

"So I suppose you have some questions for me then? Like what to expect or how to prepare?"

I stare at her curiously for a moment. "Prepare?"

"Well yeah," She mocks loudly. "Are you wearing a butt plug or have you been stretching yourself with a vibe or dildo? You know, we are doing a new jeweled butt plug line. Esme wants to call it BejAssle Butt Plugs."

"Sshhh! Will you quiet down! No. Absolutely not." I whisper-yell completely mortified. "He uses his fingers back there now and again, but that's it. I am just, I don't know, nervous. I, um, I want some advice on things like lube and maybe some relaxation techniques."

In typical Tanya fashion, she crinkles her eyes and smirks at my embarrassment. "I'm sure over the years we've had this discussion, but humor me. What exactly are you afraid of again?"

I look at her like she has three tits and horns growing out of her skull. "Are you serious?" I ask incredulously while trying to keep my shriek to a dull roar. "How about shitting on him? Literally shitting on my husband? Or how about getting hemorrhoids from it, hmm? Or I don't know, taking a giant cock up my ass?"

The teenage server walks up behind me as I reveal my deepest anal sex related fears and I am certain she heard the tail end of my concerns. Her face is as red as mine as she asks what else she can get for us.

"Just the check please." Tanya says completely composed as the young girl pulls the leather billfold from her apron and places it on the table.

"For starters, you can't get hemorrhoids from ass fucking. You are a doctor's wife, for fucks sake. How do you not know that shit?" She explains as she stuffs her cash into the server book. "Secondly, finish your drink; we are going on a field trip."


We hop in her car and Tanya schools me on the anal basics. She covers everything from breathing techniques to positions that maximize ease and comfort. She explains this shit so thoroughly; I try to recall if she wrote her master thesis on it. I tune her out when she starts talking about the stretching and butt plugs again. The chances of any type of BejAssled butt plug getting near my backside is slim to none and slim just left town. I defer to Meatloaf on the matter. I will do anything for love, but I won't do that.

"You know, Ty and I like to do it on our sides so he can use our bullet on me." Tanya says dreamily like she's talking about a romantic vacation to Paris.

I am having a flashback of walking in on them getting busy in our dorm room and I cringe. I can't tell if I am in awe of or terrified for Tanya's anus. I mean, if she takes her own advice, she'd have to use at least 2 regular size butt plugs to stretch her backdoor in preparation to do the tush-push with what Chocolate Thunder is working with. I inwardly salute her hardworking orifices.

While I fully expect her to drive me to a seedy adult store or to her office so we can raid the sample sex toy storeroom, I am pleasantly surprised when we pull into a Walgreens instead. Anonymity is still a must for me as I pull my oversized glasses onto my face as we walk through the automatic doors. Of course Tanya demands that I remove said glasses immediately as she shoves a basket into my chest and motions for me to follow her.

I unconsciously hum the Mission Impossible theme song as we amble through the store while Tanya snickers at my ridiculousness. While all the normal consumers peruse everyday convenience items, I am being led to the lube aisle for another lesson in all things anal by my own personal ass fucking authority.

"Okay, I myself am an Astro-Glide gal." She tosses a bottle of lube into my basket and turns to the great wall o' condoms behind us.

"Good to know." I say as I pick up every bottle with the Astro-Glide logo on it and throw it into the basket.

"Bella, you don't need six bottles of lube. One will suffice." She explains as she gently tries to pull the basket from my hands.

"Oh yeah, well what if I have sensitive skin? Hmm?" I retort as I pull the basket back roughly. "Or what if he likes a nice strawberry scent as he's putting it in the poop chute?" My voice is a bit loud, so I lower it considerably as I whisper my rationale. "I just want to cover my bases, T."

"Okay Sybil, can I talk to Bella now?"

I shrug my shoulders. I am not crazy; I just want to be extremely prepared as I grab all four giant Trojan variety packs that the store has to offer.

"Alright, T. What's the next stop, the laxative aisle? Or should I just go with an enema?"

I hear Tanya as she giggles behind me, but I don't bother to see what she finds so funny. That is until I turn around only to be face-to-face with one of the LPN's from Edward's office, Mary and her daughter Tia.

"Hey… you…" I practically yell.

I try to move my basket behind my back, but it is too late. The look on Mary's face is priceless as she eyes the basket full of prophylactics and assorted lubes. She must think that Edward and I are throwing some kind of wild oil wrestling orgy.

"Uh. Hi!" Mary replies in an equally high-pitched voice as she pushes her daughter towards the pharmacy far, far away from the crazy lady who is the good doctor's wife by day and sexual deviant by night. "Just picking up a script. Tell Edward I said 'hello'."

