Jealousy and Relationships

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Kim's POV

The guys and I were at the dojo just sitting around when my phone went off.

"Hey mom."

"Hi Kim. I know you're at the dojo but can you come home early?"

"I don't know. 1 second let me ask Rudy"


I knock on the door to Rudy's office and walk in to see Rudy watching a Bobby Wasabi movie.

"Hey Rudy can I go home early?"

"Yeah that's fine. You can tell the guys they can go to." Rudy said not taking his eyes off the small screen. I raise my phone to my ear and tell my mom, "He said it's fine. Why do you want me to come home early? And can I bring the guys?"

"Okay. It's a surprise and yeah, they can come if they want to."

"Okay see you soon."

"Okay, bye"

I walk out of Rudy's office and tell the guys.

"Hey you guys, Rudy said we can leave early. You want to go to my house? My mom said she had a surprise for me."

"Sure" they all say.

Austin's POV

I was at home in my room playing my guitar when,

"Austin! Can you come down here please?" My mom yelled.

I sat my guitar on the bed beside me and walked downstairs and into the kitchen where my mom was.

"Yeah mom?"

"Do you remember your cousin Kim?"

"Yeah, of course we were best friends growing up! How could I forget. Why?"

"Well, we are going to Seaford on Friday after you get out of school. Ally, Dez, and Trish are allowed to go to, we've already talked to their parents."

"Yes! Thank you mom! How long are we staying?"

"Me and your father are staying for 2 weeks, but you guys are staying for the summer."

"Yes!" I yell doing my happy dance. My mom just laughs and says "You can go to Sonic Boom, but don't stay long because you need to start packing. It's only Wednesday."

"Thanks mom! See you later!" I say as I'm running to the front door, I hear my mom yell, "But not too much later!"

On my way there I text Dez, Ally, and Trish, 'Hey team Austin meeting ASAP! Meet in the practice room, no excuses!'

Since I didn't live far from the mall it only took me 5 minutes by running. I walk into Sonic Boom and see Mr. Dawson at the counter.

"Hey Mr. Dawson."

"Hey Austin. Please, call me Lester. Ally's upstairs in the practice room."

"Okay thanks Mr.- Lester. Oh and thanks for letting Ally come to Seaford with me."

"No problem Austin. I trust you, and please take care of her."

"Will do Lester." I yelled running up the stairs. I walk in the practice room and see everybody already here.

"Wow, you said ASAP, and you're the last one here." Trish says.

"Well I was talking to Lester, sorry."

"Wait, Lester? He never lets my friends call him Lester!" Ally says shocked.

"Well I guess I'm special. Well anyway I've got some news." I take a pause to make it more dramatic.

"Well what is it man?! I was eating and petting a roach when I got the text." Dez yells.

We all looked at Dez weirdly.

"Why where you- wait never mind." Trish and Ally say.

"Anyways, we are all going to Seaford for the summer! We're going to see my cousin Kim. We leave Friday! Oh and my mom already talked to your parents, who said you said you can go."

"Really?! I have a cousin in Seaford to!" Trish says excitedly.

"Yes! I finally get to meet the famous Kim you could never stop talking about growing up! Dude do you think she'd go out with me?" Dez says.

"Umm… Dez, she's completely off limits!"

"Man…" Dez says glumly.

"I cant wait!" Ally said.