Title: Little Hawk
Author: Shaneequa
Disclaimer: I don't own the Avengers, its characters, this poem or anything to do with them. This is purely a work of fanfiction.
Summary: Stark finds someone who he doesn't mind sharing his favorite cereal with.
A/N: Just my first shot at fluff. Let me know what you guys think! I've never actually written anything fluffy before! So feedback; comments and criticisms are very much welcome!

It was five in the morning and the Tower was as quiet as it can be. The two assassins had gone out to start working out an hour before while Steve and Bruce were in their floors sleeping. Thor was back at Asguard. It left one genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist alone in the common kitchen of the Avenger Tower munching on his Lucky Charms for breakfast.

Tony was busy in his own thoughts of how to redesign the new suit when he heard a small noise coming from the cupboards. Upon further inspection, (he glanced at the direction of the noise) he saw nothing and dismissed it going back to munching on his Lucky Charms and thinking about what new color scheme he can put on the suit.

Black, maybe? It gave him a mysterious edge.

The noise started up again, and this time it was a loud clatter of what sounded like bowls. Tony looked at the general direction of the noise, briefly narrowing his eyes. "Jarvis?"

"Yes, sir?"

"Please tell me there isn't an animal in my tower."

Tony was, and always will be, petrified of dogs after his father had shown him a bloody documentary of rabid dogs when he had asked for one.

"No sir, there is no animal in your tower."

"Well then, what the hell is making that noise?"

"Sir that would be Miss Morse."


The little girl, all of two and a half feet tall with strawberry blonde hair and stormy blue-grey eyes, approached him tentatively from the other side of the room where the noise had been coming from.

"I sorry Mister Iron Man," the little girl started, her big eyes hazing over with unshed tears. "Please don't tell daddy. I no mean to beak rule, I hungry."


"According to SHEILD personnel files, her name sir is Hailey Morse, daughter of deceased Bobbi 'Mockingbird' Morse and Clinton 'Hawkeye' Barton. She does not appear to have any records of existence anywhere else."

"Jarvis know me; he my friend," the little girl stated. "You no tell Daddy and Tasha I down here, okay Jarvis?"

"Very well, Miss Morse."

Tony looked at the little girl before him. "How long have you been living here, Miss Morse?"

The girl's face scrunched up, her fingers held out in front of her. "Longest time. Not long like in ship with Mister Pirate Fury, but long. I like here in Tower Mister Iron Man, please don't make me leave."

Tony's heart fell. He knew the feeling of not wanting to be sent aside, away from his house. After all, his father had continually sent him to boarding schools when he just wanted to stay at home and be a regular kid. Well, who was he kidding; his IQ was nowhere near regular.

"You said you were hungry?" Tony asked the little girl squatting down to get to her level. "What did you wanna eat?"

"I comes here to eat your Coke," Hailey replied flashing him a toothy grin. "Daddy no want me to eat the soda because he said it bad and make me... high-per."

"You drink the Coke," Tony corrected the little girl. He glanced around the kitchen thinking of something to give the young girl. He was a horrible cook; he'd burn toast if he made her any. His eyes landed on the extra-large box of Lucky Charms sitting on the table. Maybe today he'll actually share. "You want some of my Lucky Charms?"

Hailey looked at him suspiciously before nodding her head. "Yes please. Can i get it with chocolate milk?"

"Sure," Tony said walking into the kitchen and taking out another bowl and preparing the little girl's cereal. He set it in front of her and then thought about her feeding herself.

"Can you feed yourself?"

"O'course silly! I three," she said flashing three fingers at him proudly. "I almost big enough to go to school!"

"Right," Tony nodded. He watched as the girl dug into her cereal before resuming his previous task of eating his and thinking about new specifications and tweaks to Mark 10. Then his mind wandered to making a smaller suit, for the little girl beside him without Barton knowing.

Then it dawned on him.

"So you know Natasha?"

The girl looked up at him nodding her head, her eyes lighting up. "She's my favorite. She's my Halloween costume."

"You were Black Widow for Halloween?"

"Uhu!" the girl replied enthusiastically, jumping off the breakfast stool that she had previously been on while eating her cereal. "Look I do Black Widow pose."

The girl went down almost on her knees, leaning on the floor with one hand, while the other was straight out aiming with her fist. "Tasha said when I grow up; she let me play with bracelets. Daddy says Tasha's bracelet, his arrows and mama's stick is not for me to play with. I play with mama's magic stick though, they not know."

She placed her hands over her mouth. "You no tell Daddy and Tasha, okay Mister Iron Man?"

"I have a better deal for you kid," Tony started with a smile. "How would you like your own Iron Man suit?"

"Like flying?" the girl's eyes went wide at him. Hailey's favorite Avenger, after her father and Natasha was Iron Man. Mostly because he can fly.

"Of course! I'd have to teach you how to fly first, but yeah, generally."

"Can I?!" Hailey exclaimed jumping to his legs. "Please?! Pretty please?!"

"Just... don't tell your dad or 'Tasha' okay?"

Hailey beamed at him sticking out her small pinky finger.

"Pinky promise."

Stark linked her pinky with his.

"I be your sidekick! Iron-Black-Hawk-Bird-Girl!"

Tony chuckled.

This was going to be fun.

First real shot at fluff. Might be a multi-chapter thing if you guys want more.