I wave awkwardly and exit the aisle silently cursing my friend for making me take off the glasses. I find said friend two aisles over, cackling, snorting and holding her privates. I give her the finger and tell her that I hope she pisses her pants. Once she is able to compose herself, we walk to the check-out, but not before Tanya throws a box of chocolate covered cherries into my basket and gives me a wink.

"A dessert before he gets to sample the real chocolate covered cherry, doll."


I light candles throughout the bedroom and set the lube and condoms on the nightstand. I place the bottles in a straight line and make sure each label is facing forward, just like Julia Roberts in Sleeping with the Enemy. As I toss the plastic wrap box in the closet, I give myself a final once over in the mirror on the door. My hair is tousled and teased and my lingerie leaves very little to the imagination. Although I am terribly nervous, I know I am ready.

At ten to eight I hear the hum of the garage door. Showtime. I grab a chocolate covered cherry from the bowl on the nightstand and make my way downstairs to welcome my husband home properly.

"Baby doll, where you at?" He yells as he walks through the door.

"Right here," I answer in a sing-song voice as I pour and down a double shot of liquid courage. I turn to meet his gaze. "Welcome home."

Even after so many years of marriage, the sight of him still does things to me. His tie is loosened, hair in disarray and he is smiling the smug crooked smirk that only adds to his sexual swagger. His mouth is on mine instantly, teasing and tasting my tequila laced tongue. His hands slide down my body until they each rest on my ass.

"I've got a surprise for you," I say against his mouth before I trace the chocolate covered cherry over his bottom lip. "Come upstairs."

I don't need to tell him twice as he practically sprints to the bedroom with me and the Patrón bottle in tow. I open the door to our candlelit sanctuary.


He looks puzzled and rubs the back of his neck. "Why does our bedroom look like Dexter's kill room?"

I survey the room. While the atmosphere is romantic, the bed is covered in plastic sheeting. He's right; the only things I am missing are the duct tape and a rubber apron.

"Merely a precaution," I explain as I let my hands drift over his chest and begin unbuttoning his shirt. "Tonight we are going to try something new. Something I've never done before. Something I suspect you've wanted to do for awhile."

"Oh yeah? What's that?" He asks as he runs a finger over the tops of my breasts while I fiddle with his belt.

Moment of truth time. I take his finger and place it against my mouth. "You've had me here." He smiles as I drag his finger down the length of my body and right between my legs. "And you've had me here."

As I pull his hand around to my backside, I see the realization in his eyes. "And if you want to, you can have me here, too." I whisper as he starts roughly gripping my ass cheek.

He hesitates for a few moments, probably waiting for me to tell him that I am fucking with him. "What changed your mind?"

A flood of memories overtakes me. Edward and I as we dance and drink and kiss in a club. Our sweat soaked bodies against the netting of the bed as we fuck like animals. The dirty words that roll off his tongue as his dick pounds me from the front and his fingers fuck me in the back. My answer comes in the form of a breathy moan.


He slams his mouth onto mine as he kisses me deeply, lustfully until I am practically breathless. It is the most deliciously painful yet pleasuring kiss, and I am starving for more when he stops abruptly and leads me to sit on my hope chest at the end of our bed.

Still panting from his kiss, I pull his pants and boxers down to release the Kraken and wrap my lips around him. I receive a rough grunt in thanks while he winds his fingers in my hair, setting a slow pace as he pushes his length into my waiting mouth. His eyes are on mine as he watches me stroke him while alternating between sucking him deeply and working up his shaft with my tongue. Lightly scraping my fingernails up and down his thighs earns me a shiver and a tightening of his grip in my hair. I moan around him and trace the tip of my tongue under and around the head of his cock and give his slit a quick swipe.

Within seconds, he removes his cock with a groan and pulls my hair down and my face up for yet another lust infused kiss and his first of many commands. "Take your clothes off, baby doll."

I begin unhooking the eyes of the corset as he steps around the bed to remove the plastic wrap. "Care to tell me what the plastic is for?" He inquires amusedly as he unwraps the pillows as well.

I am slightly embarrassed as I recall strutting to the check-out of the Home Depot with the industrial sized box of plastic sheeting thinking I was a goddamn genius. "In case of an emergency, you know a code brown."

"A code brown…" He shakes his head and smiles at my idiocy.

"Yes, and by the way, code brown is my safeword as well. If I should say that word you need to pull out and get far, far away."

He inspects the selection of lube and condoms with the same smirk he uses when he is trying not to laugh at me. "Quite a lube selection you have here – but I think I just prefer using butter."

I want to absolutely vomit thinking about getting butter butt-banged Last Tango in Paris style when I remember a certain situation that I need to make him aware of. "Uh, yeah…" I drag out the last word. "About that. I ran into Mary when I bought those and I think she may have seen the contents of my basket. It may get weird when you see her on Monday so... sorry about that."

My corset falls to the ground as I watch his shoulders shake with laughter. He holds up the chocolate covered cherries to compliment Tanya's contribution. "Nice touch."

I shimmy out of my panties and climb onto the bed on all fours. I can feel the heat of his gaze on me as he takes a long swig from the Patrón bottle while I make my way to the top of the bed slowly.

"Lie on your back, Isabella." He orders me in a low and husky voice as the rest of his clothes hit the floor. "And spread those legs."

I comply quickly, excited by his tone and blunt directives. His fingertips trace up my ankle and leg followed immediately by the cold liquor soaked tip of his tongue.

Hitching my knees over his shoulders, he slides his hands under my ass and squeezes gently. I close my eyes as I feel his mouth as it nears my center. He lingers there for a few seconds before he murmurs the word 'beautiful' and swipes his flat tongue over my clit. And just like a match head, my entire body ignites with a single strike.

His hands hold me in place as his mouth taunts and teases and snarls against me. Ours is a familiar dance, perfected by years of practice. Everything is well rehearsed from the arch of my back, to the expected gasp he receives when he pulls at my clit with his teeth. And although it is my hands roaming and plucking and pulling at my chest, my body is fully under Edward's command.

"Oh, God… yes!" I bellow as the tip of his tongue slips inside of me curling and turning as it goes.

I writhe and moan against him as he alternates between lapping and sucking and flicking at my hypersensitive bundle of nerves.

He drags his tongue up and down one more time over my core before he smiles against me. I feel his hands travel up the backs of my trembling thighs and he pushes my knees towards my chest. I hold my breath as his mouth lowers further down between my legs. My eyes are shut tightly as I think back to the steamy night in Mexico when his tongue and fingers made their acquaintance with that particular area of my anatomy. I remember the foreign but fantastic sensation and desperately hope that it is as good in reality as it is in my drunken hazy memories.

I cover my face as the realization hits that my husband's tongue was inching close to no man's land and I do the unthinkable. I laugh. I laugh hard and embarrassingly loud. His head pops up from between my legs, his expression is amused.

"I can't," I shake my head. "I'm sorry, I just can't. I must have been beyond drunk to let that happen before."

His smile grows as he nods and climbs up my body. He gently places his lips against my neck and whispers. "How about we work up to that one, huh? I think we have enough to tackle tonight."

Weaving my fingers through his hair, I pull him in for another long languid kiss as his fingers slip down my torso and between my folds. Unconsciously I grind against his hand, giving me the friction I am so desperately seeking. The intensity of the kiss grows as his fingers pump roughly inside of me. He groans against my mouth when my hand grips his length to stroke it in time with his fingers. His mouth is at my ear in an instant, grunting out his next instruction.

"Get on your knees for me, love."

As if on autopilot, I roll over instantly and lean forward on my elbows, arching my spine. I peek at him over my shoulder and watch as he admires the presentation of my new position which he seems to enjoy, immensely so. The bed dips as he reaches over to the nightstand and I blow out a deep breath. It's go time. He must notice the slight trembling because he immediately begins placing closed mouth kisses up my spine. He brushes my hair over my shoulder and tilts my face towards his.

"We're going to go slow. I need for you to relax, okay?" he advises as he kissing me tenderly on top of my shoulder, "Let me make you feel good, Bella."

And with that, he traces a line of kisses down my back. Rubbing the head of his cock up and down my over my clit and then my slit before he slowly slips it inside. I shut my eyes as I receive him and bask in the first stroke as my vaginal walls stretch and tighten around him. A small whimper escapes my lips as I feel him flush against my backside. He holds it there, unmoving. I then hear the click of the lube cap and the sound of the liquid as it gushes out over his fingers.

Slowly, deftly and delicately, he rubs and circles the lube over my puckered hole. I shudder slightly as he adds a little more pressure with each measured pass. His hips flex and he begins lightly thrusting in time with the circling of his fingers. I am so caught up in his teasing thrusts that I tense when he pushes his finger forward. He continues his small tight circles until he edges his finger all the way inside of me. The discomfort is slight but bearable and although it still feels like an intrusion, the smallest pleasurable sensation begins to grow as his finger starts mimicking the intensity of his thrusts.

He groans deeply behind me, so I steal a glance at what he is seeing back there. His eyes are on where we are joined as he runs his tongue over his bottom lip. I turn away and hum softly when I feel him work another finger into the mix. I suck my lips into my mouth, trying not to yelp. Just like before, he enters so slowly that the pressure rises infinitesimally with each pass until the second finger settles deep within.

He alternates between the two, one in, one out and continues this delicious rhythm until my entire body is sweating and quivering in anticipation of my release. He grumbles and swears under his breath and slaps his hand against my ass.

"Do you like how that feels baby doll? Huh?"

"Oh God. Edward. Please." I beg for more. "So good, baby. Give it to me harder!"

I grind into him as he pounds into me fast and hard setting a quick, rough pace. My muscles tighten around him and I whimper as I dangle dangerously close to falling over the edge. Sensing how close I am he thrusts a few more times and exits both holes with a throaty moan. The bed dips once more as he reaches for the condoms.

"Lie on your back for me baby." He rasps in a gravelly voice as he grabs two pillows from above me. "I need to see you."

As soon as I turn over, he lifts my hips and places the pillows beneath my ass. Hovering over me, he brushes a hair out of my eyes and kisses me reverently. I watch as he rolls the condom down his shaft and we both chuckle when he fumbles a bit with it. He captures my lips once more and places his forehead against mine. Breathing deeply and stroking himself against me lightly, his eyes burn into mine as he searches my face for any signs of backing out.

"You sure you want to do this, baby?" He asks anxiously as he traces my jaw line with his thumb.

"Absolutely." I say with confidence and smile at the relief that washes over his face. He kisses me once, twice, three times before he raises off of my body and prepares to boldly go where no man has gone before.

Closing my eyes, I concentrate on my breathing just as Tanya suggested. I try not to focus on the sound coming from the latex as he massages the slick lubricant over his condom covered cock. And I attempt not to tense as his fingers generously spread some more of the slippery liquid over my back entrance. I hear him exhale deeply as he places his tip against my virgin opening and wince as he begins pushing forward slowly. Each movement is deliberate and measured. I don't know if I classify what I am feeling as pain, more like a building pressure with a heaping helping of discomfort. Reading my body, Edward circles his thumb firmly over my clit and palms my breast, distracting me from the foreign stretching sensation I am feeling.

"Agh, fuck!" He hisses as his dick gets about three-fourths of the way in. "So fuckin' tight, baby doll."

I gasp and my eyes pop open as he unexpectedly dips two fingers into my pussy. His eyes are focused, staring intensely at where he is entering me. His mouth parts slowly as his hips come to a halt once his cock is fully sheathed inside of me. I fist the sheets and bite back a whine as the feeling of fullness washes over me. Licking his lips, I can tell both he and his cock are savoring the sensation. I suck in the air through my teeth when he pulls his fingers out of my body causing him to notice my eyes on him.

"You okay?" He asks with this hand ready to pull out if need be.

I nod frantically and give him my best attempt at a grin, considering I have a huge dick in my ass and all.

He smiles in relief and leans forward to kiss me.

"So no code brown?" He jokes as our lips are about to meet.

I roll my eyes and shake my head. "Not yet."

He kisses me firmly, latching onto my mouth greedily, teasing my tongue with his. A fitting distraction as I am sure he is desperate to move, so I decide to help him out a bit as I grab his ass and pull him deeper.

Big mistake. "Ow! Shit!" I shout, releasing his ass.

His eyes grow wide and I realize what I just screamed. I shake my head and clarify. "Not literal shit. Just, ah. Just give me a moment."

Play through the pain. Play through the pain. Play through the pain. I chant over and over in my head.

His eyes are assessing me and I can tell he is considering jumping ship so to speak so I give him the most serene smile I can manage. He pecks small kisses up my jaw until he reaches my ear, sucking my lobe into his mouth and breathing deeply through his nose. A small growl rumbles in his chest as his new positioning shifts him ever so slightly inside of me.

"Close your eyes, love," he murmurs against my jaw and runs his fingertips across my collarbone, down my chest to roll my nipple between his fingers, "I'm gonna go real slow, baby," he assures me as his hand scratches lightly up and down my ribs and stomach before letting his hand wander further south as he inhales and exhales deeply, "And I'm going to make you cum so hard, Bella. "

I whimper at his promise and the fact that his thumb and fingers are back rubbing over my tender flesh with a new vigor. His index and middle finger are slamming into me, curling and searching for that spot that makes me scream. My breathing hitches embarrassingly as this man works my pussy over like it's his job. He has me wet to the point of audible squelching and sopping.

"Fuck, yes!" I cry as my thighs tremble and shake as I near my climax again.

He starts pumping his hips slowly in and out, pulling out further with each tentative stroke. It burns so bad. I open my eyes and watch him as he grunts softly with each thrust. His jaw is tight; every muscle is flexed in concentration on my comfort and pleasure. I feel a bit guilty that our tryst is a bit like a reverse mullet, a party in the front and all business in the back. Edward should be allowed to party, too.

He must feel the weight of my stare because he instantly locks eyes with me. His green eyes are smoldering with warring emotions. I can tell he wants to be tender and gentle, but I know that deep down, he'd love to let loose on my ass. Although he'd never admit it aloud, especially to me, since I am essentially the card-carrying Anti-Ass Sex Association founder and president.

"Edward," I say softly so I don't alarm him but he stops immediately, "Pull out for a second."

"Are you okay? Did I hurt you?" He asks concerned, kneeling between my legs.

I shake my head and reposition myself raising my legs upward and wrapping my elbows around my knees, spreading myself crudely. As if my posturing isn't invitation enough, I add a bit of incentive.

"Have me. Have me the way you want to, Edward."

He only hesitates slightly before he smiles like the kid who got the Golden Ticket and cocks a brow as if to ask if I was sure about this. He leans forward and kisses my lips hungrily before stopping abruptly to growl into my mouth.

"I fuckin' love you, Bella Cullen."

Before I can respond, he is hovering over me with his cock in hand and poised to enter. He slips in with ease, and while the burn and discomfort still ebbs, it's worth it to see my husband's eyes close and hear his moan of pleasure. He grabs the back of my knees so I can use my hands on myself. I reach down and spread my lips and dip my finger in a bit before pulling it out and circling my clit.

"That's a good girl, Bella." He grits out as he bites his lip watching me. "Rub that pretty little pussy for me."

His pace quickens and his short strokes are now jerky thrusts with a bit of a swivel at the end. My eyes desperately want to roll to the back of my head, but I don't want to miss this. Grunting and mumbling curses through clenched teeth, Edward is seconds from cumming. I'm so close and try everything in my instant orgasm arsenal to take me over the edge – I want it so fucking bad.

He must sense my dilemma because he instantly takes action releasing my legs and batting my hands away from my lady bits. Before I can get my bearings, he has three fingers pumping inside of me knuckle deep, and his thumb pressed firmly underneath the hood of my clit. Yahtzee. His magic fingers instantly set off my climax which has me screaming and panting his name and clawing at his arms and shoulders like a mad woman.

On the brink of his own explosive orgasm, he drives his hips into my body a few more times wildly with my lower back taking quite the beating from his ball sack. Stiffening inside of me, I can feel his telltale jerks and tremors deep within. He hisses in pleasure as my entire body quivers and shakes around him. After a few more thrusts he collapses on my chest as we try to get our breathing back to normal and come down from each of our respective releases. I mindlessly comb my fingers through his hair, silently mourning the loss of my b-hymen as he places small kisses over my chest and collarbone.

Rolling off of me, he leans up on his elbows and rests his head in his hand. His face is serene and sated with just a hint of something else there as well or possibly a combination of things. Reverence? Gratitude? Maybe even a smidge of mirth… Whatever it is, it makes my heart swell and I know that this was so worth it. He takes my hand in his and kisses it gently and mouths the words thank you, beautiful to me. I smile and nod and curl up beside him. We lay there in silence for quite a while when he finally speaks.

"So, was it… everything you thought it would be?" He asks watching my face for a reaction.

Because I am unsure of how I feel about it, I turn the question around on him. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?"

The smug smirk returns as he rubs gentle circles into the curve of my backside. "Believe me, baby doll. I loved every second of tapping that ass."

Eloquent. So fucking eloquent. He wags his brows and gestures with his hand that it's my turn to answer his question.

"Well, let's see. Did it hurt as bad as I expected? No. Am I relieved I didn't have a code brown? Yes," he nods in agreement as I continue, "It was far more pleasurable than I expected, but don't expect for me to offer that up on any given day. Like, ever."

"Good! I am glad you said that because from here on out, for birthdays and Christmas, in lieu of Starbucks gift-cards, I think I want anal instead."

I snort, roll my eyes and shrug. "Yeah, sure."

Excitedly he sits up to look at me in shock and awe with a cheesy grin like a kid who just found out he's going to Disneyland. "Really?"

I roll over. "No."

He creeps up behind me and chuckles against my neck before nuzzling it gently. Nuzzling gives way to passionate kisses and roaming hands. Hard and ready, he is all set to enter me again; however his dick is lookin' for love in all the wrong places.

"Nice try," I say as I try to squirm away from his butthole surfer.

He laughs against my cheek. "Come on, B. Just the tip, I swear."

I shake my head. "Wrong hole, fool!"

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